Pray for Others

3 things dear Lord and fellow prayer warriors:
Please pray that my friend Lindsey passes her Praxis test she just took.
Please pray that my wife gets her scholarship that she was contacted about's for a hospital she really likes.
Please pray that my shin and ankle are completely healed so that I can resume running by Saturday.

Pray for my husband, Tony to return to our home and marriage.

Pray for Tony to return home to his marriage.

Please pray that my son Eric finds a job and finds his way to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you

My daughter is in need of prayers for her job. She has a very stressful job in sales. She is a very hard worker and devotes alot of time to her job and it keeps her away from her family alot. Please pray for her situation and if things work out for her let her be able to handle the stress and the time she spends away from her family. Lord please hear my prayers

For Miricles to happen with my business to be successful and full of employees making it financially stable in Jesus Name!

Please pray for James - and his family. Jim has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and faces surgery soon.
Thank You

Please pray for Andrew -, a child who is facing his 3rd battle with luekemia.

My beloved husband Jimmy.

Please pray that I will pass my test and not become anxiety ridden during it. Please pray that the Lord will guide me through it and stay with me.