Pray for Others

Please pray for infant Sullivan - for healing of physical issues at birth & for full health in all areas. Thank you!

I am lifting up in prayer these hopes and desires:
1. Healing of my uterine fibroid.
2. Security of my job and current position as well as harmony with the people I'm working with and working for.
3. Happiness, good health, protection, safety, financial provision and spiritual salvation of all my loved ones and entire family.
4. A partner/boyfriend I've been asking for to finally come into my life after many years of single-blessedness before Christmas.
5. Restoration and improvement of my professional and personal relationship with my manager ELT.
5. Forgiveness of my family and loved ones.
In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Please pray for God to guide, protect, keep happy, healthy, safe and strong Reenie, Marjie, Scott, Aidan, Victoria, Stuart, Katy and their extended families. Thank you for your prayers for my family, God Bless you always.

Father I need your strength in me to ask for a short term loan from a dear family memnber. I have an urgent need I have to take care of. Lord give me the courage to ask and have her meet my need. I pray for wisdom and strenght on what and how to ask and handle this. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Almighty God and Father, Lift me up today, and allow me to do Your will. I pray for my family, friends, and the sick especially Aunt Anna, Aunt Theresa, Aggie, Cousin Bill, Beth, Ed G., Kimmie, and Patrick. Amen

Dear Lord, please help me to be kind and friendly. Help me to not be depressed but to have a positive attitude. Help me to do well in both jobs. Please let me get at least 2 nights with my 2nd job to keep the bills paid. Help me to get involved in church and Christian activities. In Jesus Name, amen

Please pray for my daughter to find a home to rent. The home she is currently renting has been sold. Thank you for your prayers. God is Good All the Time.

Our daughter was in an accident in which another woman hit her new SUV. The other woman claims it was not her fault, and she was very nasty with our daughter. Please pray for the situation to be resolved without further problems and that her insurance rates will not go up when it was not her fault. Our daughter is a Christian and is a very responsible, sincere person. The attack of the other woman was very disturbing to her. Thank you for your prayers.

I ask for prayer for God to continue to guide me through my financial crisis and to be able to pay my bills and keep my home. I pray to mend relationships with friends, keep my marriage/family together, and to find a permanent job. I praise God for filling my heart with the Holy Spirit. Thank you

Please keep Austin and Rachel safe. Guide them in their actions and speech. Draw them closer to family and to You Lord. Please give me peace about Rachel's relationship with Nathan, there is nothing I can do to change it, so I am turning it over to You Lord, Your Will be done.