Pray for Others

Dearest Lord, My GOD! Almighty and Merciful Father!!! By the POWER of YOUR COMMAND!!! Bless my Mom and stepfather Einar today with YOUR Health and ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY!! So that in their RENEWED STATE, we may all BLESS and SERVE YOU!!!! Now and FOREVER!!! Amen

Dearest Lord, My God! Almighty and Merciful Father! By the POWER of YOUR COMMAND, Bless me today with a GREAT JOB that I Love, FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Independence and Prosperity! So that in my RENEWED STATE, I may BLESS and SERVE YOU FOREVER and EVER in Jesus' Precious Name, Amen!

I was living by the shilter of son in law he told me to live his house and find my shilter, My relative gave me a shelter I want to thank God for giving me another place to live. Please pray for me for this family to keep me ther until I finish all my problems. My sister son has got assylam to live here if he get god job he has promised me to rent a house and live with him I am seventy years old with job but God is always helping me by sending some friends for my needa Iget Money help from plod friends, I thank Almighty God for all His deeds Please pray for my problems.
Kind regards

I have been a Guideposts subscriber for more than 20 years now. I love the magazine. On many occasions, it's given me hope when I was feeling hopeless. Thank you for publishing such a wonderful magazine. Please pray with me for my stepson, Michael, who was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia--T cell. He has been going thru painful procedures and suffering from adverse effects from the disease and the chemo. He now needs a bone marrow transplant. Please pray that his transplant goes smoothly, his body accepts it, and he goes into remission very soon, so that he can get back to living and enjoying his beautiful wife, 6-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son. Thank you very much and God bless you. Love, MaryAnn

Please pray for my cousin, Gigi - her husband died very suddenly.

A Prayer for John -. I pray that the comapny he went on the interview with in Mass he land the job. I pray that God will open up doors for him in this company and around him. I pray that God will Bless his childrens and his wife always, bring them closer to Him. I pray that the drive they take to Mass is a safe one and the new life they about to have in that state is a better for each one of them. The family needs school for their 3 kids and I pray the school, teachers and the surrounding is Bless and touch by God. The wife may need a Job and I pray that she get a job in her field. I pray that their finances is bless and health is bless by God Himself. I thank you all for all my friends and family pray I have posted and I thank you in Jesus name amen.. Most of all To all who is praying for my family and friends I pray That God be a bold Blessing in all part of your lifes as well as your familys. In Jesus name amen. TAHN YOU!!!!

for my husband everett, that the Lord would heal him of copd and mental illness and from fear. and that the Lord would deliver me from harressment from the enemey of my soul, through women in high places, that can effect our finances.

I am trying to get my bills payed but it seems every pay time my check is just enough or not enough and it is very,very hard for me to pay on my bills.
I am looking for another job but it seems to me that nobody wants me.
Thank You Very Much,

For my friends Penny, Bob & Lexi- I pray Blessings upon this family and protection always now and forever. I pray God Loves shine through them always. In Jesus name Amen..

Please pray that my check will be deposited. My boss said that he would deposit it today, but I just checked and it was not there. Please pray that he deposits it today and that I won't have to take legal action for the money he owes me. Thank you.