Pray for Others

my marriage has settle.please pray for my future life.pray for my solvation.pray for our financial probelms.pray for my family

Please pray that the Lord will give me a renewed heart and that our business will prosper this year. I don't want to die just yet and struggling to get my heart regulated with all its electrical problems I have. Pray that our business will become prosperous and we don't go under. In the construction business in FL and most are starving down here. HELP!

Please pray for me and my family. I have 3 college age sons and one HS senior, & loving husband. The pain that my in laws cause into our lives by disinheriting us, giving less and less each year to the kids, no longer giving me and my husband birthday gifts/check is just unbearable -the rejection-all because they don't like me (their daugther in law). It hurts beyond imagine. the sister in laws (Beth & Sue) are mean and admit that the more they have their parents be mad at us, the more they receive, so they do things just to stir it up. We struggle financially while they get all because of this, but it is the rejection that hurts so much because I married the baby boy & only son, so the mom constantly finds ways to punish us because she wants him to be with her not me.

Pray for my grand mother rose lee -, she broken her hip months ago, and she is still have problem walking, Pray for her to be able to walk again.
Also pray for be to be heal from sickness in my body, and also for a financial blessing to get caught up on bills and child support, been out of work for a while.

Kindly pray that my daughter Marisa in South Africa is greatly blessed with a new employment placement that comes with a huge salary, medical aid, other fringe benefits and housing that will give her children a massive boost in life. Pray also for a solution to her abusive and manipulative husband who has beaten her in the past who is now on good behaviour as last resort, who allows his family and extended family to abuse daughters generosity during school holiday. Pray that the eyes of her heart are opened so can can make permenant decision about her problems that are her own. The God of the Bible is a moral God and He has provided a right to an “expectation” of personal peace within moral living when married. To grant my Daughter God-given human rights within Christian morality to be free from satanic bondage and be given true Christian freedom in her life as well as her children. To bless her greatly with true peace and freedom from abuse and manipulation from husband and all his family. Pray that just cause for daughter prevail over any satanic manipulations to keep her in bondage and slavery to relationship and marriage that has failed and remove the negative influence of father and family on children, and keep the children blameless from generational and ancestry sin that is caused by husband and his family including any sin or transgression that is transfered to them by me or their grandmother's ancestry. Keep these children pure and grant them wisdom. In Jesus Name Amen.

Jesus bless me,with a positive attitude, and help me get better so I may help others who are ill and may die from Evil.My eyes have seen all the greed ,lies, and hate for the old and the ill,This must stop,Lord open their minds and hearts.May the Lord bless me,with Prayer and Jesus keep my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Lord and Prayer are coming, and Evil will lose.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others that will help.May all problems and issues be solved , and the Lord stop all Evil for everyone.The Holy Spirit will vanish all Evil.Faith Conquers and Prayer brings it home.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.My Lord, we need help here,do not foresakin us,.give us all that help, the strength and wisdom to fight and stop all Evil.Foregive and Bless all of Us.

Please pray daily that our daughter Jenny and her husband Jason conceive a baby in the near future. They have been trying without success and are desperate to have a baby. They would make wonderful parents. They underwent first cycle of intrauterine injection on 11/27/11 without success. Another round started on 12/17/11. Please pray for them. Thank you.
Patty and Andy

for safety for sarah right away from dennis and brendon as he is so violent

Just as fast as my son's father and I began to connect as parents and in a courtship, during the Thanksgiving Holiday, he turned ice cold and is now, not speaking to me at all. My prayer is for him. Please ask God to help this man and open his heart. This situation is bigger than me and need God's intervention.

Please pray for me My dics is getting more painful and i got 2 work like this let me to the day lord thank you