Pray for Others

My dear friend Darlene has bone cancer. She has been going through treatment and seemed to be doing fine, but now is in relapse and is already in Hospice not doing well at all. I have been witnessing to her for a long time, and she knows the Bible well, but still has not accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, such a mystery how Satan can be so convincing to someone so smart. Please pray that she will accept Him before she is taken from this earth.....thank you so much.

Kory's Dad in Calif is having bleeding in his brain from a fall. very serious condition

Please pray that I find a better job: one where I use much, much more of my technical skills, have more decision making authority and more distance from my supervisor—and at least 20% more pay as I really need it right now. Please pray that I can find a job in a professional but relaxed environment with room for growth within the company.
Until this prayer is answered, please pray that my current job is less stressful and that my supervisor and I get along. Please pray that I am out of this job very soon as I have been working very hard to acquire the skills necessary to make my resume stand out and have come so close a few times to getting another job. Please pray that the contacts I have made will help me to find my next position soon.
Please help me to be a better witness to others and show God's love. Please pray that when I pray for others, that my prayers are powerful. Amen and God Bless you.

my 33 yr old son, Richard who has mental problems has been unemployed & homeless for almost a year...he has had a room temporarily in town to help him get a job...he worked 2 jobs, each for just a few shifts...lost both his money is depleted & he will lose the room Friday. He can't stay with me as I live in a retirement community. He has no one to turn to--even someone's couch or shed to sleep in. He is #49 on a list for Housing .My finances are depleted. I had to sell my only car to stay afloat. My 30 yr old daughter, Catherine has had 4 hospitalizations & 200+ outpatient i.v. treatments in the last 16 months--from Lyme's Disease/ Meningitis. Brain damage--unable to work. Only income $50/wk. Please pray for all of us.

my son Joseph got out of jail 1 wk ago and has been doing drugs since, yesterday he took some pills and they took him to U-, he needs a divine intervention

please will you pray for my marriage restoration after 47yrs we hardly talk anymore and can't aggree on things I love him deeply and need his friendship more than anything at our time in life please pray for us thank you,

Lord please bless me with the biggest family and friends togetherness this Christmas. Please give me courage to invite them all and have lunch together. In Jesus name.

please pray that my daughter Amy finds true love and happiness soon

Please pray that the bitter root of unforgiveness does not occur with my husband, myself and my daughter's family. Please pray for a positive change in our relationship and use the coming holidays to help. AMen

pray for myself today, please pray for church members that are sick and dealing with death of family members