Pray for Others

Please please pray for a friend who just lost his wife in childbirth. The baby was born normally but after that the wife went into shock and passed away.
Thank you for your prayers

my name is anthony i need the attack of satan binded away from me that esus would come back into my life stronger than ever before.pray that i would not be obedient tothe flesh that jesus would bind it away that the only thing i ould here would be from god. pray that god would forgive me of my sins and rescue me from satan the accuser in the name of jesus

To: Our Prayer Group, I am a small businessman, in need of help!! I got behind on rent due to breakin in my store last Christmas 5 days before Christmas and theives stole $54,777.
in inventory. Nationwide Ins. my company denied my claim!!
It has been a really tough this year and now the landlord wants to start evicting me, instead of working with my business while my attorney and store are in litigation, against Nationwide Ins.
I know I could get caught up on rent during the Holiday season,while still in litigation against my ins. company.
If you all could please pray for some help and guidence, please.
Happy Holidays to all and thank you from my heart, for your prayers. Gerry

As we enter in this advent season, I need the help to feel the joy of jesus birth. My husband past away in June leaving me with alot of bills to pay. Plus, the esate of his mother to finalize. This week , my finances lie in the hands of my husband's if she chooses not to compromise and truly do as her mother's wishes. If she does not compromise I will need to take her to court through a full probate. I do not wish to do this but feel, I cannot let her take advantage of me or my children to resolve sibling rivaly issues among her mother and brother, both who past with broken hearts from her angier. I guess my prayer is for her too, to come to peace with herself with the lost if her brother and mother and their relationship.

I'm prayer for my son Sam to find the love he seeks in a great young lady and to take the taste of medicating himself from drugs and alcohol and that he finds a job to give him a greater since of self. In Jesus name, Amen

Prayers for Bryan to truly forgive me and to have hope, trust and perserverance instead of sadness/disappointment. Thank you, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Please pray for my son and me. I need $1,000 for saliva testing for hormones and adrenal function and for my family to take seriously the health problems and stress issues I face alone to live. Pray for guidance as well as provision to the right doctor who can help me and be compassionate. Also please pray for my son and peace of mind for me because he is 23 years old and has Asperger's and has no one in the world but me. My bio father and stepmother are being mean and abusive to me and unforgiving and do not understand my life is at stake. Please pray God opens their eyes and pockets and they feel compelled to help in any way they can. Debbie and son Robin

thank you for all of your kind and continued prayers and words of encouragment.

For depression to be removed from my daughter Ramonita, today is her birthday, and as of yesterday i notice her different she text me she feels old and alone she just turns 23 today please I ask God to give her her self worth again and for her to have a encounter with God., thank you.

Thank God for a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Thank Him for the good food and for time with my family. Thank Him for help with what to do and when. Thank God for much needed rest. Please pray for His help with back to school. I am facing a difficult week with one 12 plus hour day. Pray for God to give me strength and guidance for all the challenges of this coming week. Thank God for His help today to prepare for the week ahead. Thank God for keeping me and my husband healthy. Thank God for time with my son and grandchildren this holiday season. May God bless you for your prayers.