Pray for Others

I pray that my daughter Alisa will not have anything wrong with her kidneys,bladder or anything else. please help her be strong and not afraid at this time. please hear my prayer. Also that there is nothing wrong with my left breast.

Please pray that our main companies continues to do business with us. Times are very hard here and we need them to continue doing business. Thank you

My husband Juan to recieved God grace and take his place as the head of the house and the man of God. That his will is God will. that he walk by faith and not by sight. That we conceive the baby girl that God promise. That i move out the way and let God take complete control.

Please pray for my marriage. Though he hasn't admitted it, I think my husband is attracted to another woman that was a caretaker for his mother. We are both Christians and though I don't feel like this relationship has become physical, I do think he thinks about her as our relationship has changed. I'm sure part of that is the stress from having to recently put his mother in a nursing home. I know this woman has called my husband since then and I feel really threatened in our relationship. Please join me in asking God to protect my marriage from infidelity. We have been happily married for 7 years and this is really a challenging trial for me. Thanks so much!

Niece, Katie, was diagnosed with MS at age 21. She is now 23. Please pray that new medication will slow the progression of her symptoms. Thank you and God Bless you. Jane

my health and my family and friends and that god keep me close to him and guide me and give me strength each and everyday and to do his will

Prayer for my 86 year old mother who is in the Dementa Ward at the nursing home. I need prayer for her health an well being. Let her live out her life without pain and suffering.

My daughter is about to have her first child any day now.And possibly be induced on Friday.Please please pray for her and her new child.That God keeps her and the baby safe and healthy,and that the birth will be without too much pain,and that both are healthy and well afterwards.
Sincere thanks.
And God bless you for your prayers.

I am very ovewrwhelmed and need prayer for the healing f my grandchildren Bella and Jasper. I als need prayer for a financial miracle so we are able to pay off our debts and afford reliable transpotation for my husband so he can keep his job and we do not loose everything. I also need prayer for transportation for my son so he can continue to work and provide for his family. Sometimes when it rains it pours and I am praying for an out pouring of prayers and financial miracles.

My Mother who's name is Nadiya went in for a Mamograph on her breasts and Doctors found a Lump and their not sure what it is so she has to come in for another screening in 6 months to make sure that its not Breast cancer.
I want God to Heal my Mother and make that Lump in her Breast to disapear so that on her next screening their wont be no Lump. I don't want to lose my Mother. I have a 2 year old son who i want her to watch grow up. Please pray for her and ask for a Miracle. I have strong faith and I believe it down in my heart that God can do a Miracle and heal my mother. please pray...