Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister Catherine S. She's been told by doctors she only has 5 months to live with the cancer in her body. I believe God for healing when man has given up!


Please pray that I find a better job: one where I use much more of my technical skills, have more decision making authority and more distance from my supervisor and a raise in pay that reflects how hard I’ve worked to obtain my certifications. Please pray that I can find a job in a professional but relaxed environment with room for growth within the company.
Until this prayer is answered, please pray that my current job is less stressful and that my supervisor and I get along. Please pray that I am out of this job soon as I have been working hard to improve my resume. Please pray that the contacts I have made will help me to find my next position soon.
I pray for the many others who are doing worse than I am and would like to have any job right now. I pray the Lord meets their needs and brings them the same opportunity I know he’ll bring me. Amen.

Please pray that we get financial help. I can't keep up with this pace much more. No money at all to even buy anything extra. All I do is pay my bills and go to work. We need to be able to just relax.

Please pray for my daughter, Erin. she had a baby six weeks ago, and she has had vertigo since, as well as headaches and weakness. She has seen three doctors and she had a brain MRI on Wednesday. She is afraid that she has a brain tumor, and I am worried too. She has not been able to enjoy the baby or life in general. Please pray for healing for her and that the report won't be bad. If it is God's will for her to be ill, please give us all strength to face it with grace.
Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for my grandaughter Lauren.
Thanks, Ann

Praise Go I requested prayer yesterday for my husband Jim & my son Jamee to feel good on Thanksgiving. Praise God they did.
I also requested that my family and I would have a peaceful
Thanksgiving with my father, who was with us for the first time ever. Praise God we did have a happy peaceful Thanksgiving.
Thank you for your prayers.

joel behind the prison walls, give him peace,restoration,an heip him to obtain there until he get out,work out the situation,issues,he have to endure there,an justice will be done, concerning him

Ask for Strength in Prayer and Fasting for me and my other Brothers and Sisters in Christ. That God Would fill us and lead us in the paths that he has for us. That together we are STRONG, pray that the Lord will Anoint us and Revive that we may do the work he has for us. Pray THAT OUR MEN WILL TAKE THEIR PLACES IN OUR HOMES AS GODLY LEADERS and OUR WOMEN WILL BE SUBMISSIVE AND RESPECTFUL AND OBEDIENT UNTO THE LORD AND TAKE OUR PLACES AS GODLY WOMEN IN PRAYING FOR OUR MEN AND TRAINING OUR CHILDREN IN THE WAY GOD WOULD HAVE THEM GO.

I am in a very deep state of depression. I feel very much like Satan has taken a hold of my marriage, my family, our finances, my sanity, state of mind - the list goes on. I've been praying & trying to get through each day without letting on as to my state of depression & my deep seeded worry. U am exhausted & only want to sleep. There are moments when I feel God bur mostly I feel empty, hollow & alone. I do not to continue to feel this way. I desperately need God!!! Please pray that there are solutions to my situation. Thank You!!