Pray for Others

please pray for my best friend. she can barely walk, has heart and lung issues, liver/bladder/kidney, can barely breathe, or eat, has cysts on her ovaries and has rib issues. also an eating disorder. she gets satanic attacks a lot and she's going to get surgery with doctors so inexperienced they could make her situation worse. it's her only choice, and she's scared and deeply suspecting a satanic attack during the surgery. please pray HARD for her. she doesn't deserve this.

Please help me pray for restoration of my marriage. I know God is working in my husbands heart, but he says that he thinks God wants him with the other person. I know that is a lie of the devil, so help me pray that God will open his eyes and his heart and that he will come home to serve God and to be my husband again. I know that divorce is not an option for us, God clearly told me. So please help me pray for guidance for my husband

Please pray for Rory, a baby who is about 5 months old and doctors believe he is deaf and blind. Please, please pray for the Healing power of our Lord to touch this child and help this family! Thank YOU!

I am standing in the need of prayer again, they accepted me for the job but I failed my drug test because of my daughter’s autism medication (Adderall)– which I take to encourage her to take. Please pray for me so that they can overlook this and allow me to start my new life on Monday if not I have no job and I am close to ending my life. Please dear GOD hear me.. Hear me… In Jesus name I pray.. Amen

Blessing, skill, wisdom & FAVOR -with managers and customers. Finances:pressing financial needs, thank you in Jesus name. Ability to image God and build Christ's Kingdom, even on the job, amen.

im requesting prayer for God to restore our home and grant me an fiancial miracle to purchase our home!!!

God, I guess I'm all alone on trying to win the lottery, just like my life all alone. all I do is pray for this, many years of prayer's but nothing. I will thank you for the hope, and if ever for the win, but now I'm all alone on this and life.

that god soften the hearts of my children so that they have healing and to learn forgiveness , that god uses me to help others and to stop smoking, I want to go back to school and restore my marriage, and build relationships with my children and have another baby, for good health and that god clear my path so that i can move forward and to balance myself my life and financially stable that god puts back my chattered life together and i desire to be closer to him.

For financial break through. To be debt free. and healing for my brother Eugene.

Please pray for me and my son. He is in college and so am I. I am a single mom who works very and am in school trying to secure a quality life for my family. I work, but make very little. I am also thankful to Jesus for this ministry, but I have to strain to meet bills and support family. My dad passed a few years back and I try to do as much as possible for my mother. With my income and responsibilities, I find the chances hard. Please pray for a financial miracle and favor from God for us ASAP . Our bills are due. Thank you and God Bless you!