Pray for Others

I would like to Thank all who are praying for my husband Dennis to get well and strength his legs so he can walk with the walkeer again. He is doing so well and it's do to your prayers to our Lord. I still need your prayers he is going to have knee surgrey after the Christmas Holiday's so he can walk without the walker. Please continue your prayers and I do included everyone that the prayer group is praying for in my prayers each day. Thank you again, Virginia

Pray for Tony and Susie's marriage to be saved, healed, restored and strengthened.

That Sara and Josh will be able to sell their two older cars quickly, as in two weeks, to obtain just one newer car.

I would like prayer that I will grow closer to God and that I will become more patient and faithful to Him and His word. My families salvation, health and prosperity. I am very afraid of starting a new job, fearful that I will have anger outburst and/or anxiety attacks. My financial situation is a complete shamble and I don't know how it's going to get any better. I feel so ashamed for not having the faith in the Lord to wait on Him.

For Josh V that he may obtain the help he needs to "unblock" his progress in his project so he can move forward in his journey toward a PhD in Physics. This project that he is stuck on and one class and he is done! Pray for God's enlightenment, wisdom and people whose advise will move him forward. I ask this request through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

Please pray with me for my daughter who is having a rough time in her relationship. Please pray that she does not get hardened anymore than she has been because of her past. Please God give her the strenghth to get through these hard times and look to you for guidance. May your will be done.

I ask for prayers that my mammogram will be healthy and have no cancer.

I would like for you to pray for Danielle - - she is a relative of my son in law - she has just had a miscarriage and is having a very hard time. Please pray that God meets her needs and gives her the comfort she needs. I would also like for you to pray for me that I do not lose my job - also pray for my co-workers - we are secretaries and we all need our jobs. I would lose my home - I am almost 72 and still work full time and need to work in order to make a living and pay my bills. I thank the Lord for what he has given me and know that through prayer all things are possible. I love Jesus.. please keep your hand on me and guide me...

Have been on probation for almost year, due to end January 2012. Need to take class as one requirement of the probation; sometimes these classes are cancelled if not enough registered. I have to take by December and one more class is offered December 10. Need prayer that I will be able to complete this class and there will be no cancellations or other problems with weather, etc to prevent me from completing. Also that I will be able to complete the probation on time and move on, putting it behind.

Please pray for me. I was just diagnosed with cancer and in the process of being tested to see where it may have spread. I am praying that it has stayed where it was found and that the Lord will help me through this no matter what the outcome. Thank you all.