Pray for Others

pray for my sister to pass IBPS exam with distinction and get a good employment

Dear God, I pray for good Christian peace of mind, please, pray for me as I pray for all God's people to love and help each other. I ask for prayers for my husband, children, grandchildren, family, friends, animals and myself, please, pray that we always serve our Heavenly Father with Thankful hearts and minds, please, pray that we stay safe and healthy and serve God always. In Jesus' Name, My Lord and Savior. Amen, Pat

Father, please turn Louis' heart. In Jesus' name. Amen.

A beautiful new, safe, peaceful home. Financial independence from Mike. An income that meets all of my needs beautifully. Trusting you.

724 Please. HE knows. Thankyou.

My parents were killed 10 days ago in a home invasion. My dad was shot in the back (88 years old) and my mom (83) was beat and died 5 days later in the hospital. I know that I am not alone and my Faith is keeping me going but sometimes I am just so sad that it hurts to breathe. Your prayers would be so appreciated. My children (son, Eric and daughter, Erin) are especially in need of prayer too. Thank you so much!

I'm praying for a friends sister, her name is Bobbie,she has been having problems with her stomach, hasn't been able to eat anything except crakers. she has been real sick and weak, my friend Linda, who is her sister, took her to the Dr and they did some test. they got the results yesterday, and it's not good. Bobbie's brain is wrapped around her spinal coculum. and she was born with this, but it's just now appearing . the nurse said she could die, if it's not took care of . pray that they can see a nueorsurgon today, to get some help. thank you

Please pray for Kevin -Jr. his is in the hospital in critical condition. Please pray for his recovery as well as his salvation. thank you

I just want to be lifted in prayer there is nothing in particular,because I'm living and breathing. However I would like to ask that God watch over my enemies and their families and friends as well as their families and friends. I also would like to leave this homeless shelter and have a job so I can provide for myself.

I need prayer for my health and gambling addiction,i also need a job and that the Lord will help me fulfill his will and purpose for mylife.