Pray for Others

My name is Madonna. I am requesting prayer as a single mom. My pay checks are less but expenses keep growing and I am unable to make it on my salary. Right now, I am behind 2 car payments, 2 cell phone bills, 2 oil changes. I have a 2 year old granddaughter and 2 of my children living with me. I am responsible for gas and upkeep and insurance on our three cars which are needed for my daughter to travel to college classes out of town, my son to attend high school and me to get to my job. My car has no heat. My oldest daughter lives 7 hours away and is expecting my 2nd grandchild in 2 days. Seems to be a theme of 2 going on here. Just wish I knew what God has planned! I have no money to pay these expenses and no money for Christmas gifts/meal, etc.
Please pray for God's provision for myself and my family!

Salvation, healing and deliverance from depression for my son Michael -. I also ask for his marriage to be strengthened. Also, I ask that he find employment that will sustain his family.
Thank you
Rhonda -

Pray for my son Paul and Grandson Daniel they both lost their jobs pray that they will find jobs soon.

I ask that you pray for the Salvation and grace of all. Also that through God's Will as sure as he sacrificed himself of the cross for the complete healing of my friends' husband from Cancer and for one more chance to rectify things I have messed up in my life especially squandered Blessings.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for my husband to have self control and do all the right things as well as myself so we can pull our lives back together. Help us pray so we forget the bad and grasp the good in our lives. Help us God, Show us the good and show us that we are where we are suposed to be, Be it your will Lord God Amen

Please pray that I will find the right person to help with my situation (ie; an attorney, friend, etc). My ex-husband owes me a final payment for my divorce and overdue spousal support. I count on this income as I have not been working for awhile. My son lives with me and money is very tight. My ex-husband put me thru so much during my divorce (and marriage). The divoce was final in 2006. I'm still single he has been re-married and built a large home, traveled, etc. Now he said he can't afford to pay me. It makes my son and daughter very sad that he has been doing this to me. I'm trying to plan a wedding for my daughter without "funds" I was counting on. He also told my daughter he cannot help her financially with her wedding. My name is Cheryl. Thank you.

Please pray for John's dysfunctional family. He is being abused by some family members. A daughter is here visiting now from another state. He hopes that she will spend some time with him while here. Pray that God will work in the hearts of his wife & children. Pray for their salvation & the reconciliation of John's family. Please pray that John's abusive son, Roy, who is largely to blame for the continued family conflict wil be saved. Please pray that God will remove Roy from his parents home. All previous attempts & prayers for Roy's removal from the home have failed. John's prostate cancer may be returning, & he has other serious health issues. Pleasr pray also for his spiritual & emotional well-being. He cries continously. Thank you in Jesus' Name.

I would like prayers said for granddaughter Abbey who needs a helping hand in working at and making a good life full of trust and honesty. She needs to realize the importance of good grades and good attitude. Also for me (health) Please pray for us until I feel warmth of all your prayers
Debbie, (nana)

Rita asks for prayer that her grandson Matthew would return home.

Karin is praying that she will be able to make Jesus Lord personally. Specifically that God would provide a complete turnaround in her and her family. She also asks for the ability to be a good sport in the midst of the changes that are necessary in her life!