Pray for Others

Praying for supernatural provision. Was promised money to cover all my debt over the last 6 months, Asking God's guidance in my unemployment situation. Also asking for God to remove obstacles in my relationship with Wayne. Once again his health and other obstacles are keeping us apart. Above all - I ask that God enter into Wayne's life in a supernatural way as I do not know the state of his relationship with God. I love Wayne with my whole heart but know that God does not want me unequally yoked with someone who does not have a relationship with Him. Thank You

please pary for me. my husband and i want so much to have a baby. we tried for many years and now becuase of my age is is almost impossible but i know that thru God nothing is impossible. i know that God is able to help us.

Please pray that my mother Margaret - be healed from
her many chronic illnesses (mainly emotional)and find real peace before she dies (age 83)

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the kindness of friends like M & all the beautiful people who work on the prayerline and also that my computer is now working again! Please protect me at all times and in all ways. Please keep me 100% healthy at all times and bless me with peace, comfort, joy, happiness, wisdom, prosperity, favor, protection, and love. Please cover me with Your Blood Jesus and let no weapon formed against me prosper. In Jesus Name I ask and pray thank You Amen bc

Please pray for my oldest daughter who just recently left her husband. She is so depressed, has anxiety attacks and able to work or nor does she want to do anything.

please pray for our family weve been thru so much the last few months with our puppys and then our electric needs to be rewired and we dont have the money and then my daughters eye is red and puffy i pray she doesnt have pink eye and were all really tired and i need to get my daughters eye checked out soon our hospital we have isnt very good and they almost made her deaf with her ear when it was infected so were real leary about going back there again so please pray for us we so need help woth everything it jsut seems like nomatter what we do something always goes wrong im trying deperatly to keep the faith but the devil is really giveing me a challenge god bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support .

Please pray for my mom(Della)to have good results on her CEA & blood work from Dr., also for her back, hips, legs, and heels to be healed. My husband (Patrick) has to sleep sitting up because he can't breath and starts coughing when he lays down, he needs to be able to work or we will have no money for bills. Please pray for Sheila (my sister) she has cellutlitis in he face (from tick bite) which makes her face and eyes swell, now they think she has shingles around her stomach. She doesn't have any money and needs your prayer for our precious God and Savior to heal her,my mom, and my husband.
Thank you soo very much and God Bless.

Dear God we come to you in jesus name and ask you to forgive us for all of our sin and the wrong doing we have done.we come to saying thank you for watch over us as we rest every nigh and get us up so we can see a new day we thank you for everything you have done for us and everything you will do for us we pray that God will send someone to help us with all of our problem in jesus name we pray amen

God I have been sick with the flu, and I am in a relationship with a man that everytime I am sick he doesn't care for me andwhen I tell him about it he outs blame on me. God to make this short and simple, BRING NEW PEOPLE INTO MY LIFE,have the old users to flee, help me to have strength and meet a man that will appreciate me and love me for me being me, not for my body for my heart, help me to meet a man who wants to help me and not constantly take and take from me. GOD bring me true LOVE, and also have him to LOVE YOU first.AMEN I rest this in your hands — Ermine - Florida, US

Lord I pray that I may be hired to get financially stable for me and my family. Prayers are powerful and I know they will be answered. I am thankful and greatful that you are my Savior and you will not pass me by, Amen