Pray for Others

Please pray for my 84 year old Dad. He is having trouble swallowing (& keeping food down) and the Dr suspects a tumor. Please pray that the doctors diagnose the problem correctly and that it can be treated/removed/??. thank you so much for your prayers.

Please pray for J. W.. She is 19 and killed her half brother. She has a 2 1/2 year old son left with her mother who is strung out of drugs and the boy's father is not is his life.

for bill and barb - he had a heart attack over the weekend and she has cancer. they are really wonderful people and really deserve all the love and blessings God could give them , as well as strength and encouragement

Please pray for me. My name is crystal- and I am dealing with depression from my job. I am being taken advantage of , very low pay and I keep applying for other jobs for the last year and nothing.It like I am stuck at this job or become homeless.

Could you kindly pray for God to heal my health issues and to ask for His guidance in medicine options.
Bless you!

Mother God i want to thank You for providing me my basic needs and that You and the Angels are protecting me and my mom and dad and keeping us out if harms way. I ask that i will have alot of time left on earth with me and my parents i will always be there for them and taking care of them please let us have alot of time together and to travel to Europe next year for a 2 week vacation. Iam requesting that You keep my dad and my mom and myself healthy and and in wealthy in faith and in prosperity. i pray that i will be able to get ahead in my small business a cafe that i own and that i will be able to get caught up in my rent. I have all of my Faith in You God and thank You for being there making me successful. Please take the desire away that i have from taking pain medication iam currently weening myself off so that iam not dependent on the medication. Please take the will away from me i have faith that You will help me. Amen

I'm feeling lost and alone and need to hear from heaven very depressed please pray for me

My son Daniel is in the Army and has made the mistake of drinking on duty and is now facing possible dismissal from the Army. He doesn't have a whole lot going for him and to be discharged at 27 years of age and the outlook for jobs being as poor as it is has him really depressed. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enter his heart and comfort him. Also pray that those who will make the decision concerning his future will show mercy and give him a second chance.

been praying for a home for quite some time and have yet to see my prayers answered for this very much needed thing for my family and me. winter is upon us and am scared over where i am now will not make it through another rough one. wha is wrong with me? i love God with all of my heart and know He loves me too but hope that He isn't mad ...if i've done somthing that is holding me back from his love i hope he'll reveal it so he isn't mad at me anymore

Prayer for healing for sister and mom pray for brother in law ulcers, husband dizzy spells ,prayer for self stomach issues menopause and closer walk with God