Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband and kids(Kenny, Heather and Dakota) to put God first in their lives.Please Pray Isaiah 48:17 with me for the next month-"Be (insert names) Lord and God. Teach him/her what is best for him/her,and direct him/her in the way he/she should go." Amen

I know after what I've done, I don't deserve to ask this. But nothing is wasted in prayer and there is nothing else I can do so I am lifting up a petition that my job and position would be secured. And that I would continue to stay in this country for many years. I am alsp praying that my boss, ELT and I would continue to work together in harmony for 2 or more years as long as it is healthy and beneficial for both of us. Everything does not seem to be right between us and this really makes me feel restless and brokenhearted. I care for him so much and I don't know how else to reach out. I just want us to be friends and have an opportunity to hang out outside of work. But if its not Your will, just let our professional and personal relationship improved. I'm tired of being alone and I'm really not getting any younger, please let the man who can be my husband finally comes along. Please pray with me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Father i come before you, you know what is in my heart and you know my wish, Lord i ask in Jesus Name let it be, yes Lord I can see the light now shining and just want to say Thank You Lord, let it be in Jesus Name AMEN

Please pray for our financial situation we own a business that is and has been struggling. We need to sell a dirt pit!! Please pray that God would bring the right company/person to buy it and soon. Pray for wisdom and discernment for my husband in all matters with business. pray that we would trust God.

Our daughter is in need of prayer for a blood clot in her leg. The doctor told her she may have this forever it just isn't responding to meds. She is 48 years old and at work they are giving her a hard time because she can't sit for long periods of time and has to stand or walk around so her leg can get the blood moving. Please ask GOD for help. I pray every day for her. Her name is Tracey.

= Thank you for all that you are doing for me. GOD thank you for giving me the many gifts that I have and than knou for being with me and guiding me. Continue to guide me and hold me and bring me the many things I need to have a wonderful loving family with my beautiful wife Glenda. I do love her so very much. GOD give me the miracles that I need to survive. Make this marriage a marriage to be proud of and to show that marriages are real and can be happy and loving family in this world. Let me be a light for people GOD. Let me be like you and understanding . I pray this in GOD's name. Amen

That doctors will find the right medication to control my husband's anxiety; that he will find a job he can do well and feel successful; that we will be able to pay all our bills on time;
that my husband will rekindle his relationship with all six of his children;
that my husband and I can have a loving, caring relationship.

Please pray for God to bless our family with His miracles. We love the Lord and trust in Him. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray that my family finds peace and help them to renew the bonds of love that hold our family together.Bless you.Sincerely,Alice

please pray for my daughter-in-law, betty, sister, marcie and a friend, fred, that has cancer. please pray that god will heal them. thank you.