Pray for Others

Please help us pray that God will remove the suffering in our lives and protect us. We love the Lord and I thank you for your prayers. We need a miracle.

Needing prayer for my marriage and my insecurities about it.

Please pray that God opens the right door for the right oportunity or job for me at the right time. One I will be truly happy with and good pay and good hours. Pray for my son, Brad, today to stay on the right track, to contact his children and see them , to stay away from bad influence people or wrong people, to stay out of trouble, to do good in his job and be confident and make the right decisions. Pray he gets his court cases dropped against him and they have favor on him. Pray Heather is watched over each day in her travels, work , school etc. Pray she always makes the right decisions and also about her classes, jobs and future career and relationship. Pray Buford has a good report from the doctor and will be completely healed of the Prostrate cancer. Pray for Faye's mom to get better- THANKS DENISE

Please join me in thanking God, in advance, for taking away Alan's pain from an injury and illness, freeing him from addiction, keeping him from all temptations, and healing his body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf and may God bless you all. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Prayers for Janice and family members. Janice husband just recently died. Thank you.

Please pray for our family. I thank you for your prayers. Please help us pray that God will stop and remove the legal and financial burdens in our lives and protect us. We need His blessings. I pray for each prayer request. Thank you

I'm asking God's help with getting over addiction. My compulsive, addictive behavior is costing me way too much in so many ways. I need to stop spending, eating junk food and all the rest. But I desperately need God's help to do it. Please pray for me

More prayers for Ginny, she is back on antibiotic with respiratory issues to prevent Pneumonia..she has COPD also and needs more rest, this has gone on since middle of October 2011.
Thank you all.

Please pray for my sister who is having trouble with her heart Starla my son's good friend Sam 29 years old with cancer and my neice having surgery. Thank you so much!

Pray for Tony, Susie and their marriage.