Pray for Others

Returned to clinic today and been put on 3rd antibiotic since middle of October due to bronchitis and sinus. The cough is better but sinus is stubborn....feeling tough.
Need more prayers please.

Please give me God's peace and strength. Amen.

please pray for my credits restoration , for provision, also for my promotion. For all jealous of my work falls to the ground.
Thank you, God bless you.

Please pray for our Nation to turn to God and His laws and principles. Pray for our family business to survive in this economy. Pray for family unity and love and understanding. Pray for good health to do our work on earth. Thank God for His many many blessings and precious love for us. Anonymous

Please HELP with feeling hopeless and helpless..........

Please pray for my healing. I had
colon cancer surgery early August
2011 by a devout Christian surgeon.
Surgery was successful- no chemo
or radiation surgery was necessary.
However, due to complications in the
healing process I had to stay in the
hospital two months after surgery.
I have lost a lot of weight and
still have edema in both feet and
legs. I am inthe physical rehab
process at home to get my strength
and atrophied muscles back.
PLease also pray for my surgeon
Dr. Lyn - that he may be blessed
by Jesus Christ in his work at the
hospital and his private life.
Thank you for what you and all your
Christian prayer partners do for
people in need.
God bless you.
Your brother in Christ.

Dearest Lord, My God I Pray that You Bless me so that I AM RECEIVING the Financial Freedom and Independence to make my Dreams COME TRUE!!!

We thank You and we humbly pray. Please give us the faith to surrender and trust. Special prayers for all of us according to our need but especially Rick and his family and his ability to sipport them. Please let him get the hydro plant up and running and repair the pipe without a cost that would be prohibitive to him. Thanksgiving for all the many blessings we have received for our family and keeping us together. Thanksgivng for the announcement form Dean and Melissa about a new baby expected in June. All our petitions including R.J. special help to understand and accept his life situations. We thank You for all these blessings and for all the many blessings we are confident will come to us in God's Own Time.

My God and Jesus hear my prayers. Please bless my mother who is sick with hepitas C and serrious of the liver. Please restore her liver to a healthy managable one. Pleasecontinue to keep her pain free and filled with love, happiness and continment. Amen

Lord, we pray for my husband and I to get jobs. Amen!