Pray for Others

I ask for prayer for my friend Mary and her brother. I ask that she be calm and have peace in her heart while she tries to get her brother's medical bills covered. I ask that his second surgery be covered just like the first one and that his health stays well. In Jesus' name I ask and thank Him for all blessings.

Dear Lord, I thank you for all you have done for me. Father I need your help with my rent and car. I need my license. father. Lord help me to be a better a person than I was last year. Father my away for to get bills caught up, my check will be short this week. fixed my car.Let me get the parts it necessary for my car so it can pass inspection.

need prayer for some big moving decitions in my life last oct. my husband walked out of our marriage for a family friend witch is younger. in the last year h e has walked away from me and kids and friends and family. to be with her. our kids are now 26 and 20 but we have all had a hard time. My problem is now that i really need to go to Oregon to help take care of a uncle that is old and needs help but then would have to leave my kids witch they are both on there own but we see alot and talk daily. I would be 14 hours away. from all family except my uncle but all i have left on my dads side of family.. I have just started to talk and go out with a old friend that i had'nt seen in 26yrs also and really like and enjoy his company. but he is a little aftraid that im not ready for anything since i have my devorice still ahead of me. which makes me sad because we have so much in common and enjoy being around each other he went threw a devorice 8 yrs ago and does'nt want either of us to get hurt. but also if i leave i will be walking away from what could be and my kids. wish i knew what god had plans for me have lost so much this last year my husband was my best friend and we don't even talk or his mom either she has even stopped talking to our son because he wants nothing to do with his dad after this. we lost our house also. please pray god will open the doors and help me to find peace to make the right desicion for my life for now i feel lost and alone now but i know hes here with me. prayers for my uncles health also going in on thursday for more test so with results i will need to make my desicion soon. thanks julie


I am running an elderly care facility, but the mortgage payment for my home is now too high and I cannot make the payment. I have submitted a loan modification with B of A. Please pray that my loan modification will go through and that the monthly payments will be a very affordable one.
Also, please pray that I find the right care-giver for the elderly home because my previous care-giver became ill. I am looking for the right care-giver to care for the elderly clients in this home. I believe that when people pray and petition the Lord for the same issue, the enemy cannot penetrate and still the blessings and the answers that God is sending to answer my requests.
Also, my youngest son is gay and he drinks alcohol too much. Please pray that God will touch HIS heart and that God will have HIS will in my son's life. My son's name is Marcelo. He was brought up in church and HE knows the LORD. He has accepted Christ in his life at a summer camp when he was young.
Thank you very much for praying with me.

My name is Shirley, I will be going before the Board OF Review,next month Dec. 8,2011. Hr said that I got hit by the iron rail on Sept. 8,2010. If i HAVE GOTTEN HIT BY A IRON RAIL, i WOULD BE ON THE FLOOR UNRESPOBD AND EVERYTHING, The devil is a lie.. My head would have hit , mY BODY WOULD HAVE SOME IMPRINTED FROM THE RAIL. i DID NOT GET HIT AT ALL My body would be laid out on the concrete floor waiting for the ambulance too pick me up.I could not walk behind a hit like that. Please pray that I will be compensate and too return back too work soon.

My name is Amber. I would like to send a prayer request for my dad. He has been very distant from my siblings and I ever since my mom and dad separated. He seems to not care about his kids or grandchildren anymore and he seems to lack a genuine relationship with God. Please help.

Please pray for me I have upcoming legal troubles and I am terrified of whats going to happen to me I am a good person but I did not report my income to Social Service in my county years ago and know I will be arrested for it. I have no where to turn but to yous and the Lord pray that I have the strength to get through this Thank You

Please pray for my friend Betty -. She has been battling breast cancer, then lung cancer, and now they found cancer in the lining of her liver. She is the epitome of the nicest person devout christian. I am hoping that God will spare her life.

Preston - son - Please pray the Lord's will be done in all major decisions he is presently making regarding jobs, education & relationships. Thanks so much!