Pray for Others

I gave birth to my first child last month. Three weeks later, I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (a severe blood clot). I've been in and out of the hospital since October 29. I was told that the clot extends from just below my ribs to my foot. The doctors said there is nothing they can do for me and that there's a chance that this clot could kill me. I would like prayer that the LORD will supernaturally and completely dissolve this clot and that I would be able to walk on my own again. And if the LORD chooses to heal me through a doctor, I pray He would show me which doctor to see.

my name is linda and i need prayers. i am trying to learn and serve God-but my temper causes me to lose what He is teaching me. please pray for me-please

Dear God you know how many years I prayed to win cash 5, and it hasn't happen, sure I still want to win but I'm not banking on it, it will be just Good luck. I will still thank you and Jesus, but tonight maybe I have just good luck.

Dear prayers,
I am addicted to pornography. Please pray for me, I really need prayer and hate how weak I am in this area. I am married and I work for a Christian Ministry. I can't break this habit no matter what. I need a miracle of God.

I had mammogram done and got letter that additional studiesare necessary before diagnosis can be made. Pray that I don't have cancer. Also pray for my son Tim that he get help soon . PRAY FOR HIS SOUL AND MIND. Thank everyone for your prayers Lynda

I am battling cancer and wish for prayers as I have a CAT scan on Monday, Nov 28 to see if it is no longer growing after many treatments. I am scared and wish for peace as I go through the scan and await results. Thank you for your prayers. Kathy

son matt in fl needs a friend is always alone im so sad for him may the blood of Jesus grant him this blessing

I have a big prayer worrior thing happinin agianst the devil, agianst child molestation pray for my efforts past futor and present. Their is a rapist all up in it oppose him with prayer past futor and present as well I bless u for ur prayer minister m.

Please pray for R.K, and myself. We are both single, and live in different cities. We both like each other a lot, but the distance is so hard. I just want to see him and hear his voice again. I care for him a lot. It is so hard for me and times. Please pray for me . I want me and R.K. back together again.

Thank you for praying. Please praise the Lord with us for His marvelous and miraculous answers to prayer in our family's lives even lately. We are waiting upon Him for His will to be done in other situations as well. There are health issues and related requests especially as we get older and care for our son with physical disabilities at home.