Pray for Others

That I am paid up to date with all of my financial responsibilities. I unfold it with God/Goddess grace and ease with more than enough money to save, share and spare. That my family, friends and I have a wonderful, happy, and blessed Christmas as we bless others.

Please help my daughter Jessica find a decent job that will make her happy and help her with her bills. In the Lord's name I ask you to pray for her. God Bless you

My prayer is continuing for my daughter and her children-tomorrow is court again-this time it has to do with the business bookkeeper(not impartial and many mistakes, liens that are her fault) and many unfounded accusations by Krystal's estranged husband-untruths seem to be this man's life. Everytime she is in court he accuses and she and her attorney don't bring up things about him they only defend Krystal. Right now krystal is very fearful for herself and children-Tod 's behavior is irrational and out of control. Their son has very bad feelings about his dad-please pray for Kyler also. This is messy and I know others have gone through what Krystal is-we need peace, wisdom, truth. The Lord has sent many people into krystals life as well the Lords words have been opened to her and us as well.
Thank you so much it means a lot to have so many people as prayer warriors. Thank you, Kathy

please pray that God will provide for me in every way I don't have a job

please pray to dear god/jesus for me to fully regain health and healing to my mind and body always and to please take out the tormenting unclean spirit inside me for good - amen
i really need a complete lasting miracle in my life = please help!
james -

my name is intercessor i need prayer 4 a part time job $9.oo or more hour 3to 4 days aweek, and fast, i want it 2 day,i need help n things rent gas ect.and i want 2 pay my tiths give 2 the church more i have not been able 2 give and my heart gets said when i donot have 2 give,i have things that i neeed and tusting the lord 4 it what u 2 agree with me,thank u so much, intercessor

I don't have the money to paid my bills that I need now. Everything is spiralling out of control. The car is dying (tranmission no reverse)(tires are nearly bald,window won't go up.). Now there is apossiblity of no job they are closing down program. I am afraid of ending on the street. I am in bankrupcy
I just seem to keep going down I have Lupus and MS.

Kent & Scott - hubby and son. Please pray for them to remain alcohol free. They made a promise together. My husband will be in a tempting situation this weekend. Pray hard for him to keep the promise he made to his son and finally pray for me to have Godly words or wisdom to this spouse before he leaves or know if I am to remain silent.

Please pray for me that I would spend this christmas with my beloved man. thank you.

Please pray that my son Todd, land a job soon - he's been out of work for 6 mos. and has many financial responsibilities. He's very educated and talented and needs to put his talents to work. Thanks for you prayer support! Judy