Pray for Others

Urgent - Please pray for ME! I need guidance in finding very important lost items. PLEASE PRAY THAT I FIND! Prayers for Peace and Guiding Words. Please pray for ME!

Please pray for Roy. Pray for salvation & spiritual growth. Please pray also for his mind--he has emotional and mental needs. He also has physical health issues & chronic pain. He also needs to be reconciled to a sister. Thank you.

Lot of financial stress need prayers as I am getting weak off and on to go on in faith I need a good paying job soon. Thanks,

Please pray for small boy who will have a tumor removed from the top of his skull in a couple of weeks. Please pray that this tumor has not entered into his brain! I ask for prayers for his parents, grandparents & others who are so concerned, also prayers for guidance for all medical personal that will be helping this child! Thank you, in Jesus name.

Hello Dear Prayer Volunteer,
Please, oh, please pray for me. I'm in a severe depression which is affecting my work and my life. I find no enjoyment in anything anymore. I just want to close my eyes and never wake up again. I have not felt such intense sadness in years. My brother was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and that weighs very heavily on my heart. Please pray that my family will find just the right place for him and that he will be well taken care of in that place. Please pray that I will see the light at the end of this dark tunnel which I'm in and totally rely on God and trust completely in Him.
Many thanks,

Praying That No weapons formed against me my marriage or family shall prosper and what God has joined together let no man put asunder concerning my marriage to my Husband I also pray that all satanic strongholds are loosed away from him in the Name of Jesus Amen

good day, I would love prayer for my strength to grow with my relationship with god, through my faith and my ability to forgive and reuse the grace of God in me..2day I have found the new blessed and joyful Samantha -...I say thank you Lord in advance,,,because I know my prayers and ur prayers are already giving...

I am in the worst financial situation of my life, my 23 year old daughter has cut off all communication with me, my husband and I separated, I'm staying at a friends house sleeping on an air mattress in her dining room. I'm tired, so tired, and weary. Spent the past 20+ years caring for 2 people who only cared about themselves, money, and whatever it was they desired. I sacrificed, went without basic needs, gave all I had and that which I didn't, and not just to my husband and child, anyone God sent my way who was in need, somehow I always seemed to have what they needed. But when it comes to me, it seems Heaven is closed! I've been praying for a home of my own, a place No One could ever kick me out of again, to be debt free, for my daughter, my only child to contact me, and not with hate, judgement and condemnation in her voice....I really need GOD in 3D, a tangible GOD. I need joy, peace, hope, and to somehow make it through this storm...I need restored, the years the cankor worm, palmer worm, and locust, have destroyed. I've never been one to complain, I just keep looking up, I need God to see me, to hear me, to answer, me TODAY. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless You All. Rachel

Please pray for Jeff, He has been going through a divorce for over 3 1/2 years from an abusive woman. His estranged wife thinks he is hiding money, which he is not doing. Jeff is a good Christian man who just wants this situation to be done, reconciliation is not an option. His life has been on hold because he does own his own business that she has 25% stock and they jointly owe the IRS back taxes. I pray that Father God covers Jeff in the blood of Jesus and bring all of this to an end soon. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

pray for our clinic to continue with all regular staff for another 6 yrs