Pray for Others

Please pray that my work schedule will not be changed (a real possibility) and that I won't be required to work weekends and holidays. Also, please pray for this to be a peaceful and productive week at work. Like many people, I work in a very stressful environment and am suffering physical symptoms as a result. I'm very concerned about this since my body is still recovering from a life threatening illness and need prayers for understanding from my employer. Thank you for your prayers. - Barbara

please pray for me, my financial situation is bleak right now. It is starting affect my health and relationships. I need money for christmas and bills. I am so depressed right now and feel like i have no where to turn but God and his angels.....please pray that i find a way to take care of all my problems. Thank you God....please send the angel to me to help me through these hard Jesus' name Amen

Dear Lord,
Heal Mike. He had knee surgery and now has pnemonia.
In Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for my daughter Melissa who needs to have a paid internship to finish her Master's degree. She has worked hard in her studies, but is very discouraged and is getting physically sick. When she eats she gets very sick. Thank-you for praying for her.

for Rich & Catherine & Christy--salvation,deliverance,healing,restoration to the fullness we were created to be,PURPOSE,provision,relationship,faith,hope,love,peace,joy...
in particular employment,housing,transportation,medical/dental care & healing of relationship
and i pray for this for everyone in the whole world...

my son carl has lost his job just like so many other prople. I'm concerned about all of those familys too but right now I'm scared about my family. They have huge heating bills big house and car payments along with a daughter in collage. He doesn't have very many weeks of unemployment benifits so I'M ASKING THE LORD TO PROVIDE FOR THEM.

Please pray for the release of my daughter from jail and the dismissal or acquittal of all charges. God bless. Amen.

Pray for me and my family and all our spiritual health happiness and financial needs. Bless each of us and give us a good happy healthy safe wonderful Sunday and life. Bless Lisa and Tina and give them an awesome happy healthy safe wonderful life and let them be financially set my lord and let everything be great for both of them and heal both their bodies and please bless Rebekah and Natalie and give them a good happy healthy safe wonderful life and a great safe day for shopping and let all be well for them. Bless me my Lord and give me a good happy healthy safe wonderful life and keep me happy healthy and safe and doing great and please help me to pay all these bills my Lord and please give me a great day at work my Lord and just keep pouring your mighty showers of blessings over and over and over again my Lord and let all be great for me for I pray and give you all my thanks for its in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my lord Amen and Amen my Lord.

that my friend gina gets over her addiction.that i can find a new job for wintwr. my knee would heal. to have enough money to live for winter and a full time job. see my grandaughters for a few days, I miss them they grow up fast.

I am applying for my VA Service-Connect Benefits and I am Expecting the a Major BreakThrough regarding my Retirement Benefits. I have other Pending Claims that I am Praying on. I am Expecting the Lord to Do Exceeding, Aboundly Above all that I could Ask or Think.....Press Down, Shaken Together and Running Over.....Thats what the Holy Spirit, said !