Pray for Others

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day and for your many blessings. Please watch over and protect my family and me. Help us all to live in your will. Give my wife and me wisdom to raise our grandson. Help him to work and play well with others. This I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

That my husband will find peace and solace in his job and be better able to deal with stress and anger

That my family will have the Holy Spirit guide us

Dear Pastors And Believers In Christ,I Am Jeevan,Pls Fasting Pray For My Forgiveness,God's Kindness And Unity And Spiritual Guidence And Devotion Development And Spiritual Growth,Good Health,Thank You.

please pray for 3 wks old puppy princsess she started breathing heavy and we dont know whats wrong and we love her and we have lost so many puppys already we cant bare to lose another one and please pray for me that i get well i have bronchitis and a sinus infection also and mt daughter isnt sleeping good either so please pray for us and our puppy its so much appreciated thank you all god bless you

Please pray for my niece who is in need of your prayers at this time. She has lost her job due to person who put her in a situation, that now she has to prove that she did not know anything about. She is innocent, and now she has to pay big money to get her job back and prove her she had nothing to do with what they are accusing her. Please keep her in all your prayers only God is the only one that can help her besides all your prayers. God Bless You and thank you.

Lord, I pray that you will help my daughter christina - improve her BSPC5 module Exam 1 grade. Lord, I pray that you will help my daughter Christina - improve her BSPC5 module grade. Thank you for you helping my daughter christina -improve her BSPC5 module grade. Thank you for helping improve my daughter Christina - improve her BSPC Module Exam 1 grade. Thank you for your continued prayers for my daughter Christina -.

I have an issue at work and i want you all to pray for me that God will resolve it and make everything alright.
Steve J.

Dear Lord Jesus and partners in prayer please pray for some financial relief for us.We just got paid and cant even pay all the bills. We are on ss and are having a real hard time. Our son and grandson had to move in with us as he lost his Job. Lord please help him find a job. In Jesus name I pray. Lord hear our prayers!

I have unbelievable pain in my leg. It has gone for more than a month, and it just doesn't get better. It hurts with every step, and other times I get blasts of pain for no reason.
I'm in the US, I don't have money and I don't have coverage, so medical science basically doesn't exist for me.
God, please be my doctor and heal my leg. If you do, you know I will continue to be the worthless, stupid, disappointing person that you know so well. I just need your mercy AGAIN..
Please pray for me, in Jesus' name.