Pray for Others

You and your Prayers Warriors having been praying for me and my family for over the last 3-4 years. I Praise God for his goodness in his faithfulness!!!! Our Buisness and Family Financial burdens continue due to horoffic losses sustained . My son is applying for Colleges now and I don't know how we are going to pay for it. Every month we are running behind with debt but God remains faithful. My husband-Michael and I are very weary and at times I have to fight not to become dispondent. We are working every day trying to keep the Business going. Everyday more and more on us and at times it seems to be no way out. I am so discouraged and yet I keep my miond on the Lord and his goodness. We need prayers for oontinued strength. Pray for us Please
Debbie, Michael and Michael

Please pray over my mortgage, a different company bought it and now they are trying charge me an extra $1000.00 in fees. Thank you.

Please Pray for me. I was laid off last year in Sept 2010. I didn;t feel so bad because I was going to school for my bachelor's degree in education and I finally graduated in Aug. 2011. Since then I have been looking for employment and I have not been able find any. I am praying that I find the perfect job for me where I will be happy and be able to provide for my 3 boys and myself. I am praying that that my future job will be able to reflect the education I have. I am praying that mean while I find emplyment that I won't lose my house or my vehicle. I am trying to stay positive and be patient.

I ask prayer for my two brothers one is in prison for 6 years and the other for the next 2 months, all cause the terriable diease of alcholism. Our mother past away 4 months ago and it will be hard for me and my other sibbs, for this will the first thanksgiven and christas wihout her... please keep the hernandez family in your prayers amen...

I am still having trouble letting go of a great job that I lost. My friends are all there, just not my job. I try so hard to make ends meet and then I will let a former addiction take over. Of course, then I am really hard on myself. I just really hope God can forgive me when I let Satan bsck in. Yes I know all happens for a reason, just hard to see the reason; although God did bring a wonderful man into my life. Unfortunatelty due to employment, he had to move. I have also asked God to help guide me in which direction he wants me to take. Please pray for me. Very depressed at moment. Thank you so much.
With Love,

I have been alone for many years, my children have their families and very busy, I would love to have someone in my life sharing the ups and downs and grow to love one another.

Please pray for my son Salomon, he is deeply depressed, he is turning to food for comfort & he seldom comes out of his room. He is slowly killing himself. Please pray that GOD can intervene & show him the light & heal him of this deep depression. GOD BLESS!

Pray for God to get ahold of Gary's heart and pray for my marriage. Thank you.

Please pray that God will bless my daughter, Kimberly and her daughter, Chelante with husbands that will love them as Christ so loved the church. Please pray for good health for my husband, Michael and my Self, Sylvia.

Please pray for my best friend and give him strength and let him realize that people love him and give him strength to be sober and move on and make a life with me.