Pray for Others

I ask you to help heal my fractured relationship with my brother Phil. My relationship has always been a strained one at best. A lot of why it has been strained is because of his one daughter. Everytime I'm around her she frustrates the living out of me and last time and a time several years before that she pushed me to the point where I said things about her I shouldn't. I admit my sin but this relationship with my brother hasn't been not the same.
A lot of why things are so tense between me and his daughter is that both he and his wife let his daughter run wild and out of control for so long without disciplining her.
I ask you to help me make peace with him but I also ask you to help him and his daughter move on from my life on a more permanent capacity.

I am so thankful for all that I have. Please pray for my daughter's sobriety and her impaired judgment due to alcohol use. She wants to be well, but is having difficulty committing herself to the work it will take. I truly believe in the collective power of prayer and ask you to pray for her recovery. Thank you.

Please keep praying for us, the -/- families, that we get our health back, our finances situated, find a job and just so many other things that is plaquing us. I do thank you all and God Bless you all as well.

i need a prayer for financial breakthrough , divine favour, abundance health

Please take care of all families of those who hurt or/and kill others. Encourage them to trust You fully to grant You their whole lives and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and support. Grant them hope, inner peace, tolerance, patience, and courage. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Power over fallen Angels
Seems like someone is keen on oppressing us diabolically. Yet I have faith in the power of our God to deliver and surround us with His presence.
Precious Father I give you all the glory for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary. All my sins are fully atoned for paid for and am free in faith. Holy Spirit of God surround my family; Dorcas, Hopkins, Jehoshepaht, Esther, Victor, Tony, Amach, Philip Caroline, Tony and all my loved ones with a spiritual atmosphere of light and peace. Oh Lord of all ans the Spirit of Life, impede our lives with liberty, peace and the joy of your presence.
Holy Spirit, give us power in prayer and empower nations to enjoin us in thy holy calling, prayer and intercessions. Give us victory over self, over sin, over temptation and fallen Angels. Lord increase our faith to confess that is is well with our souls and enlarge our costs. In Jesus name. Amen.

Pray for safe travels for our family. Safety while we are out. Pray that our cars do not break down. AMEN

Urgent prayers needed for my daughter that is in a worrisome relationship and making plans to marry someone that does not seem like a good match. Her fiance has had 4 different jobs in 2 years and is someone that seems to have trouble getting along with others. Help! We are so worried for her!

Pray that my Mom’s pulse rate stay up & her BP stays down. Pray that she feels better.

Pray for us to hunger and thirst after righteousness and to crave Gods word. Ask God to unite us with my wife Dorcas in purpose and love. We need God's favor to get monies and pay our bills.