Pray for Others

I need to pass physical therapy board exam.Can you pray for me?


please pray for us, we have only 2 monts from this day to look for another house rental, we need to vacate our current apartment as per demand of lessor. As of today we don't have enough money for down payment of new apartment, were just hoping and give it to God. We pray that we want to have our own house and lot, In God we are trusting for this matter, for God's miracle. Praise God!

Please ask the Lord to bless my husband with the position in B-.

Pls pray for the healing for all my joints and muscles pain and for me to be always strong, healthy, wealthy coz health is wealth and live wisely thru the power of the Holy Spirit...IN JESUS NAME...Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for the volunteers praying for my requests...amen and amen!!!!

Lets pray for our Leaders and those in special authority and are agents for the Lord , even our spiritual advisors and our spiritual leaders here in North America and through out the world that is already known ... Praise God for Family and friends that are in our church's and ministries ... The will provide special intercession through these seasons .... Amen and Shalom to you all thank you .. Love and peace for the family and pace for the children ...

Brethren, please help me pray to God for his divine healing and success in all my doings. Thank you very much.

Please continue to pray for our little greatgrandson, Ezekiel. He is now 14 days old. He is having trouble breathing and his blood pressure is high. He has been flown to a special hospital in -
Also please pray for his parents, Laura and Adam, and for the doctors and nurses who are caring for little Zeke.

In Jesus Name I pray for my family that the yoke of persecution and distress is lifted and they have the victory in Jesus

A friend of mine is very ill. I am afraid it could be meningitis, and his doctor is useless, saying it "could just be a virus." And his family won't listen to him, either. I'm really scared, and so is he, that it is something very serious that requires immediate treatment. I don't want to lose a friend. Please pray for him.