Pray for Others

Lord, My "HEART" Is Crying Out For A Gentleman To Come Into My Life And "HOLD ME", "LOVE ME", And "MAKE ME FEEL WANTED" In This World Today. "THANK YOU" LORD FROM THE "BOTTOM OF MY HEART" :)

At this point I am not sure what i need prayer for for. I just know I need prayer.

Please pray for our 19 year old son to receive guidance in his life as he admitted that he feels he is depressed and has just decided to quit college and to pursue another direction in his life.
Thank-you, Tammy -

My niece is an alcoholic and left home without anything. She is tormented with guilt. Please pray that God will protect her and that she will turn to Jesus and ask Him to help her.

Dear God, Please help me with my cause. I ask that I am approved for the new car so that the repayments are reduced and that I am successful in obtaining a new job that pays more money. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

I am praying for a financial miracle to pay off all my bills as well as financial direction. My mind needs to be renewed about how to make and manage money.

my older sister has a dr appt this coming Tuesday to determine if fluid around her heart is related to virus or possible cancer or lupus please pray for answers and accurate treatment and encouraging people in her life and increased faith to meet the situation and how i can help and support her emotionally too
Cindy in MD

I pray that the Lord will deliver me from the spirit of rebellion and secure me in my identity in Christ. I pray also that that Lord will bless all those who are praying on my behalf. Whaterver each person is going through my prayer is that they will allow your will to be done in each of thier lives.

Please pray for our friend Angie - who was found out to have colon cancer stage 3. May she receive the healing power of our good GOD and a living testimony of HIS great love.

Please pray for my family and friends that those who need Jesus in their lives will seek Him soon. Pray also for those who have no one else to pray for them and for the children who need someone in their live who will love and care about them. Pray for those who are trying to get by and need a job . Pray for our leaders and that they will have the wisdom to come together and get this country moving again. Pray that I will be able to get my new barn built soon before the weather gets worse. Thank you in Jesus name Amen Margo