Pray for Others

I pray that my daughter becomes engaged this Christmas and is happily married next year. Also that my son will soon be happily married. I also pray that my health improves and my husband stays mentally and physically healthy.

Pray to have/find work.

I love him. I pray he loves me. I pray for God's help.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith-with kindness-joy-love-gratitude.

Please pray for my friend, Moses, who needs help and God's guidance in finding a job.
Thank you.

My name is Jeanne..I'm 58 yrs old. I'm the mom of 6-children-2 in military.9 grandkids..I worry all the time..God has been so good to me.

I pray for a speedy restful recovery for Billy Graham. I place this in your hands in Jesus Name, Amen

Please pray with us that God has put His protection around the lease on the house where our daughter is now living so that she will not have to move, if that is Your will. We also ask that God will help with her getting confirmation that all is well about this matter so this eliminates her fear can can become a constant worry. And God as You've so long known, we all need guidance about when and how to best work out that her boyfriend find his own place to live so she has a better chance being on her own to heal emotionally. Please God also continue to guide the outcome of all job opportunities for my husband so that whatever will benefit all will work out, and he will be able to the extra income we will need in maintain our retirement funds so they will last for us as well as provide what our daughter will also need when we're gone. We ask in Jesus Christ's name. P.S. God I thank you in advance for helping me be able to find the time to begin the work I need to do on my prospective blog before the holidays.

Please pray for the T family as thier son overdosed on drugs and died a few days ago. Please also pray for Linda, her mother died yesterday. Please pray for the H family as thier sweet father died a few days ago. Please give these families peace and comfort during this time. Please pray for my continued recovery from my health condition. Thank you and God Bless.

For my wife to get a job,my kids to understand our situation especially during Christmas, money trouble thank you