Pray for Others

One mo. ago I took a job,taking care of 4 elderly women,in a private home, making minimum wage,I've been a caregiver/CNA for over 11 years.I'm used to making at least $ 15.00 per hour!
I thought God led me to this job, so I took it.
I'm going to be 58 yrs. old soon,I've worked hard all my life,raised 3 kids by myself,and always got by.
I'm up before 7,and don't stop til after 8pm.
I have gotten attached to my ladies,I told them if I got another job I'd still work for them at least 1 day a week.
My prayer,is this,I need a better paying job!!!!!!!!!!SOON
I still think God had something there for me.I've been blessed while there.
I have asked for more money.
I know the owners go through a lot of employees,but refuse to pay bette

My husband John had a heart attack three weeks ago. Please pray for his peace of mind as he tries to return to normal work at Home Depot. He cannot get paid for his time out because he has no short term dissability and he is worried, so he wants to go back for financial reasons, but is scared. Thank you and God Blesses us with you in Daily Guidepost every day.

Please pray for me im a volunteer on Our prayer.I pray that my life and the many problems with my husband getting a job, because he was laid off work just two months ago, and that he accepts christ into his life , and lives for the lord. I need prayer for strength and that I will not feel so afraid. Lord help me to be a good prayer warrior and help me to think of others more than my own self..thanks for your prayers!

My Lord, please assist Colette and Nagi in taking care of their sick son. May he recover soon. Encourage them to stay faithful and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and support. Grant them inner peace, patience, and strength. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

I am asking for prayers for my cousin, Roger -, who tried to take his life and is in ICU in -. MN. He lost his job, wife has issues with alcohol and from what I have heard from relatives, all prayers would be appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful work.

My 42 year old son suffers from clinical depression, has been suicidal in the past and has been out of work for 2 years now. I worry every day about what the future holds for him and how he deals with it as do so many other sufferers. I pray that this economicy changes for my son as well as others. Thank you all for your many prayers. God bless.

Please pray for my daughter Becky and her daughters and grandchildren that they be united in love this Thanksgiving and Christmas and be thankful for the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I also pray for a safe trip for those traveling and for our men and women serving our country. Blessings to all of you.

Please pray that I will be able to get a job that I like with favor.
2, Pray for my husband Jim to be totally healed from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.
May God bless you with your heart's desire.

I hope to find out this week that I got a job. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my own home for the first time since I was with my children and husband six years ago. I pray that I may be filled with thanks and the people I invited will come and also feel thankful. I pray that God will bring Christians into my children's lives, Shannon and Logan, to bring them back to Church. I pray that God will bring my children back to me. I pray that you will either bless or end my relationship with my boyfriend. Help me to please you in everything I think, do and say. Thank you for loving me more than I can ever understand and for being with my in every moment of my life. May I be truly thankful for my blessings from you Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

My son Scott has recently gone through pain medication drug rehab. God is working miracles in his life, which he also recognizes. I praise God daily, as he does and have told him it is so exciting to see where God is leading him. I would like prayers for him and his wife and daughters. That their family can become whole again. He really needs work so much to be able to help help his family. He knows it is in Gods timing and not theirs, and he looking and trying to stay positive and not get down about this. Pray and praise God for the change in Scott! Thank you!