Pray for Others

I really need answer to prayer regarding our financial stress. My anxiety level is very high. Thank you for all you do with your prayer chain.

Pray for my children, they are adults but need prayer that they may settle their differences and we can be a family again, to be able to come together for special occasions and especially at Christmas. My heart is burdened because of this. Also, for my husband, he has issues and stresses me terribly. The only way I get through is with God's help. God Bless you.

Foot healing without surgery.
Daughter in laws job situation.

I am asking for salvation for my children, their wives, & babies moms & dads & my beautiful grandchildren & my sos's grandmother who is a jehovah witness & all my co workers

Heavenly Father i thank you for all you have done for me. I pray Lord that you bring the finances that are needed to resolve a business issue. Lord I pray you open doors of opportunity for our business and myself and family. Lord I thank you for all you have done protecting and blessing me and pray you continue to do so. Lord take my troubles and resolve them. I feel much comfort when I come in payer and want a stronger relationship with you. Lord use me as you see fit for the service of others. I pray for blessings for my family, employees & friends. I pray for the poor and the needy. Thank you for the caring and wonderful friends you have brought into my life. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

i need prayers for 2 of my granddaughters they are fighting all the time things have been said that have been hurtful i dont know what to do and all i do is worry about them they have been thri=ough a lot of things in their young lives, they are 17 and 19 the 17 years old thinks her sister should take her every where she wants to but she works 12 hoursa a day the oldest left home this week over all of this i alllowed her to come here but i dont want her living here i need my space im 78 yrs old pray they can gfet along if she moves back home im trying to use tough love but i dont feel good about it i just worry about it all the time and it is taking a toll on me i want peace in my family so pray for me and them parents arent doing much about it their names are sara and ashley mine is frances thank you

husband safe return home from work driving rig trip to our girls and i.for a happy christmas with my loved nephew to be blessed to come home

For physical, and emotional healing for my husband, Carroll.
Thank you and God bless you for your service in prayer and healing.

Please pray for healing of Jack's Asthma

I pray that Jesus will be lifted up in our services during the Christmas season. Please ask that we will have unsaved in all services.