Pray for Others

Salvation for my brother, Paul, 87, who is not in the best of health. Norma of Ohio

Continued strength, protection, and guidance for my daughter Jamie. Going back to college in January, working part time, trying to pay her bills and get back on her feet, all with bad health.
Thank you Father for watching over her.

Hi my name is Julie & I need a financial blessing!! My paychecks are garnished every two weeks with a what i call a biopolar moment bad loan w/ a percent rate that makes it where it will never be payed off!! I need this debt cancelled from my life!! I also have depression & fibormylis w/ foot & ankle pain!! thank u Julie from Wa. Ps My husband is seasonal worker so it is hard to keep on top of bills!!!

That God ALmighty help me with my acedemics and athlectics. That God give me the strenght to trust in him. I have been bagging God that I start point gaurd for my school this year, for a while. THen we had our first game i didnt start so i was pretty upset. But i ask God to give me the courge to stay with him and to tryst in His name, for I know that I will deffentily start my next game and all the other games of the seaosn. ALL THIS WE ASK THROUGH CHRIST OUR LORD AMEN.

Please pray for me that I continue to grow in Christ, that I continue to get to know him better each day and that I continue to trust him and grow closer to him. GOD is awesome. AMEN

Please pray that my husband and I find out that I am pregnant soon, especially during this season of miracles. Thank you in the name of Jesus.

Gene . He is a cancer patient in need of our prayers.

please pray for my husband and I our beautiful daughter who just turned 22 died 1 month ago

please pray for my son Anthony that he made be freed from his addictions to drugs and alcohol

dear Father God, my partner , friend, in Jesus my Lord's name Your son Jesus, my saviour's name i ask. believing to receive ,thankyou Lord. the pardoned student loan , due to my perm, disability, has been again sent in to collections and they are giving me calls and bullying me. i'm really upset.But' i know you my God had already cancelled this and Blessed me with freedom from the Edu. debt fed. now only you can take this situation and make it dissolve and grant me Your Peace , Lord. Thank you. 2007 they had paid off the sallie mae and i had had zero, 0 balance , but now someone is calling and harrassing me. Lord you know our situration , so i trust and entrust this to You. and believe it is already resolved in Jesus Name victory, praise the Lord hallalujah thank you. amen