Pray for Others

Pray for DK&Crystal who are having a baby. She has serious blood pressure & the baby will be delivered one way or the other by Dec. 20(which is the due date). They are living in - ,Qatar.
From: DK's Mom

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony & Susie.

thank you.please pray for my financial miracles,divine favor,so that i can give to gods kingdom.and also to my boss blessing. so that they can bless yo others,in jesus name amen.and for peace of my friends,lyn,clarita,and bella.god bless.

I pray and ask God to Reveal the man I desire to me.I really do pray to marry him and be his wife.Iam really so tired of been alone with no one to talk with or laugh with.I pray God brings my Adam to me.If he is the guy I pray that God manifest him or if he not then I ask God to bring forth my adam.I pray and ask God to bring him speedily and to give me marital bliss that I too Levonia a child of God can be beside my husband!

pray for my daughter Imani who is 36 months old yet she can not talk.

Jesus bless me,with a positive attitude, and help me get better so I may help others who are ill and may die from Evil.My eyes have seen all the greed ,lies, and hate for the old and the ill,This must stop,Lord open their minds and hearts.May the Lord bless me,with Prayer and Jesus keep my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Lord and Prayer are coming, and Evil will lose.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others that will help.May all problems and issues be solved , and the Lord stop all Evil for everyone.The Holy Spirit will vanish all Evil.Faith Conquers and Prayer brings it home.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.My Lord, we need help here,do not foresakin us,.give us all that help, the strength and wisdom to fight and stop all Evil.Foregive and Bless all of Us.

Please pray for me, I am so sick with a sinus infection and sore throat,pray for my granddaughter that she will stay close to God and make wise discisions, pray for my baby grandson who has damaged kidneys and bladder, may God do a mighty miracle on him. thank you.

My request prayer to you, please remember me in your prayer, my friend who leaving Senegal Dakar as a refuge,i want you to assist me in your prayer to raise the money (air ticket) for her to come in my country. i just need the your prayer for her air ticket. i know God will hear our prayer.

My name is Levonia and ask for prayer for my brother Lance.I ask God to protect him and guide him.I ask God to help him wen making decisions that he may make the rite decisions and choose wisely.I pray that the will of God be done apon his life.

I ask requests for prayer. My marriage has been on the rocks, my son hasn't been doing very well, and my health needs improving. Next week I see my health provider, so I'll hear about the latest blood lab results. I think I've been depressed while trying to go back to school, and not getting the outcomes easily or soon enough, so I'm having struggles in a lot of areas. I know your prayers will help. Thank you.