Pray for Others

Please pray that my husband, Joe, is vindicated of charges concerning his work. Please pray that he is reappointed. Joe is a very good, decent, honest, spiritual man who is always trying to help people and do the right thing. Please say a prayer of thanks for him not losing his temper or being nervous at a meeting held on 10/19. Thank you.

Please pray that my son (Danny) and daughter (Tracys) relationship be restored so their children may know the true meaning of family. Also pray for my health so I can be there for them.

for mom and dad, robert and all. thank you. please, guide us in our decision making and let us not make a mistake. may what we want be only what you want always. thank you.

Desperately needing prayer that my daughter will decide to move back in with me. Her dad lets her do anything she wants which of course is bad for a teen, and she was beginning to veer off course in the first place. Please, please pray. I love her so much and she needs to be with her mom.

I have been unempoyed bor almost 2 years and unable to find a job in our small area. My husband & I need to sell our house and move to AZ to be with my mother. It's been on the market for many months with no bites. Please pray that it sells very soon so we can move. Thank you.

I am unemployed, i am searching for work.

Prayer for our office. Our manager is horrible, rude to our staff,
talks down to them, talks badly about them, doing illegal matters,
lying, using others, threatning, making people cry, it is horrible.
He has no respect for people, their feeling, stress, health. He is already under investigation, and has several complaints filed on
Him. Please pray his treatment and behaviors come to an immediate
stop or he can move on to another job. Please bring the employees
together unified, with no harm or retaliation to them and with a
feeling there is support for them.

Please ask God to bless me, my father, and everyone else who needs them, with healing and financial miracles. Amen

My 24 yr old son is waiting for the results of a biopsy to determine whether he has lymphoma. Please pray for all of us as we wait and for strengh to handle whatever the diagnosis is.

My husband is a Pharmacist and recently lost his job. He has a felony on his record but has been clean and sober for over 10 years. Most pharmacies do not hire felons. Please pray that someone gives him and chance and hires him. I thank you for your prayers.