Pray for Others

Crisis prayer please for God to protect our daughter from harming herself, anyone else, or communicating with anyone in such a way as to spoil another professional or personal relationship in this 24 hours of "estrogen psychosis", caused by her normal "feel good" hormones at times falling way too low. We ask that God help her to confine her raging to only us and not drive, and if she has added alcohol to try and self-medicate away her terrible symptoms, we pray God to help her stop and get some sleep as time and rest is what heals. We God in advance for guiding to whatever else will treat her or help in all ways. We ask in Jesus Christ's name.

Please pray for my husband, Dick. He has incurable prostate cancer.

Please pray for my brother Lyle in prison now 30 yrs. Please pray for him to have peace and comfort - he's heartbroken that he can't be out here to help with the care of our 92 yr old Mother. Pray that God's will be done in my Mother Ellen's life, where she should live and the rest. Thanks.

Dear Beloved Father as you Graced and Redeemed us with Your Son's Love. So to let Your Love and Your Light be reflected in and through me this Holy and Righteous Season. May the Joy of this Holy Season touch all who come in contact with your children. Amen

Asking for prayer for healing for Wayne and strength for him to keep from smoking. Asking for healing for myself of depression, anxiety and this debilitating fatigue. Asking for guidance for doctors to figure out what is wrong with me. Asking for strength to make it through medical testing and appointments. Asking for prayer for all those suffering that they may call on the Lord to lay his healing hand upon them. Thank you for your prayer.

My name is Courtney. Please pray for me I ace all my finals.

Would you please pray for me that I become physically active again, and that I lose weight? Thank you

Please pray that God will help me oversee my Mother's retirement savings with wisdom from above. Also, my own finances, that I'd be able to stand on my own two feet and tighten my belt and be wise with the resources He has given me. It might be too late, but with Him all things are possible.

Please pray for me and my family. I have been out of a job since the end of August. Dealing with trying to find a job and possibly going back to school. I am so stressed, I just feel like I'm upside down.

please pray for my daughter Tamera and her husband Brad. Their marriage - that it would be a good one. That God would bring restoration and healing in the areas that are needed. That Tam would receive spiritual healing from the Lord for her emotions, and that she'd fall in love with her husband in a fresh and new way. That he would show her affection outside the bedroom, and learn how to reach her in the way she needs to be reached. That she'd have a calm approach to her children, and control her temper.