Pray for Others

Please pray that I lget an interview and land the the position with a job I truly believe our Lord has put in my path as the opportunity I have been seeking. I also wish to ask for prayers for protection over my family. Finally, I ask for help in prayer for a friend and her family--they are very dear to me--they are in a desperate situation and I am certain the Lord is answering their need. I believe all things are possible in His name...

My grandma recently started having discomfort in her stomach and was nauseous. She began to get worried and decided to go to the doctor. They found a small tumor in her stomach. The doctors gave her hope that it was an early stage since she didn't have many symptoms. With further testing they found that the cancer had spread all over her liver and to part of her pancreas. Now surgery isn't an option. The only thing that may help is chemotherapy. My grandma might not even want the chemo because she may feel even worse. She said she wants to leave it up to God. I've asked my family, friends, and my church to pray for her. If you're reading this prayer request I ask that you pray for Lucinda . That God heals her and that the cancer leaves her body. It would mean a lot if you also prayed that we have the strength to get through this. Thank you and God bless you.

Save my family and loved ones, Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

Father, restore, renew and grow my relationship. Bless me with a Christ centered marriage to ALP. Shift circumstances, transcend time and distance, grant him wisdom and turn his heart. Grant me favor Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for a happier marriage-for me to be a wife God wants me to be, and for my husband to draw close to God, and thus be more kind, giving, and patient, and prayerful for our family. We also need help with our finances, due to my having to take care of ill family members. Thankyou, Nikki

My son is a newlywed and his wife is bipolar. Please pray for her healing. It doesn't seem this marriage will last unless God helps them overcome this. Their names are Mark and Ashly.

Kindly pray that my son Deepu be issued with job visa during this week and he be able to join duty immediately. With prayer-John


I am raising three grandsons. A month ago my four year old told me that Mommie's boyfriend had been hurting him. I took them to a doctor who examined both boys;they both had been molested. Their mother does not believe them and thinks I have made them lie. The police had me do a protective order we go to court on the 23rd the same guy hurt the two year old and he had to have brain surgery. He is Native American and I believe he has tried to put curses on us. I have prayed over all the kids and annoited them with oil. My church family has been praying for all of us.

I need you to help me pray for my Mother. She is a diabetic and has other health issues that I think the diabetes complicates. Please help me pray that God will touch her and heal her body from head to toe. I am an only child and I need my parents. My Mother, Jean, is very special to me. She is my friend, sister and dear Mother. Please help me pray. I know that where 2 or 3 pray agreeing on one thing in faith believing ye shall receive. Please join me in this pray. Sherry