Pray for Others

I am needing prayer with a few things. Im in need of finacial prayer for the holiday season. Alson would you pray for my husband he has started drinking heavily and its disrupting our home. Also prayer for my brother in law who was recently saved.

My friend Diane C-is undergoing some serious health problems at the moment and I know your prayers for a speedy recovery will help her heal.

Please pray for my mom Muriel - who has aortic valve stenosis and memory loss that she will be cured of all. She is now again having symptoms of the heart disease and an operation to replace heart valve is not an option for her. She needs a healing miracle by the Grace of God for healing. Thank you. God bless.

my daughter melissa just got her first attack of epilepsy sinceher marriage just a few hours back please dear lord.i do hope and pray that her inlaws and husband understand my daughters sickness

First off thank you for taking the time to pray for me and my family. Like all requests you probably get things are tight and tough right now my wife has some female problems that requires surgery and I have a knee injury from work that might require surgery we have 3 wonderful kids and because of having to time off could you please pray that we may see the light at the end of what seems to be a never ending tunnell. Also for the kids and families out there that will not have a Christmas or even a home this season please pray that they may have their needs met as well. Thank you and may God bless you as well for all the wonderful things and hope that you give people Thank you

Please pray for Karen L - she has been undergoing a very arduous treatment for a blood disorder and has had a bit of a setback - she and her family need extra strength and prayers. Thank you

Please pray for doors to open for my husband to find a good job. Lord please let some of his resumes be seen by the right person. Please let them see what a great employee he would be. Thank you.

Holy father, I need your help today I'm sending an email response to my Regional Manager, Mr. K-, his boss, Mr.L- and the Senior officers of my employer "VCS" regarding my "Proposed letter of Removal" for using a company vehicle and going on a unscheduled roadtrip. Please heavenly father let them how remorseful I am and not have me fired from my job! Let them continue my suspension, but not terminated my employment with Veterans Canteen Services. Let them know how remorseful I am about putting so many miles on the Vehicle and parking it in front of my house... Please have them give me mercy & not fire me. Let me return to work & all is forgiven. I will never do anything like that again Lord,please let them not fire me & give me forgiveness. Thank you Lord in Heaven.

Lord please protect and guide my son today...he is having a really hard time and is so torn...please let him seek you in this mess and find your the name of Jesus I pray....thank you Lord thank you....AMEN

I am behind in all my bill, house note , car note , no insurance on car . I am drowning in debt. Unable to leave day to day. i need a fininacila break thru / blessing. Thank you for your prayers.