Pray for Others

I am requesting Prayer for a job that I have put in for in North Carolina it is not a promotion but a lateral move. I was stationed there 2 years ago and took a job in Florida and have been here for 27 months My wife has been misserable the entire time we have been down here and some of it was her fault and some of it was other stuff it has been tough on her and consequently tough on both of us as she has let me know almost everyday how much she hates this state and wants to move back home I have enjoyed it down here but the money issues are getting tougher as we still own a house in NC I parya that it it be gods will that I be blessed with this job and be allowed to move back to NC
Thank You In Christ Name Amen

Please pray for our family friends, they were just married 25 years, have 2 older sons and are finding themselves facing the enemy in their marriage and finances, he stepped out of their marriage and my friend is fighting severe depression, he blames her so it's easy that she blame herself.

For my Aunt Jo who is newly widowed. For my father-in-law, Val who is recovering from a heart attack, and for my husband, Jon who has a coronary aneurysm and is deciding what is the best course of action.

tihs is me again with the sick puppy and the 4 others my puppy is still not doing well with the antibiotic and im feeling worse my slef so wisheing we had some help i have a had alot of anxiety and a real hard time breathing today with the bronchitis i didnt get much rest if anyone knows about puppys id really appreciate some info about how to help them we have spent so much money on all of them and we just want them to live and have a good life and we also want to be able ot stay healthy weve became very attached ot our puppys and just cnat bare to see another one die so please pray for us and our hole family that we can get thru this they are going on 4 weeks old next friday so just please pray they make it so they can go to good owners i wouldnt ask but i just dont know where to turn thank you all so much im just really hurting with my sick puppy and me being sick to her name is princess god bless you all

I am asking for prayer. Money is tight and trying to get bills paid up. I'm getting there, but need some prayer to keep me sane. Also, pray that the mortgage company signs the insurance check for the new roof and pays the contractor. I pray that the rest will come and I can finish the inside of the house from the water damage. I know it's alot, but I really need help! Thanks to everyone for your prayers. God bless!

Please pray that GOD will answer my prayers of job security until I can retire soon. Also that my retirement will be enough for me to live. I pray so often for a home of my own, new car and money to help GOD's house (espically the youth group of my church)and my family and others in need. Pray GOD willhelp me to soar in my part-time EMS job that I love so much (I love helping others that are sick or injuried). GOD I believe has blessed me with that special caring gift. GOD please send me my mircle now. I really need it. Thank you GOD for all you do and forgive me of all my sins. Amen.

Last night I missed G's phone call because I was out with friends so we weren't able to see eachother. Please pray that he and I speak tonight or see eachother tomorrow. I miss him very much. Thank you!


My prayer is that Deena will be able to purchase the home she wants, that I will be able eto continu living in my home and that Laurie's and Teri's finances improve with each passing day

Please pray for my son Josh. He contacted scabies and is having a hard time getting rid of them. He finally got the job he wanted and now he has this. Pray that he is free of them, so he can stop worrying. He can't even give me a hug. This has really upset him. Please God help my son get rid of these things. Thank you!