Pray for Others

Dearest Lord, My God I Pray in Thanks to You!!!! Now that I am RECEIVING FINANCIAL BLESSINGS Beyond my Wildest Dreams!!! Dearest Lord, My God, I Pray in THANKS to You!!!

My daughter and I need jobs. Thankful to God for a temporary job for me till Dec. 15.

Please pray for my friend Shelagh who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.
Thank you.

My granddaughter has lived with me for over a year. Recently she had a baby who is a beautiful boy. She plans to return to her former city where she lived for 10 years. She was always ambitious, and energetic. She attends college, and I was so proud of her. Now she seems so much more materialistic and unthinking. I have helped her to stay on her feet. She needs to exercise responsibility, and finish her degree and get a job when she returns where she can be a good mom. Her baby's father is willing to do his part but somehow she is acting immature, even though she feels she is very mature. I am praying for a change in her for the better, and for her to be the good mother and companion I know she can be.

Hi Praying Warriors,
Please pray for me and my 2 brothers as we have been forced by our stepdad to sign document to transfer our inheritance from our late father half of the acres of farm to him which Paul Robert Corbett had nothing to do with our Davis inheritance at all. Also, my late dad only assigned my mum, Heather Jane Corbett to be the trustee only the Davis trust and she was given the chattels and the motor vehicles but now seems like the D- Trust have wound up and changed to the Eagle Trust instead which both mum and stepdad have 60% each half to themselves. Please pray that my mum will see the true colours of Paul Corbett. Many times, Paul Corbett had accussed me and my brothers and hit me quite hard on my head and cause headache and dizziness since then and I have been threaten many times by him. He also call me names and words like "son of a bitch" and "stupid words many times. Please pray that GOD will act on my behind that whatever that my real dad had left me for inheritance will not be taken by my stepdad as I recently found out that the title deed have changed to his name and my mum names and that my late father's will of us brothers as beneficiaries have been removed. Please pray that GOD will grant me wisdom and people either to help me to get lawyer and GOD will restore our inheritance. Also, can I report to police if the physical abuse from my stepdad hitting on my head have happened more than one years ago. Or should I talk to my mum's church people to be a mediator between both of us and also my step as we all can't communicate properly as I am not able to express my feelings and thoughts. The conversation that went ok was only I was able to agree and do what they said and want. I am only 21 years and I need the LORD to send finance and people to help me to advise me in this case. PLEASE PRAY!. Many thanks!
Sean -

PLEASE PRAYTHE FIGHT AND ARGUEING WOULD STOP IN OUR HOME BETWEEN SIBLINGS, please it is stressing me out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for my husband, he had an interview a week ago and
has not heard anything. He is a very good man and is trying very hard to remain faithful and let God take care!!! We know that God has a plan for us. I pray God answers our needs, and those of so many others that are without jobs!
God Bless You All

Sean - is in ICU. He is 30 years old and has a young daughter.He was found unconscience in his car. He had been there all night.He has pnuemonia in both lungs and they are damanged. He is on a ventilator. He is such a special person...he has over 50 visitors a day. Please pray for his health to be restored. Please also pray for his family. Thank you!

Prayer for family health, guidance, and renewal. Thank you.

I have a friend named Pete and his family is not very nice to him and he came to my family's Thanksgiving this year and had his first family holiday in 13 years and loved being with my family and sharing all the love they offered him and the wants to move to my town so I would like to request prayer for him that God would provide him the opportunities needed for a job and housing so that it is possible for him to make the move. I would also like prayer for his family so that they may see that there are better ways to treat people.