Pray for Others

Please pray for my niece Kristina. She continues to make bad choices in her life. She lost her mother at the beginning of this year and had been living her life on the edge ever since.
People try to help her but she continues to make poor choices which just gets her into more trouble. Please guide her and pray for her to be safe.

My prayer request is for Patricia . She was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and cancer on her rib cage.

please pray for my brother, Dale, who lives alone since our mother died...who has 4 cats in the house which are like his children...1 is dying tonight so pray that he has the Holy Spirit to comfort him if Betsy, the cat, cannot live. Also pray that she doesn't suffer long. He is all alone, living in a rural area by himself, so it makes it more difficult...thanks

Please pray for my dog, Sugar. She's been very sick with vomiting and not wanting to eat or drink for the last 3 days. The veterinarian is not sure what's wrong and the medicine is only helping slightly. She's a special dog since she belonged to my best friend, Linda, who died of cancer 3 year ago. Thank you for praying for Sugar.

Please pray that I was able to pass my Physiological Psychology course with a letter grade of a C so I am able to graduate from college on Saturday. If I do not get a C, I do not graduate and I will feel like I have not only let myself down but my family and friends as well because everyone plans on coming up to my graduation ceremony.

please pray for Teresa's employer to get her back pay straightened out so she will be able to pay bills

please pray for Tommy and John to reconcile before Christmas so we can spend the holidays as a family

Please pray for me at this time of loneliness. I no longer have the comfort of chatting with a long time friend and I am sad about that. The friendship has been broken and I am asking God to help me in this situation. Thanks very much.

I go to court on Dec. 19th at 9:30am central standard time to seek temp. orders to remove my husband from our home due to abuse. My husband is claiming that HR owns the home;therefore, he should remain in the house. Besides the abuse, I have MANY health problems!!! I NEED to remain the our home while the divorce process takes place. Please pray for favor of the judge, fairness and God's will.
Thank you!

Please pray for my 26 year old son, Casey, who is trying to break the addiction of prescription pain killer drugs on his own! When I reasearched opiate addiction I was surprised at what my son is going through. It gave me a better understanding but also how much withdrawal pain he needs to go through. He doesn't know how he can go through it because he cannot miss work and it will take approximately 7 days. Please pray that he will see God's hand in this! Thank you. Karen