Pray for Others

I don't want to be a bother but,PLEASE pray so that my brother in law will cooperate with the rest of the family and sell the house

Please pray daily that our daughter Jenny and her husband Jason conceive a baby in the near future. They have been trying without success and are desperate to have a baby. They would make wonderful parents. They underwent intrauterine injection on Sunday morning 11/27/11 with Shady Grove Fertility in Maryland. Please pray that this works for them and that they are able to conceive. They find out on 12/12/11 if this procedure worked. Please pray for them. Thank you.
Patty and Andy

Hello My name is Jona -. I would like to request for your prayers. Your prayers will be a lot of help for me. I am diagnosed with Stage 3 cervical cancer, and I haven't gone through any medical treatment because of financial problems. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Well .. I will make this short because I had already typed on another sight and found out I had to give an offering to post.Don't mind the concept of giving, unfortunately I don't have a job so ...Me and my boy friend of almost two years in Jan had just split up over hard times not too long ago. Over much agony and prayer to God had many signs including a dream with an angel telling me he would return. He did and may I ad was on the wings of angels.I have never been more sure about anything in my life than I am about him.I believe god has shown us several times that he favors our relationship as well.Unfortunately this past visit we had some drama.It has been 3wks since I have been able to get a hold of him by telephone and it is beginning to get tougher and tougher.Please pray for God to give him wisdom,streangth,faith and revelation over our circumstances,both of our actions and the beautiful future that is possible with each other. God has done some amazing miracles keeping us together and working on both of our lives.Please pray for God to help him to see that and to see that we have made it through the rough part of the storm and there is light ahead.Pray for him to have strength to forgive himself ,I, and God for our circumstances in the past.To be able to let it go and move on .Finally please pray for my strength,patience and guidance for when we speak and if I am to initiate.Please for God to not allow him to give up or be held down or decieved by this speedbump.For victory over his fears and insecurities.Give him strength to call me so we can work this out. Please let him be delivered upon angels wings once again and not to sound selfish but if possible soon.It is so hard.Meeting your soul mate , when you look at life without him or her in it .. it's not very appealing.I Love him so much.Thank you all and whomever reads this for your love and concern.

Please pray for my elderly aunt and uncle who were in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for better health for my family and salvation for my wife.

Hello,Pray for me,my family,friends,neighbors,prayerlines,prayer warriors and prophetic power prayer hour,pray for all the homless,foodless and sick and shut in,pray for all the inmates to come home with a better heart and mind,pray for all in ghana who trying to get some bibles to read that they shall receive all they need.pray for more jobs today

Please pray for my friend chuck.Please pray to our Lord that chuck receives a favorable decision from the trustee and judge regarding his filing for chapter 13.Please pray to our Lord that we can continue to live where are currently.Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray that my yaya - returns earlier than her schedule from the province and keep my present yaya in good health till - arrives...IN JESUS NAME...Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for those volunteers praying for my requests...amen and amen!!!!

That God would bless me with the bone of my bone before the end of the year.
That God may move me to my place of abundant opportunuties. Bless me with a vehicle and grace to provide and care for my parents.

My daughter is 17 years old.her name is Meltem -.She's having education in Turkey now.She needs to come back to U.S to continue her education here.Can you pray for it?Thanks.