Pray for Others

Please pray that my severely obese son is ready to lose weight. Please pray that he can hear God's voice talking to him, telling him how special he is. Thank you.
Gwen, Cincinnati

Please pray for my son and daughter(Danny and Tracy) that they may restore their damaged relationship. Thank you Carol. Also I ask prayer that my health as I recently found there are concerns.

please pray with me for my husband Kenneth Preston - to get a job he is a master plumber and needs work...he has idle hands and no where to go during the day, he is getting depressed. Please pray for him to know God's will and to be ambitious and to get up and get moving and find work in Jesus Name. Pray for him to have the mind of Christ and not be negative and give up and pray for him to look for work and doors to open for him and pray for him not to be afraid to work just so he can sleep in and be lazy. Pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to move in his life in Jesus Name. we Pray Amen and we ask and we seek in Jesus Name. thank you Cathy - will you also pray that we get a financial blessing in Jesus Name. Amen

My 80 yr. old Dad feels dizzy this morning. He has heart problems; high BP; and high Cholestrol. Please pray that this dizziness will pass and he is healed in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I've asked for a lot of prayers the past couple of years for my neice, Julie, and today I need more prayers. Julie has another court date for tomorrow (11/30/2011) that could send her to jail. She's not a criminal. Please pray that the court will show mercy and that God will be in that courtroom and with all of us--especially her little four year old son. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. In Christian Love, Mary -

please pray for my father who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which is not curable. But with Gods help nothing is impossible. thank you

Dear God,
Thank you for this day. Please help me to use it the way You want me to. It's very cold outside. Help me to get on up and get out as I do not like this cold weather.
Please be with my sister, Becky, as she prepares for her surgery on Thursday. Help her to be ready and guide the surgeon's hands as the repair her colon. Help it to fit back into place easily so she is not under anesthesia for a long time.
Please be with my friends the G- and the H-. Help them to seek and find You as they both need You very much.
Thank you for being my God and loving me even when I am not worthy. I know I have not been too worthy lately. Please help me to get straight and do right.
Thank you for my friends. I feel blessed when I think of how many friends I have Lord. Thank you for giving me people to share my life with.
Thank you for my family. Please be with all of them and keep them close and love them.
Thank you for giving me my senses. Christmas is a time to use all of them. Thank you for letting me have them to use.
Thank you for my heat this morning. It is cold and I am glad I have it.
Thank you for loving me enough to let me have another day. Show me what You want from me today. Help me to execute it to the best of my ability.

Please pray for Cyprienne because her boss is really on her case for nothing. It seems that she has reached the age and length of employment that the boss gets rid of her employees. There are others outside of the school who are campaigning for her job offering to work cheaper. C. has offered the same thing. The boss knows how to push and push until frustration takes hold and and the victim says "I quit" but really doesn't want to. The boss knows that Cypie is hurting because her husband just passed away and she is loaded with debt.
Please pray that God softens the heart of this person who is so unreasonable. Please God resolve this problem to benefit Cypie.
In Jesus' name I pray.Thank you.

Please pray for Kathy to make a full recovery and for her children to obtain employment and maybe help out Mom for a change. In Jesus' Name I Pray, thank you and God Bless, Marie

Please pray for the marriages of Vicki and Dave and Jimmy and Rene. Please pray that they have strong, healthy, happy, loving and SPIRITUAL marriages. Thank you.