Pray for Others

Our son Shane and his wife, marriage difficulties., and the wife, just tried to commit suicide two weeks ago, Three young children live with them and are affected by this, so prayers for the couple and the 3 children, thanks so much, God Bless

Praying that my husband will have a safe procedure at the hospital tomorrow. Asking for prayer for myself for relief from anxiety and depression and for strength to make it through tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer.

my shirley and i need pray for my money problem and health and please prsy that mr h. can help me get my mortagage reduce and pray for my health and my mother too and pray for me and gary to get marry

Please pray for my daughter Amy who has IV stage lung cancer. She is only 34 and a non-smoker. The cancer is spreading in her body and the chemo is not working. Her only hope is to be in a clinical trail and pray to GOD that it works. I am watching my baby get sicker and sicker. Please pray for my daughter. God Bless and thank you. Barbara

Please pray for me as I am under a lot of stress and very emotional.

Please pray for our long time financial problems be lifted. And God bless my family. Amen

That God will help my daughter find her way to Him and that He will ease her panic attacks.

Travel mercies for my family, especially my parents.

Please pray for me. I cant stop my bad habits ( I cant eat, I cut and I have lots of bad thoughts ) and I need to be the young woman He wants me to be. Im having a hard and stressful time right now, so please pray for me. Im 17.

Oh God I feel so poor in spirit this year always trying to get closer and always having to say the same prayers because my prayers are not being answered I ask you to pray for me today because of that, ask God to fill me once again with energy and vigor to also forgive me for my sins and help me to know him more throughly so that I will experience more of him as I drift away from others who dont understand me or my heart ask also for protection for me from evil and all that is not acceptable in Gods sight so I will be, and that soon God will pick me up sweep me off my feet amd carry me home underneath his wings Thank You jesus Amen