Pray for Others

Lord pray that Carlos my son in law is release soon so he and my daugther can make a life with their kids.

Please pray for God to guide, protect, keep happy, healthy, safe and strong Reenie, Marjie, Scott, Aidan, Victoria, Stuart, Katy and their extended families. Thank you for your prayers for my family, God Bless you always.

My husband and I got into a fight because I did not tell him I had to pay $130 to retake a certification test (I failed the first one). I have to defend my thesis tomorrow and my grandmother is not doing well. I am mentally and emotionally worn down. Please pray for me and my family.

lord we 1st pray for katie,may she have a good day.
2ndly steven has gerds please heal him oh lord amen
lord 3rdly we pray for jackie may her breasts be bengn when she goes for mri sometime within the next month.
and lastly lord i pray for healings ofr my body,mind,soul
my arthritus,thyroid,tumors,boils,stomach,esophagus,you kinda get the picture. thank you lord for all these requests amen.

Please help my sons have employment opportunities. May they continue to try to grow and learn new things each day. May they be physically and mentally healthy and have God in their daily life.

Please pray for our nephew whose surgeon cut an artery in this throat during surgery to remove a cyst. He had further surgery to correct that, and he is in dire need of prayer. He is only 20. Thank you for praying.
Also, please pray for me as I have an extremely hectic day today and need strength to get through it. God bless you!

Please pray for Simone (38 yo),
doctors say there is a malignant tumor in her uterus, they want to take her uterus.
Thank you

Please help my son during third week of final exams. may he stay focused on the goal and not be distracted or low in energy. May he feel god's presence and stay connected with Him always.

I have a phone interview for a job that I really want,but I have not done this job for a while please God give me the wisdom,knowledge and understanding of everything they ask me please bring it all back to me lord for your glory lord. Give me all the right words to say Lord. It's for the Medical Assistant traveling job lord.I Love you Lord please help me remember and say all the right words in Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen.

Please keep my son and me in prayer. Praying for Gods continuous protection - Please plead the blood over me and my son and bind and rebuke the enemy from all evil against us. Also asking for guidance, for divine appointments, open doors of opportunity and blessings over our lives.
single mom