Pray for Others

Please help me pray for my brother Dan. He has a job that has travel that takes him away from his fiance for half of the month. Please pray that he finds a good new job soon. thanks and God Bless

I pray that all my finicial worries go away. My landlord wants to kick us out and I am trying to pay the rent. I am asking if I can make payments on the 2 mts rent I missed and try to catch up. I feel very overwhelmed and it is hard. My husband is not working now and I am trying to support all of us. I need some peace and I need help. I know tha God will provide and that he will take care of us. Thank You Jesus for all the blessings you have already given me

Please pray for my son! Please pray that God will remove him from the dangerous relationship that he is in and that God will intervene in this situation immediately. Thank you.

PLease pray that I do a good job and that my students learn.

Please ask God to bless me, my father, and everyone else who needs them, with healing and financial miracles. Amen

Please pray for guidance for my friend Sanka. He needs to find the correct partner that God has ordained for him. Please pray for a blessing in every area of his life so that he in turn could be a blessing to others. He also needs to take Sunday off for him to go to church. Please pray that his boss will give him leave, which he refuses to do so, up to now. He would like prayer for God to reveal to him where he should worship on Sunday. Many thanks. God Bless you. Jehan

Tabby an Mitch help them in school until they,have finished in Jesus name Amen.

today is the day that all of the attorneys will have to submit their discovery in for the case henry - v. - mortgage services company,e- e-,and trans union.i pray that GOD will Bless me with favor and that JUDGE STEPHEN C. - will impose the settlement that i,am seeking.GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME TO BRING THIS MATTER TO A CLOSE.HENRY -

Asking for prayer that he will not get involved with her. Jesus, please put an end to this before it begins. Amen.

I pray that the biopsy being done today on my daughter Bobbi will be benign. That I will put her Gods hands and feel at peace throught this with her. Thank you and God Bless!!!