Pray for Others

Please pray for travel mercies for Marjorie B. as she flies from SC to NJ on Wednesday, November 23rd returning to SC on Sunday November 27th. May she and her fellow passengers have a safe trip, be protected during their travels and return home to their families safely. Thanks so much for your prayers, God Bless.

my name is gina this is my first time to ask prayer from you. my friend recommended it, sometimes prayer works almost at the click of a few moments. I may be homeless in about a week. I need extra income from somewhere. an employer owes me 350.00 in back wages. I am working on changing the habits that hurt me and others close to me,drinking, wrong friends, stealing. Im messed up but God could change all that. My friend steve says I should give Christ another try.Manaste- have an amazing day.I will wait for the miracle.

Lord that you grant us knowledge and faith
to do your will.
For a blessing of health for my wife and I.
For our family members to love each other
the way jesus loves us.
In Jesus Name

Pray for God's will and guidance in my future job move that he will open the doors according to his will and I will be where he want's me to be.Pray for his help today in taking care of business in town.Pray for the poor and needy.Pray for my son's upcoming baptism for God's grace and Glory.Pray J.T.and Jimmy to have a better day today.Thank God for his answers prayers.Amen

Please pray for our grandson

Please pray for my son, as his lawyer will be representing him today at a meeting to try and come to an agreement regarding his divorce. Please pray that God's hand will protect him and his children and that fairness will rule the agreement. Thank you

Bless our family, guide us in our journey, bless our family business, bless all those who come eat at our little cafe, that we and our employees might thrive and help those in need in our community. Dear Lord we don't need anything but you, we believe!

pray for my family we are faced with many health problems may God guard and protect us against all formas of evil and lifts us out of our health problems.

Please pray that today I have a better day at my new job and catch on to everything and to have confidence and I like the people and they like me and that things will not get on my nerves today. This is a temp job for now but I dont want to be stressed out again in another job so pray that I will know in my heart if to accept this job or that God will send me another one closer to my home town or in my hometown and will be a better job or opportunity for me to be happy Pray for my safe travels today to and from work and each day - pray for Heather and Brad my children to have good days today and to have safe travels each day to and from work and all their destinations. Pray Brad continues to stay on the right track , to see and contact his kids, and to get all his unresolved problems solved in a good way. Pray the court cases will be dropped against him and they have favor on him. Pray Heather makes the right decisions about her careers, jobs, school and her relationship and to think things through. Thanks Denise

Prayer for handling the stress. Prayer for good decision making. Prayer for healing an infection. I thank you Lord that I can come to you with my problems. Amen