Pray for Others

Lord, I pray that you will help improve my son Alex- grades in all of his classes at the University . Thank you for your continued prayers for my son Alex - and all of grades in all of his classes at the University .

Lord,I pray that you will heal my son alex - and dallas- relationship. Lord, I pray that you will help dallas -realize how important my son Alex- is to her and how much she loves my son Alex-. Lord, I pray that my son Alex- will realize how important dallas -is to him and how much he loves dallas - Lord, I pray that you will remove anyone from my son Alex- and Dallas - life who does not want them together. Lord, I pray that you will heal any hurt that my son Alex - has caused dallas -and that you will heal any hurt that Dallas - has caused my son Alex -. Thank you for your continued prayers for my son Alex - and Dallas -

Please pray for my niece who is out of work and needing a job. She is supporting a son and needs prayers.

Dear Lord. Please help my husband and I get out of this financial situation we are in. We are both so stressed over it, that is is causing strain in our marriage, as well as health issues. In Jesus name, Amen!

1. Pray for Eric in California that the Lord will heal him from depression and take him from where he is to where he needs to be: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Both E. and his wife C. know the Lord but are unemployed right now - so I'm also asking that the Lord would lead them to fulltime employment. They have a precious three year old.
2. Pray for my son Ted in , CO - that the Lord will keep all negative influences/friends away from him and open up doors of opportunity and guide him in all areas of his life.
3. Pray for my 15 year old granddaughter J. in CA that the Drs will find the cause for her repeated seizures.
Thanks and God Bless you,

Jeanne has suffered with cancer for 7 months; completed radiation and chemotherapy and is very weak; will have CT scans on 12/9. Prayer for no signs of cancer, her fears, discouragement and physical and emotional strength; a faithful Christian she is leaning on her faith and the prayers of the brothers and sisters.

i have many health issues my mother freda- is in nursing home cant walk drs give her one year to live her body fills up with water they say theres nothing they can do we both need the love of Jesus in our heart we both know with God all things are possible i warren - ask for prayer for both of us thank you praise God .

please help us prsy so that we will sell the house

For our food that is in Haiti to make it safely to the people in Haiti. Shipment will travel there tomorrow. Thank you!
Roxanne -

Please pray for me. God has answered my prayers. My flat is in the process of being sold and I am looking for a little house to live. Pray that God will find me one soon in Jesus name. Also the move etc will go smoothly.
Thank you