Pray for Others

Chery -, - breast cancer

Please pray for a baby. My husband and I have been trying for years and desperately want one. Thank you!

Prayer for financial Miracle Breakthrough and Financial Peace.

for our friends, Robert, Deb, Russell, Nick, David,Joyce, and myself, and a firefighter,who all have serious health issues....that they may be resolved and heal. Thanks so much!

Please pray for my friend DB! She recently went on a vegan diet to get healthier, lose weight and bring her diabetes under control, but today she was in the emergency room with dizziness. They ran all kinds of tests on her and then just released her to go home; I'm worried she may have a deficiency connected to her diet change. In any event, please pray that God will provide answers and this problem will be resolved asap, especially since a deficiency in iron or B12 could cause heart disease and she had heart work done earlier this year. THANK YOU!

Please pray for the health of a newborn baby with heart problems and Bruce who will enter the hospital for an irregular heart beat in 2 weeks. May they both recover under God's love. Amen

Let me learn to turn my troubles and anxieties to God and learn to let Him bless me with courage and faith.

Please pray that an answer will come regarding a health issue that I have had trouble receiving because I do not have the finances to cover the procedure. I am desperately in need of dental work and a prosthesis due to palatal cancer I suffered in 1985. After all these years due to the radiation and numerous surgeries the prosthesis has worn away sufficiently and there are no whole teeth to hold the prosthesis. Without this work I will not be able to eat, talk, etc. Thank you and God Bless Each and everyone of you for your prayers.

my financial situation ids dire right now can't pay my bills please pray for me. Thank you Anita -

A new year filled with love,light and magical moments.