Pray for Others

My wrist keeps getting reinjured in the weirdest ways. Hurts now. I need my hands for work the work I do. Need healing and protection from re-injury.

Lord please lay your hands on Don T. We are asking prayer for him to be healed spiritually. Guide him to say the right things, & do your work Lord. Give him the faith & guide him in the right direction for you, Lord

Lord please heal Linda T. Her heart, lungs, diabetic, nerve damage. Lord you know her needs, she is committed to you Lord & is doing your work. Bless her with good health.

Kindly pray that my son Deepu be issued with the job visa during this week and be able to commence work from 1st Dec.2011.With prayer-John

I really need a home, a job, a friend and a future. Thank you for your prayers thank you

My best friend Kitten is having a hard time. Her mother and stepfather abuse her and her father and stepmother are splitting up. She's so stressed and at the end of her rope. Please pray for her for God to give her strength and hope. To help her take the bad things out of her life.

Praise be to the Holy Trinity. Kindly pray that my son Deepak be able to do well the job interview scheduled for 1.00 p.m. today. With prayer-John

I've been having custody issues with my son's father for the last 2 years. He has done his very best to make my life a living hell over the last 2 years. I am at my breaking point. I have prayed for guidance, strength and faith to deal with this situation and it is only gone from bad to worse. I have not slept in 2 days because I am stressed about these issues. Please pray that God will send some form of devine intervention as I am not sure how much more I can handle as I am feeling very spiritually weak. Thanks.

Lord we are requesting prayer for Yvonne R. She has nerve damage in right hand. Surgery is planned soon. Lord bless her with the strenght to go through another surgery. Lord guide the doctors hands & guide the staff to meet her medical needs. Lord help her family to help her and meet her needs. Please give her the healing of your love, peace, & good physical healing. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen

I am a single mother and in a few days me and my kids will be evicted on the streets, I need a miracle from God I am very tired and want to give up I know I am obeying God and following his commandments, please pray for me and my family we receive a miracle and hope. We have been through so much despair over the past two years has God turned his back on me.