Pray for Others

Please pray that I graduate from this School Counseling program on time and that I am able to celebrate with my last class June 28. The devil is putting boulders in my path and I am getting discouraged.

Praise and thanks to God! Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy and wisdom for complete healing, a good job or school and a friend. In JESUS name. Blessings.

I have been truly blessed but I would like to have a male friend to share it with to go out to eat and do things with. He must be nice, honest and a christian. Seems like the right one wont come along

Please pray for the miracle of healing for Katie. Please pray that her antibodies and immunity system get stronger. Please pray for healing for Jess, Diane, Phil, and their families. Thank you for your prayers.

asking for the LORDS guidence in moving..

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith-with kindness-gratitude-love-joy.

I lift up my husband and our marriage in prayer. I need the Lord Jesus to bring him to his knees and repentence. I want the Lord Jesus to turn our marriage around and make into something beautiful. I pray for God to direct my husband for our family. We need direction.

Please Pray for my daughter SJ, She now has ulcers and is only 17. Please help her heal, show her guidance to eat right, show her guidance to learn how to deal with stress at school. Please pray for her. God bless you all and thank you. Amen.

my sister carla is having car problems and no money to pay for repairs. She and her unemployed daughter pays $800.00 dollar a month just ror rent...this doesn't include the utilites or any groceries. I don't know what to do I have sent her money in the past plus I have gave her 2 different cars and she never paid me any thing o them. I have never said any thing about the money for i knew she didn't have the money to pay me. If only some one would help her and maybe she would pay them back. God please help her.

Please pray for Jacob and his family. He was born on November 15th and was rushed to the hospital today because he had stopped breathing. Thanks for praying