Pray for Others

I have come to realize that all the areas in my relationship that I feel are lacking are actually a reflection of deficiencies in my relationship with God. Pray that I may have more intimacy, openess, trust,commitment and honesty with God so that these same values might grow in my earthly relationship

My intercession: I pray and wish that i will get thinner - not too skinny . I want to feel and look normal AND I want people to accept me for me. I want no more medications for me. I pray, request, petition, ask, and hope for this. AMEN
37 MY

Please pray for the - store at the -. Pray that we exceed our goals. Pray for our team to succeed.
God Bless You!

Please pray for the family of Kevin, Linda, Ralph and Alice.
God Bless You!

Please pray for my adult son in healing his body from toxification from medications for his illness. A few doctors treated him improperly and he is feeling very ill. We ask for physical and emotional healing,strength and patience. We love him so much and want him to feel better.

Please pray for my family to handle finances better.

I am trying to get answers to my husband's activities to quiet my mind, and not have him overpower me with secrecy. I want to son to not be depressed. Please pray for answers to my long awaited questions will come. Thank you.

Thank you Lord Jesus for another sober day. Please help Trina to get her granddaughter permenent placement and her 1/2 sister also. Help Trina's son Shawn to get into his daughters life and be a father to her. Resolve Steve and Trina's mortgage troubles and by Christmas eve. Help me to stay here in my home and get the mortgage repaired so Luke and I have a home untill you call us home. Take the sadness away that I feel each day and stop my crying. I miss my Jillian so much.Bless my father with health and soundness of mind and ablity to get around with out falling. Bless and help all my neighbors and may they find forgiveness in there hearts for me. Help me to accept them as they are. Help our leaders to get our country back on the right track. Forgive us our sins and help us stop abortion. May Sue B become a friend. I miss my daughter Katie so much and she knows it. Why do I have to suffer all this lonelyness. Amen Peter W, -

Keep praying for God miracle in our family.Ester,Oscar -.For Louis,Karen,Kevin,April.

i have received a that i do have sugar in my blood.
i am very afraid to take the medication because of the damage it
could cause my internal organs.i need prayer how to go about this.
i am also losing protein thru the urine.please pray for me to
have wisdom trust the path i need to take..healing in my body
to function normal..also to eat the right foods that i need .
to have the finances for the right kind of food .thank you.