Pray for Others

Yesterday, when I sent my prayer request, my granddaughter had gone into labor after only 26 weeks, and I prayed that God's Will be done. Tonight, shortly after 8:00 PM MST, little Ezekiel was born, weighing 1 lb. 14 oz. At birth he let out a little whimper and flailed his arms and legs - a strong tiny fellow. Please continue to pray for him and Laura in the days ahead.

I'm very sad today. My niece that is 21 years old told me she moved in with her boyfriend. Here I'm 40 and I can't get my boyfriend to fully commit to me, so I'm just very frustrated.
If you can pray for my man Tony to wake up and smell the coffee! Thank you.

In Jesus name I ask Colton and Leigh be blessed with a new found happiness with each other. Mature them in their actions. Keep all interference of relationship troublemakers out of their life together.Amen

Pray that Lynn will know and follow the path God has for her. Let his direction be clear and don't let her be lazy or afraid. God's will be done. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank You Lord Jesus for freeing us from undesirable emotions/energies, an end to this pattern. Thank You God for perfect healing solutions now for all needing, for C for TMB. Thank You Lord for perfect daytime rest (naps only if needed) & sufficient nightime sleep for C&M, Carrie, Genelle, everyone. Thank You Lord Jesus! Amen.

Please pray that DJ will know God and Christ and accept them in his heart. In Jesus' name we pray.

Pray Gena think about her actions and how her mean disrespectful,self centerd,uncaring actions are going to effect her lifetime if she does not change for good. Speak to her Lord Jesus and make her mature and think about the outcome of her life if she does not stop to consider hqw what she is doing and who she lets have influence over her.Remove the devil and his advocates from her life . Jesus CAST THE DEVIL AND HIS ADVOCATES OUT OF GENAS LIFE NOW BE GONE !!! Amen

Pray Dale gets a better paying job that fits him and makes him and his bosses happy. Lord, give him the push to get the prep work for painting his house finished asap and that he gets the foundation repaired and the bathroom redone as soon as possible. God's will be done. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for Frances. She was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and it appears to be the kind that is most vision destroying. She goes tomorrow to find out her course of treatment. They say she caught it early. She is a reader and very independent. Please pray that her eyesight does not fail. God's will be done. Thank you!

Jesus, please guide my husband and son in all the do I'm miles away from them at this time of need, please protect them.
Jesus, help also Eddie tomorrow at his court, we all makes help him and guide him..
Jesus, help Breona get better protect her heal her and give her mother strength...amen