Pray for Others

hello i would like to ask you to please pray for me and my daughter i dont know what Gods plan is for my life i think that being in moçambique is the begining of it but the father of my little girl will need to give me a authorization so that we can go to moçambique i know that its not by power or force but by the Holy Spirit that he may give me this authorization if Jesus wants.i have been very disturbed because of this and i need to have peace about this please pray for me thank you,God bless

Praise Almighty God! He provided work for my husband yesterday. We thank You Dear God!! And thank you for praying.

I cont to ask for prayers for my son Jake. He has a meth addiction and has been doing a lot of illegal things. He needs help, please pray for him to find help. thank u

I need prayers that I receive a job offer for a purchasing clerk position that I applied for. this would finanically benefit my family greatly and get me out of a dead end job. God Bless!

Pray for my three adult children, Kevin, Lori and Michael. All three are going through different marital issues.
Dennis -

I was informed yesterday that my boyfriend Wayne had a heart attack. He had been diagnosed on Saturday with congestive heart failure & kidney failure but on Sunday his kidneys had started to work again. I Praised God for this positive sign. Then the heart attack which caused heart damage. I am at aloss to know how to pray. I have not been allowed to see him...God knows the details. I have asked for permission to travel to Washington DC where he is hospitalized so that I can be with him but have not gotten approval. I live Wayne but everyone & everything seems to be against us. I do not know what to do. In addition, Wayne was suppose to transfer money to my account to pay our bills. This has not happened & the calls are coming sometimes every couple of hours. I have no other means of support. I need God's intervention. I need clarity on whether to stay in this relationship - if Wayne wants me to be with him or not - & if God wants me here. I need to here about travel arraignments today. I also need for the promised money to be deposited to my account so that I can meet our obligations. Asking for & expeccting a miracle. Thank you - Heide

I had breast cancer return. I had surgery and now radiation. I pray it is gone and that I can make it through radiation. It is frightening.

Please pray for healing within my family- problems that stem from my daughter Beth's drug addiction/mental illness. Lord, please send your healing and your peace and bring her back into your paths. Please use me to do your will and make me strong and able to break my enabling ways. Please help Lee and Christy be more compassionate and understanding in their dealings and let Lee forgive Beth- not enable her and not change how they deal with her, just soften their hearts so that they will not have the burden of a heart and unforgiving nature. Please help Beth's children, Matthew and Layla, Lord. Please hold them in the palm of your hand and let us guide and care for them. We need you desparately and need your peace and healing. Let your will be done and help us to accept and lead us. Amen

For my girlfriend that found out she has breast cancer. She is having surgery today.

please join me in prayer for a full recovery from heart ailments and side effects thereof, and that the Lord will provide the spiritual and financial support to see me through this recovery and to full service in his kingdom.