Pray for Others

My son Daniel is in the Army and has made the mistake of drinking on duty and is now facing possible dismissal from the Army. He doesn't have a whole lot going for him and to be discharged at 27 years of age and the outlook for jobs being as poor as it is has him really depressed. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enter his heart and comfort him. Also pray that those who will make the decision concerning his future will show mercy and give him a second chance.

been praying for a home for quite some time and have yet to see my prayers answered for this very much needed thing for my family and me. winter is upon us and am scared over where i am now will not make it through another rough one. wha is wrong with me? i love God with all of my heart and know He loves me too but hope that He isn't mad ...if i've done somthing that is holding me back from his love i hope he'll reveal it so he isn't mad at me anymore

Prayer for healing for sister and mom pray for brother in law ulcers, husband dizzy spells ,prayer for self stomach issues menopause and closer walk with God

Please pray for me as I have a growth beside my left eye. It is getting bigger, and I think I'll probably have to have surgery unless God heals me of it. Please pray for it to go away or if it is God's will that I have surgery, that I'm directed to the right surgeon and that it won't be a difficult surgery. Thank you!

Please pray for F & D. That our relationship be restored according to God's will. That God may break the power of the enemy in our lives and tear down all strongholds erected in our lives. That He may remove the blinders from our eyes, emotional barriers from our hearts and mental blocks from our minds. That He blesses us both with divine wisdom, understanding & revelation so we each may know what His perfect will is. That He opens up the door of communication, understanding and affection with each other. That He may restore us emotionally, physically and mentally together again. That He revives our love and causes us to fall in love all over again in even greater measure. That He protect and bless our families and open up doors of opportunity for them. That He grants us all peace, within and with each other. Please pray this in Jesus' name.

Could you please pray for Anne-Marie- who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for a complete healing (I do believe in miracles and know this can happen!). Please ask that God blesses her family with strength and guidance.
Thank you so very much!

Its Jerry again, same prayer to hit the lottery. I keep asking and seeking and knocking. Jesus I'm asking you tonight to open the storehouse for me tonight.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I have a very urgent prayer request. My mom really needs your help in praying for her.
Her name is Grace -. For as long as I can remember, she's been tormented by body pain , sleep deprevation and health problems for over 20 years. The pain she goes through on daily basis is hard to describe with words. God is the only reason she's still fighting on. She spends most of her days reading the Bible and worshipping God when she's able. But such unimaginable pain can weaken even the strongest person in faith. I'm really worried about her, both physically and spiritually. I'm worried that she might end her life. If you knew how much pain she goes through everyday, you might not approve but you would understand the reason. I don't know why God put her through so much pain for so long when she's been such a great servant to Him. I don't know God's reason or plan, but I know God loves her. I'm sure God wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her. I know only a miracle and help her now and that's what I'm asking for. Please help and pray for her to get through all this. Pray for her complete recovery and pray for her soul. Pray for a miracle. Thank you.

dear father i want to thank u for letting me get up this morning, without harm. i need prayers for me, from the arrestment of the collectors calling. please let me not be garnished or sued by these people.i need the little money i make to have a home to stay. and please let my sister get streight, and move on to find her own place to live.if not, let her recieve more money plus food stamps that we need for food. or let her get on low income housing in gardena --2bedrooms for us to live in.i only have a single bedroom, in which she sleeps on the couch.please bless us soon, in your name christ jesus....audrey

I pray for a friend who needs support, guidance and also protection. I ask God to help him and help restore his income so that he can help his family. Amen.