Pray for Others

Prayers are needed for Mary Jane and husband Bill. Bill is pretty weak and frail and at times near death. They are in their 90's years of age. Also pray for their family members and grandchildren at this time. Thank you!

Please ask God to perform a Christmas Miracle and to change my wife's heart and to want to reconcile and save our marriage.

Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex - and Dallas-work out their differences. Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex -and Dallas - repair their relationship. Lord, I pray that you will help Dallas -tell my son Alex- today how much she loves him and how much she misses him. Thank you for healing my son Alex - and Dallas - relationship. Thank you for helping Dallas- call my son Alex - tonight and tell him how much she loves him.

This my dea friends is a prayer for people ...just need your direction in some of the decisions tey makemy daughters my son and my grand children ...and my precious great grand son...
Father thank you for them all...they are wonderful..just need some direction in some of the decisions they make....My daughters to be strong and not allow themselves to be abused even strong and put the rules where they should dear son to continue stepping out in be able to accomplish and build his home 2012....the three of them to be exceedingly happy....'for the grand children all eight of them to do wellin school, to accomplish , be stronger in the Lord and his ways..find unconditional happiness...and for my great continue growing well...keep hm Lord from all danger let him know how much he is loved.....My focus focus and learn all of them to use the law of attraction and get to the top...Thanks

Dear prayer partner please pray that the lord might set me free

My son has alienated me and deprived me of my 6mo. granddaughter for no reason and I have only seen her twice! He has mental problems and is verbally abusive and controlling like his father was in the marriage.I won't see her for Christmas and it breaks my heart! Also I am on disability and need more money to live.The Lord provides thru others,so I make it every mo.but getting worse because of economy.I am 61 with many health problems also.God Bless you for your prayers!

I would like a prayer request that God will provide me with a compassionate and understanding physician to help me with my medication to prevent daily pain and suffering. Ive had a very difficult time this last year. Unbelieving bad. And my husband of 67 years cannot find work, in spite of him looking for a year now. He needs one more year in order to receove medicare benefits. He is not of good health, if something were to happen, we would be wiped out. Please, I am reaching out for help. Thank you for help and concern.

Hello, my name is Michael -, I am requested a prayer for my family and I. we ask the Almighty God to guard us through this year with success, prosperity, better health, financial success, peace and, happiness. Strong family value, last but not the lease love and forgiveness.

Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex- get an A on his Intro to Sociology final exam. Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex - get an A for his final grade in his Intro to Sociology class. Thank you for helping my son Alex - get an A on his Intro to Sociology final exam and in his Intro to Sociology final exam.

I ask for prayer for a friend Chantelle, she has two boys ,a girl and a baby on the way, my daughter-in-law Tina and my granddaughter Kristina ,she has two sons They are in need of an apartment fast,Chantelle is staying with my granddaughter & her mom but time's are tuff,they have been evicted. I pray they all find apartments fast. Thank you for all your prayers. Rose - God Bless