Pray for Others

today is Thanksgiving eve. for the past 9 years I was always invited to have dinner with this family that I was in love with there son. He was serving a life sentence in prison and always made sure his family had me over for dinner so he could cll and get to talk with him. well this year he made parole and guess what they did not invite me over. He started treating me bad and said he was going to Atlanta for the holidays. It hurts because I stood by him when his family did not. I love this man but need to give him up. and his family, by the way. It was me that wrote the parole letters to the parole board to help him. I sent him money to servive. wrote letters of encouragement. now hes out enjoying his family and the same people that never even gave him the time of day. I got laid off in oct. and the unemployment have my checks on hold I have not received any help since I was laid off. all my bills are over due. I need a miracle today. please pray for me.

all my family & extended family:faith/hope/love/peace/joy/deliverance/restoration/provision

Please pray that I don't get fired from my current job and please pray that my employers increase the hours that I work so that I can pay my bills. Thank you for praying for me.

Catherine to lose weight healthily & have needed income for survival

Financial assistance to fix two cars and pay tax and legal debts.

Please pray for travel mercies for Marjorie B. as she flies from SC to NJ on Wednesday, November 23rd returning to SC on Sunday November 27th. May she and her fellow passengers have a safe trip, be protected during their travels and return home to their families safely. Thanks so much for your prayers, God Bless.

Richard a job he can handle & longterm housing--desperate need

Please pray for Ida and her family. May God grant them peace, good health, safety and joy in their lives. Thank you for your prayers for Ida and her family, God Bless.

Please pray for Nathan and Elisa B. a young married couple with a young daughter. Both have been diagnosed with cancer. Nathan's cancer is stage 3, Elisa's has spread throughout her body.
Please pray for Courtney C. a young married mother of 2 children who has a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer.
Please pray for Msgr. Bill H. who is being treated for stage 4 esophagus cancer.
Please pray for Scott R. who has just had a stem cell transplant after a reoccurrence of lymphoma.
Please pray for Artie E. being treated for cancer.
Pleaser pray for Philomena C. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Ruth B. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Gary H. who had surgery for a lung cancer. May he heal quickly and now be cancer free.
Please continue to pray for Joann J. She is recovering at home from kidney disease and is waiting for a kidney transplant.
May all experience God's healing miracle. Please pray for God to give them and their families strength during this time.

As Thanksgiving approaches you are supposed to be excited about family getting together. Well I am not. My present and ex husband can't be in the same room so I do not know how this will work out. Please pray for us. Thanks Gale -