Pray for Others

Hello My Name is Nick - I would like someone to help me pray for my Financial Freedom
, I have been prisoner of my debts for years and really Need help form GOD.. I have debts with -Bank, HSBC , C.S. they are my chains … I tried paid everything but always I have to pay more and more.. I am desperate..

Please guide and protect my family. In JESUS name I PRAY

I have been laid off 3yrs. Had unemployment for 2yrs. I have BA degree and 20yrs work experience. I cannot find temporary or any job. I can't borrow any more $$ from family and I'm scared. I need a financial and job miracle. I read the Word and pray daily for a good, local, stable job. Please support with prayers. Thanks and God Bless, Sherri

Please pray for Kelly as she continues to battle cancer and a very large blood clot.

Please pray in agreement. Father God I come boldly to your throne of grace asking for favor. Father I ask that Deanna followsa through and has something real special for Kevin's birthday. Father I ask that Kevin has a real special, great and happy birthday. Your word Father , you can ask Father anything in the name of Jesus and Father will do it, I pray this in Jesus name. Thank you Father Amen & Amen Your sister in Christ Jan

I would like prayer for my ministry and my father. I am starting an outreach minstry. Believing for it to go global. Then my father has been diagnose with dementia and Alzheimers. I ask that the affliction be severed at the root and destroyed. His mind belongs to Jesus. The enemy does want him to depend on God or remember God. But the devil is a liar. My Dad's life belongs to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I want to thank you all in advance for your help. -Jackee

I need my money to reach me fast. i spoke to processor and she said that she will try to turn it around fast. my car has tickets that i must pay to get boot off of my car. i want to pay all debts, move into home , buy a used car, get married, have a baby. in Jesus name i pray for success in all endeavors. I’m praying that all obstacles and blockage are removed so that my happiness and my finances increase and improve.

Financial Breakthrough for my Family and I.

i need prayer for my family a special prayer for my daughters monique and marsha monique for custody of her son marsha for ajob and a apartment prayer for my husband sam to get called for a job and prayer for myself shirlene for health issues and job concerns possible lay-off thank you

My Name is Rose.
I am searching for work. Please pray for me to be able to find emplyment or even set up a business that will provide the much needed income.
I also need prayer for my children. One is suffering from sores on her feet. The other one needs God given wisdom so that she does not go astray.