Pray for Others

dear Lord can you forgive me , i am having trouble forgiving myself , yet i know i did what was best for my health , I was at the tahnksgving dinner at my step daughters inlaws, i was eager to help with dishes to be washed , the mother said NO! so i sat down and then proceeded to watch four other people get up and help her serve .
i am a sensitive person , but the straw that broke the camels back was when i offered to buy the baby a little tutu that i saw at - and she said no and the friend piped up how "rediculous she is six months old and she doesnt even walk yet "
again i felt so uncomfortable and dinner was over , i requested to my husband to leave on the say that we had to visit our other chiildren , people can be mean , i am sad but happy i left and saw my family who welcomes us with open arms and is not nasty in any way . specially on a holiday , can you forgive me God for leaving , so I can forgive myself i love you all

healing for my brother Jim from cancer...pray that he will fly to california to be with his daughter...

Please pray for Delores -, her kidneys have shut down, she s weak, she goes for Dialysis 3 times a week, we need prayers for her Kidneys to rebound, Please say a special prayer for Delores. We all Love her so much.

Please pray for Linda. She just received a call from hear doctor that she has an aggressive form of throat cancer.

I would like to request a prayer, for my wife Sylvia, as we move into this Christmas season. She is an atheist, and I would like prayers that she will turn her heart towards the Lord, and hear the call of the Holy Spirit. I will probably request this prayer several times, it's important.
Thank you,

I have Fibromyalgia and the pain has been very intense the last several days. My ultimate prayer is to be healed and I know that God can do anything!! For the moment, however; I haven't been able to make it to the doctor to refill my medications so I called and asked to refill them until wednesday when I can see him. I ask you to pray that he is compassionate to my pain and understands that I am not seeking medicine, but relief. I have three small children to take care of and my fibro is keeping me from being the Mom I once was. God bless you! Fibromom.......

My Mother, Herlinda recently suffered a stroke. We pray that she will recover fully and be able to come home soon.

Please pray for Victor Continue to pray for release of emotional baggage, for spiritual renewal in Victor's heart. For his and Shelley's relationship that all interference and past relationships be bound and cast away from this relationship. That if it be God's will they start moving their lives toward marriage

Please pray for my 21 year old son who is making choices in his life that are not glorifying to God. Pray for him not to be decieved by the world or those things that he thinks makes him feel good. Pray that his joy would come from Our Father .
Thank you,

please pray for me. I want to return to my first love for Jesus and my relationship with HIM. Pray that the Lord may restore me unto Salvation. That the Holy Spirit touch me. May His precious Blood shed for me on Calvary cleanse me. ALso, I am alone caring for my two elderly parents and feel overwhelmed. My mother just recently had surgery. Just got out of ICU. Please pray that the Lord may Touch her and my dad and me with His Healing.