Pray for Others

HE knows

Please pray for my heart. I am always depressed and frustrated, It's been over a year and half since my exboyfriend and I seperated and I still love him and we still talk. He's been unfaithful to me and he always takes me for granted and it kills me. Please pray for strenght. I love him with all my heart.. but I can't change him and I can't keep dealing with the same thing. I'm going on 3 years now.. 3 years of heartbreak and feeling defeated. I don't know what to do anymore.. I've invested so much and given my best.

Please pray for my son Rafael and his wife Melissa,they are going through a difficult time in their marriage.She has been lure away by the things of the flesh and does not want to committ to the vows of their marriage. I don't know how long my son could hold on.They have two young daughters and everyone will suffer in the long run,if they brake up. I know that God can work in every situation. Please pray for them. Thank you and God bless.

I am struggling financially and while I would never do anything, I feel very close to the end of my rope. It scares me I feel so close. Please pray for God's peace and the Holy Spirit to carry me through

My Dear Father in Heaven, through Jesus: Thank You for getting us through another week of being able to work, pray, and play (not necessary in these order) and ask for guidance in all things we do for You and for others.
As I get to know Christopher L-, I pray and ask for guidance, wisdom and protection over this new relationship, Lord Jesus. Please help us to speak with great wisdom and with Love as to Honor You, Lord God. I pray that we are speaking in truth and teaching each other about You with great knowledge that is coming from You and from the heart.
Please protect us from falling into a trap that we cannot get out of and if this relationship isn't meant to be, than please help us to see that too. I pray that Christopher and I will respect and Honor You with our friendship first and with Your blessings continue to walk the talk and be able to celebrate the season with gladness and with joy.
In Jesus name,

I have been sleeping in my boyfriends car while im pregnant, and I dont have a place to call my own. I am 20 years old and I have no support from family. I lost my job. Im asking for prayer for some invision from god. His guidance. My safety and protection. Im asking for prayer for him to show me the way. Thanks
Charmaine M.

Lost my son (my baby) on 4-25-11. Jacob would've been 25 on 6-9-11. Please pray that I'll stop being mad at God. I know he's fine, it's just sooo hard not having him here. Thank you, Linda

Please for my son Jason that God will heal his body of every inferity.

In need of prayer for guidance through the stumbles and hard times in life. Prayer to be shown down the right path. Prayer for my health as i carry my unborn child. Prayer for safety. Prayer that i will become stable and continue to be strong.
Charmaine -

Pray for me for help (financial and service) to get car repaired and for the favorable resolution for son's car. Pray for miracle financial blessings in house, health and family. Pray that finding my daughter is an unbelievable blessing in my life. Thank you God.