Pray for Others

For a decision I am trying to make regarding a conflicted relationship in my life and how to handle it. Thank you.

Please pray for my teen son and his heart. His choices and way he treats others. And my leadership as we walk through these years growing and changing.

Lord thank-you for your wisdom and guiding me to where I need to be....thank you for all you are going to do this day and all you do everyday in my life...please protect and guide my boys that they will become the men you will have them be ....bless them Lord...thank you for the blessing of this day...thank you Lord thank you AMEN...

For safe flight to E- and a peaceful visit with our son and his family.

Please pray for my friend, Lauie, who has recently lost her job of 23 yrs and has a young son. Please pray she finds a satisfacty job and keep her faith in the Lord. Thank you for praying and God Bless you.

I pray for a peaceful day, at work and in my mind and heart. I pray to find my smile and joy. I pray to trust that God always knows best, and that it is right to turn over our concerns to Him for disposition. I pray for Ed. I pray God will keep him safe, never let him go or give up, and that He will heal him of whatever troubles his soul, mind and heart. I pray for my the same for my family. I am blessed and healing from a brokenheart. For this I pray for a thankful heart. Thank you for praying and God Bless you.

please lord give me till saturday for my rent check to clear so i can put the money in the bank!!!

I hate my job. Yes, I am thankful to have one but my job is so stressful (I have gained over 100 lbs while employed there) and my manager is awful. Please pray that I can obtain a new job soon. I am very unhappy.

Please pray for my right eye so that I can see well out of it again. I was in a car accident that damaged my cornea and am now fighting vision problems. Thank you. Beth in PA

Foot healing and to be a light in this dark world to others. To fight off depression and keep dwelling on God's will for me.