Pray for Others

For AIDA - Financial Breakthrough for the whole family and deliverance from all the bondage’s and for ANTONIO - -conversion.

my prayer request goes out to nolan his mother violet and his brother nash.... i pray that god touches each of their lives and restores this family as they are all driffting apart and desperately need the lords touch ...nolan whos mum had him locked in prison, has turned his life around , but his mum does not want to see him happy and sides with his brother nash who is on drugs and parctically living with a drug lord , i pray that there would be unity among them all a s well as peace and that every thing that is not not of god in this families life be removed , i pray that nolan would come out of prison and get back to his job , he so wants to be there for his mum n brother but they keep shutting im out as they are comfortable with their life of doing wrong , nolan's dad passed away a couple of years ago and nolan wants to build his afmily up and do things at home but his brother constantly breaks the windows n things at home and abuse his mother but she puts all the blame on nolan cause she is afraid that her other son has people involved in drugs and fears her life... please pray that god touches this families needs and that nash gets away from these drug dealers ...thank you lord for intervening in this issue amen.

Please pray for my family. My boyfriend Mike has been gone since Saturday afternoon. He said that he had something to do out of town. I miss him so very much and I have not heard from him since Sunday around 11:30 am. Please pray that he comes home today and that we can work out our problems and continue on with the loving relationship that he have been sharing for the past 3 and half years. My 2 daughters that are not his miss him so very much especially my 4 year old, he is the only father that she knows. So please pray that he comes home to us today and that he as worked out whatever it is that he has been going through. I love him so very much and plan on spending the rest of my life with him. We were planning on getting married, but now with how he has been acting for the past 2 weeks I don't know. Please pray the we will work out our problems and get married in the near future. I as all of this in the name of Jesus Our Lord and Savior, amen.

Heavenly Father I come to you as humble as I no how bless my family on today. Today markes the 7yr death anniversary of my mother give us a prayer that will strengthen our hearts ecause our hearts are troubled in Jesus name Amen.

Pat and Lynn need new friends. Thank you.

Please pray for Freda -, who is 91 yrs. old and has Alzheimer's disease. Please ask the Lord to heal her skin wounds and enable her caregivers to have the wisdom and skill to keep her healthy and happy.

Friends please pray tht God with restore my marriage, my health is going bcoz of this n my husband left almost 3 months now, please pray tht my daughter will be sucessful in her exam next week, we r all stress out i don`t know if am living in false hope tht my husband will come back But lord i need a miracle frm u today bring my husband back to us soon, i feel am getting a nervous breakdown as i have no job n have no way out. Please hear my prayer today.

Please pray for Nick -, who has had a cancerous tumor removed from his jaw and must now undergo radiation treatment. He has no health insurance, and must find a provider who will treat him. Pray that the Lord will make a financial provision for his care, and that He will provide complete healing of the cancer. Also, please pray for Nick's mom, Bonnie -, who is very worried for her son's well-being.

Please pray for Marybeth -& her family as they lost thier mother today. She did know the Lord. Thank you, Larry -

Please pray that I can talk to my daughter without her arguing with me. Today is her birthday and I would like nothing more than for her to know how much I truly love her and I will always be there for her no matter what! Dear God--Please mend our relationship--she is my only child and we are both hurting. Thank you Dear God.