Pray for Others

Lord I have done this over and over and God make me the number one most favorite salesman of all time Lord for C. D. J. keep me Jesus Christ and I believe that I can do all things through you Lord help me to make Top Salesman God I keep trying to put forth the best foot possible make me rich and highly Favored famous and happy Lord and get me a new I phone God help me to make all my deals go through tonight Lord help me to sale two Lord fix my life right now Lord and help Christ and all the people in Finance to treat me well and to make me feel blessed and highly Favored and God help me to finish all the things I start and help me to make 9 additional sales this month a total of 15 sales in all with bonuses God help me hold on to your promises and to become rich famous and blessed God lead and guide me and make sure I sale Cars it's been hard so make me sale in spite of the competiveness all of my people that try to prevent me from saleing Cars make it easy and make people go crazy and wonder why you are so good to me I ask all these things in Jesus name Amen

Pray for every one who goes to the churches I go 2 I bless u for ur prayer minister m. employes as well

I came to the United States of America on the July 22 2011, and i ran into a woman whom i thought that was helping me, i never knew she has some plans to afflict men with the disease she has ( i.e HIV POSITIVE). We got along and she told me she likes me, i asked her what about your sons and daughter fathers. she lied about it. that she does not have anytime to do with them, i never knew she was just using me to satisfy her sexual urge and also to afflict me with the disease, because from the very first day i saw her i asked her of her HIV status she lied. we went along from Aug 20th to Oct 14 , when i realized that she is HIV Positive, She did a test that came back positive in my presence.Please let God show me Mercy, and deliver me from this disease. i have sinned against the holy spirit and i am asking for Gods mercy. According to the scripture, he for-giveth there sins, he health there sickness. pray that God should heal me from any form of disease which i have contact from the woman. I have been having some symptoms within my body system, loss of appetite, lymph node enlargement, loss of weight, mouth ulcer and discoloration. i have gone for HIV test it came back negative. am still holding on to God that in 3 months time i will run another confirmation test

Please pray for my dad, Mark. He isn't in love with God, and I'm really worried about him. Thank you!

pray megan's old self shows and p sees she hasn't changed and is just as manipulating as before.

I am a child of God and it is my desire to worship and praise Him in spirit and truth. I love to sing but it is not my gift but i sing in my church choir.I am asking you all to pray for me that I will grow in praising God. And pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal unto me what is my gift that the Holy Spirit gave me that I will also grow in it. Also please pray for my husband health and spiritual growth,my children jr. maurice and jenny to find salavation in the Lord through the Holy spirit leading and my great grand and the seed line find life in Christ. I do thank God for my spiritual and physical life and thank God for you all.May God bless you all amen.

please pray for sickness and disease to be far from us and for our good health from nw onwards
(rebecca,jack,val,brian,fredi,sarah,sam,chris,lauren,rosie,roy )

I'm currently dealing with a really bad decision I made & it hurts so bad I just pray it will see through...I got on the internet & showed a random stranger a few things I was not suppose to show & they recorded it.. I just pray that they either deleted the recording or lost it & I'm very highly sorry for what I've done

Please help our children to be paid tomorrow. Help the problem with NW to be fixed in the best possible way.

My daughter Amanda is in college in Columbia, she is trying to pay for all her college and other bills by working. She was in class today she lost or someone took her phone. Please pray that someone turns it in. Amanda can't afford to buy another one. Amanda is also sick with broncitus and has corporal tunnel in her wrist, and lonley. Please pray for her health and pray that she passes her test. Amanda is almost to the point of giving up. She has been on Prozac for the past year for depression after her daddy ran off, he returned but it has left her afraid that he might do it again. Amanda has a wonderful heart and helps everyone she meets, people as well as animals. She loves the Lord but doesn't understand why all this is happening to her. God Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving.