Pray for Others

I am depressed...I am struggling with "2" personal relationships because I can't
hurt anyone's feelings... I don't know which one OR if either
is healthy for me. I also have several job opportunities & need
prayer to choose what is best for my life. These requests may seem
meager but they have weighed on me HEAVILY for a long, long time.
Thank you so much!!

Please pray Mel passes her test today and can get a job
Help Mich get a job that she wants

Please can you pray for my partner Dawn, we are not living together at the moment because of financial reasons. But she is going through so many difficulties. My heart breaks thinking about what is happening and I feel my hands are tied in not knowing how to support her.We both love each other. She worries so much about her son Lesharo that he is so vulnerable and could easily walk down the wrong path in his life. I have been made unemployed and actively looking for work. Her son from a previous relationship,where he is living has got into bad company and into drugs. He is in his final year at college. And he is doing not so great in his studies. Please can you pray that he can get his school diploma. Plus he can find true self love, and a true sense of direction in his life. He has not had an easy life and mistreated by certain family members. He father has chosen to take him to another State, which will, hopefully help get him away from bad company. Or Dawn wants that he Lesharo can stay with her so she can watch over him and be a better support in his studies. The father is not so keen on him staying with his Dawn and does not know Lesharo has this option. The father thinks the only way is to go with the Father to a new State. The problem is that Lesharo does not get on very well with his Father and previous had ran away from him. But the grandparents may help him in the new State he may go to. But Dawn and her family, grandparents are also very keen to support Lesharo.
Lesharo could try and run away again and that will be very bad, giving him a police record and his studies could stop. The father expects Lesharo to stay a few days for Christmas with Dawn, then return to the Father and then go to the new State. The choice is Lesharo's, if he goes with the Father or stay with his Mother. Father does not know this. But if he reject both offers, things may spiral out of control in his life.Please can you pray for Lesharos protection and guidance that he can walk a straight road and get his life together. Dawn's job has reduced work hours and she is living basically hand to mouth and barely surviving. She need to find a different job that pays more money and this will help her support Lesharo better if he decides to live with his mum. She is in so much despair about work, her son and she has sick grandparents whom she loves and worries about a lot. Dawn is a very loving person, but she feels pulled in so many different directions and wander how much she can take. Please pray for her also that Gods love, God peace and security she can feel, and be able to trust that God is helping her,
Thank you,
Lawrence F.

I pray for those dealing with cancer, anne sue joanne, for those needing prayer for healing & finances, david chrissy jackie jeff mom jen will lori aunties liz toni patrick bill mr c ginny & for my commission based paychk that God will abundentley bless favor & restore all that the locusts have stolen for this mo of december. I pray that God will raise up a mighty man of God to lead this nation. I pray for our military & first responders, for all suffering from weather related incidents & those yet to come. I pray for world peace , peace in israel & all nations. i pray for the worlds economies to stabelize & jobs for all. I pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves seek Gods face turn from our sin that God would hear from heaven forgive our sin & heal our land. God is a Holy God, He can not and will not bless us in known & deliberate sin. I pray for a mighty rush of His Holy Spirit to cleanse us that God may again bless America with peace prosperity & protection. I pray for all who post & pray here that God will hear all of our needs both spoken & un spoken & grant us answers at our point of need in this hour in Jesus Holy Name amen

For finances to greatly improve along with 2 new employees to rent chairs so that the business will pay for itself and I can continue to give into Gods kingdom! Also for perfect health so that I am able to work all three jobs without interference. Thank you for agreeing with me on this in Jesus Name!

Please pray for the family of Kevin, Linda, Ralph and Alice.
God Bless You!

Please pray daily that our daughter Jenny and her husband Jason conceive a baby in the near future. They have been trying without success and are desperate to have a baby. They would make wonderful parents. They underwent intrauterine injection on 11/27/11 without success. Another round to start on 12/17/11. Please pray for them. Thank you.
Patty and Andy

Today I must deal with an insurance person regarding major changes in my auto and prop policy. I need the calmness and wisdom the lord provides when dealing with stressful matters. I ask the Lord to bless the sales person I am dealing with. Also to bless my wife who becomes upset and angry with these matters. Thank you and may the Lord bless you as you pray with me about this.

please help me to be kind and friendly. Help me with both jobs- to do well. give me the words to speak and thoughts to think. please stop the pain in my back. help me not to be depressed. please let the transaction with Tim go smoothly. In Jesus Name, amen

Please pray for me. I have several issues currently. First, I want to grow closer to Jesus because I am very worried about my relationship with HIM. Secondly, I am currently being evaluated for a genetic disorder. The doctor I saw, Dr. Fran K-, stated that my disorder was either metabolic or mitochondrial in nature. Please pray that this disorder will be easy to find and easily treatable. I just turned 30 in November, and don't want to die or be a vegetable for the rest of my life. I would hate to think that I was a burden to my husband or to my mother. Finally, I have just graduated from college with my Master of Library and Information Science. I currently work as a Juvenile Probation Officer, a job filled with entirely too much drama and stress. I want you all to pray that I can find a job quickly. Once I find a job, I am probably going to have to move from my area to another area. There are so many changes going on in my life, please pray that I will be able to make it and I will develop a stronger relationship with God.