Pray for Others

Lord please send me a sign should I run or should I know my heart...let me do your will in the Name of Jesus I pray....AMEN...thank you Lord thank you

Harold our family member is suffering from pancreatic cancer and hospice was brought in today. We pray for divine intervention and the miracle of God's healing-we ask this in Jesus name-Amen

my mom is gone to the emergency room on the ambulance,obviously im concerned,but im trying to remain strong.i just turned 37 a few days really going through rough times.earlier this year my grandmom died,my x and i called it fear is being alone and god has said man should not be alone.i pray for mom to be ok,but also i pray for that someone to come into my life and to move looking for work,my own place and a new partner.alot of times i tried to reach out to people but were often rejected and when i ran into helpful people either i had to leave or they did. i can really use a support system.ive been misunderstood by many,understood by a few.that sums up my life

Pray for my nephew who seems very lonely. (He's 29) Girlfriend broke it off a few months ago, he still loves her, so help me pray that "Zo" will find the right woman, right wife--someone who each of them will beabsolutely crazy about each.

Praise and thanks to God! Please pray for the Lord's mercy, grace and wisdom for immediate,complete healing and a friend. In JESUS name. Blessings.


Lord, My Heart Is Calling Out For A Gentleman To Come Into My Life And Hold Me, Love Me, And Make Me Feel Wanted In This World Today. "THANK YOU" Lord From The Bottom Of My Heart!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Lord, I praise you and thank you for all of your blessings and answered prayers and for those to come. I pray in faith and in the name of Jesus asking your forgiveness and help repenting for my sins of lust and selfishness. Please guide me and lead me. Cleanse my mind of sinful thoughts and memories and deliver me from temptation and judgment. Please share your favor, abundance, health, healing and blessings over all who are in my life and all who come to you. Father, your word says to ask and we shall receive, so I pray in the name of Jesus asking that my family grow closer to you, that my marriage flourish, that we are able to repay our debts, for your healing over those in my life who are ill. I thank you for Jesus Christ and salvation. May all praise and glory be lifted to you.

Pray for my grandaughter ,Alexandra. She has a brain lesion.
She is currently at the Mayo Clinic.

My brother,Stanley,has cancer. Please pray that he can get treatment very soon. Please pray the treatment will cure his cancer. Thank you, Beth