Pray for Others

Pray for me for God's guidance, financial health, and a companion. Thanks

for the sale of my daughter house and trailer as they have lowered the price again. Lord please send that buyer soon.urgently

Please pray for Tim's business to prosper & pay all the bills on time.

Jerry needs God's healing miracle.

please pray for rebecca - as she just found out she has cancer

Mark needs a job soon & Beth has an interview today. Please pray for them to have God's favor.

Friend and neighbor was just diagnosed with ALS...praying for comfort and that he is misdiagnosed he is 73 and lost his wife about 2 years ago. Please pray for John -. Thank you and God bless. Dave -

Hello my name is Carolyn,
I am asking for prayer for myself and my family. We are all financially distraught. I have problems with money managemant, I owe everyone and can pay no one. Please pray for me and my family. I have severe health issues which limit my ability to support myself.
Thank You
Carolyn -,Illinois

Pls. my husband and I visted my children in chicago. I came on one way fare between pago/honolulu. I need to get back to pago. my daughter nelle is working trying to get me a fare to get back home . pls God to help my daughter and travel arrangement so i could get back home.i'v trusted that everything is possible with GOD. I will get back home on Nov. 28. to continue serving GOD in His ministry. Bless our women's ministry with their program/activities for this week in afono.

Please pray for a member of our family who is being sued for something that was not done. It is so sad because it seems that the judge has already made his dicision against our son-in-law. Please pray that the truth saves our family.