Pray for Others

Please pray fervently now for my marriage. My husband and I both have our issues. We are at odds with each other---I am not sure where things are headed----but we have been married for 39 years. We have through some very, very difficult times in the past 3 years---bought and sold a business---major financial problems---and now my husband is liking alcohol---and I am VERY, VERY much opposed to this habit. We have some major problems between us----and I know that GOD is BIGGER THAN OUR PROBLEMS. Please pray fervently that we can get these problems resolved!!! Thank you for your prayers and support!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Jifasu -.I need & urgent a beautiful Govt.Job & right Life partner.Kindly,pray for this & my family.Thank you.

We really need a financial blessing
thank you

my prayer is first for this curse to be lifted from me that i may find the man god made for me , that i will know it when i see him, for ken if he is the one to call me come back to me and love me, for my son daniel to overcome his financial problems so he can continue in school and his family doesnt have to worry ...

Please pray for the following individual who are in need of healing due to their health. The first person is Shelly she had surgery on her gallbladder and they found stones in the duct area. The next person is her mother she had a brain issue that is causing her to get therapy and have to move to a nursing home to be taken care of. The next person is Robert who is in need of prayer they are going to have to move his bladder because they found cancer. Please pray to the Alord they will find out that their nothing there when they do a final check on his bladder. I told him God can heal anything if you truely believe. He is calling on the lord to help him he is in shock and has been crying and upset. He is now looking toward the Lord for healing and we need all the prayers for him and those that I mention above. Also pray for my friends and family for financial and health needs. I thank you kindly for all your prayers and time. God bless all of you.

1.For my healing from the ovary cyst and myoma and complete healing of my reproduction system.
2.For issuance of my spouse visa.I've been waiting for more than 4 months now.
3.For happiness, love in our marriage life and protection over us.
4.For salvation and protection, good health of my family members, niece and 2 nephews (Seyit, Gozel and Maksat).
5.For prosperity spiritual and financial, abundance.

I pray for reconciliation and healing of old bitter words and wounds in my family. my 2 oldest sisters are not speaking and my family is so far apart. not in distance but when it comes to letting go and forgiveness. I so much want my sisters and mom and to be whole and healed.

My husband had an affair (She was being entertained in our home while I worked 12h nursing shift) 17+ yrs ago and a child was born from that affair (the woman also attended church while she was pregnant,I was humiliated and devasted). I lost almost everything that I worked for including my health. I had to find a new career & start off with nothing but a beeper and the corner phone booth. My husband was taking her shopping and giving her money while his portion of the bills go unpaid.
Now she is back in August (just as greedy) looking for child support( of which I think the child should be supported within reason until she is 18y). They are going to court on December 7th 2011, and the court has asked for lots of personal information such as Income tax, medical, etc. I am ill, and I am not even on his medical insurance. I've asked him to put me on because my medicare ins. is not enough, he says, it will cost him an extra $200.00.
My husband has not apologized,just more verbal abuse, at times I thought this woman was more the wife and I am the other woman. I have to sneak to get information. My hands are tied in this situation. Please pray that my enemies will not triumph over me and the enemy will not come to kill, steal and destroy anymore. Thank you for your prayers in Jesus name.


Please pray for my brother David. He is addicted to alcohol and drugs, thus his self-esteem is zero and he is making poor choices. I pray he would be free of the bondage. Thank you.