Pray for Others

Please pray for Bruce to be guided by the Lord to make the right decisions for himself, his wife and son, and to to have courage to do what is right.

Please pray for my soon to be 20 yr old daughter Catie. Although I rejoice in her acceptance of Christ as her personal Savior, I am greatly concerned about her spirit. She seems to have built-up a defense wherein she adapts a "get them first" attitude. She has very little tolerance of others and sees things as "black and white". As her mother, I seem to receive the brunt of a lot of her inner frustrations in the form of very degrading and insulting language and hurtful tirades. I know that she is unsettled within herself and this adds to her lashing out. I am greatly concerned about her future relationships - not just those of a romantic or personal nature, but for those she will encounter out in the world such as co-workers, bosses etc. Many of her friendships have gone by the wayside due to their unwillingness to be on the receiving end of her sharp tongue. Please join me in praying for my daughter. I know that God can mend these things. He can restore her faith. He can intervene where it is needed. Please pray for me as well. Even though I love her, the things she says to me are very hurtful. Satan is at work trying to destroy what is precious to our Lord - the family.


Please pray for my daughter, Skylar, for a quick resolution to lack of employment. She needs a job, but also needs a career. Please pray that God lead her to where she will feel worthwhile and happy in her job/career. I acknowledge St. Jude at this time and thank him for his intervention in lost causes and desperation. Also, pray for my sister in law, Sybil, that God heal her confused mind and that her daughter stop being so greedy with her mother's money and learn love and compassion.

good morning dera JEsus i loveyo uan thankyou with all my heart for this day. thakyou for yesterday and alll the tomorows to cme. thankyou lord for thepraeys you hear and all the love and help and hope yougive. thankyou for the belesigs you pour out upon my loved ones and me. thakyou for my mom who i love an dmiss with all my heart. thakyou for my husand who is agood man and i love him and never want to lose orhurt him. thakyouf ormy sister who is soi generous and kind. thankyou for family and friends who are all amanzing. thankyou fo thi slife i am sogratefl to be graced with. thankyou for this roof ove rour heads ipray so hard lord we can keep.t hankyouf roth roof ove r the others heads you let us give i pray witha ll myheart and soul we can keep. thankyouf orthe food we ea t thankyouf rotehe money we do have thankyouf or thclothes onour bacsks. thakyou for m church and the way i can honor you. i love ou lord and i amosyrr of rmy sins i nam so sorry fo all i do wrong. i never met to hurt your or anyone ever. i pray god for your forgivienss and thankyou forbeing aforgiving god and my lord and saivor. i pry for yoru help iwth this day and all i am up against. i know it is allin your hands and i pray for yoru mercy and your will for us to hold onto what we have and for our love to grow stroner everyday. please lord dont let go, hold and protect my husband give us this day our daily bread let it be the peace please lord help me. gd help me please. pleas dont go or let go please dear Jesus please. thankyou again for all you love and help everyday. amen karen

cory sells house so they do not have to move in better fiances for mikie jenny me mike cory and lacey rest of family

guardian angel to protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom guardian angels please guide seth and mackenzie jespecially with grades and tests good on test mackenzie especially in math

Please pray that my son will find a job close to home so he and his wife can be togther again. He has been living in Maryland and she in Illinois for two years. Thank you all for your prayers.

Good Morning,
I have been a subscriber to Guideposts for about two years and read about your prayer ministry. This is the first time I am using it.
Monday December 19th my 14 year old daughter Isabella will have her fourth surgery on her ear. The previous surgeries did not work. We have a new surgeon and this is going to be a long invasive surgery.
Please pray that everyone involved is on their A game. Please pray for Isabella's recovery. Please pray that this surgery works. Most importantly please pray that we have the strength to handle what God puts in our lives.
Julie (Mom)

Please pray for my daughter Krista, she is a computer science graduate and has been looking for a full time job for 3 years, Her school loans have defaulted and her credit is damaged. She needs a car to get to jobs, does not have a car because she can't get a job. She is saved and beleives God will provide, Please pray for us I am a single parent, and also please pray for my son Andrew, that God will give him the desire to be saved. Thank you.