Pray for Others

Asking for prayers that Luke will give me a second chance. Please pray in agreement that God will soften Luke's heart and change his mind about this situation. Please pray that Luke isn't involved with anyone and that there are no other distractions that will hinder us moving forward with this situation. Please pray that Luke will agree to help with this situation. Thanks for the prayers. God bless.

God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind, Thanks for all my blessings. Please heal me of this headcold I have my head hurts so baddd.Please keep me and my family safe. Please bless my daughter with some work in this area instead of laf. amen

Hi. Thank you for your prayer. I want to pray for my son, Justin, who needs to make a decision to call his probation officer and face the music. I pray for the right decision to be made by both him and his probation officer . . . that he calls, that he's honest, that the probation officer is guided in the right direction. Justin has come such a long way, but still needs to walk the edge and take risks and this time I believe he has been caught having used marijuana. This could potentially undo almost 5 years of probation and send him back to another state where he got in so much trouble. He continues to believe he can walk the edge and get away with it, so I'm honestly not sure what to pray for except for him to finally change his ways and see what he "should be doing" and come to know the Lord, and that whatever decision is made brings him to that wonderful place that is the only place where he can find peace. Thank you!

please pray for my dad's house to sell now. in jesus's name amen

Praise and thanks to God! Please pray for the Lord's mercy, grace and wisdom for complete healing, career guidance in school and a friend. In JESUS name. Blessings.

As the Christmas season approaches there are many people without families and many people who have been rejected by their families. There are people without jobs and homes and it appears to be no hope. No way to celebrate the birth of our Lord. This is a difficult time.... we all need your prayers to encourage us and pray God will give us the " hope and a future" promised in Jer: 28:15.
thank you

Dear God, my results are soon to be here. I'm so scare. Please let my results be all negative from any bad disease. I want to be a mother soon and need to be healthy from head to toe. Please stand by my side. The reason I'm mainly scare is because I have small bumps on my aerola. They seem to look different from before. But God only knows. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


Please pray for the following people to make a effort to lose weight soon, Shirley -, Tom-, Jen -, my son Tom -, Diane-, Jean -, Joan -, Melissa -. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley-

I still need prayer for a place to live. I was supposed to be out of this one today. I am sick from the mold and floors are falling in, ceiling leaking. Can't keep up with utilities as they are too high from cold coming in. Also, son still has not found a job. I am on disability and cannot take care of both of us. Thank you.