Pray for Others

Dear Heavenly Please bless my family so my husband will come back to me I am so heart broking , I need him why is this happen to us we have been together for 7 yrs and life without seeing him hurt me deeply please I pray that we can get our marriage back on track I really miss my husband I will started listen from my heart and not over thinking with my head please Bring Michael f- home father please in jesus name in the name of the father son and holy spirit amen.. charleszetta & Michael F- II Please pray for us please please help us in jesus name amen,, -- fl

Please pray that God would help me get the job I have applied for at the - Society. I have asked Him to help me make a difference and I feel like this is my opportunity. Please pray that He will let my application stand out and that I get called for an interview soon. Please pray that I impress the hiring manager in the interview. Lord, I bless everyone who utters a prayer for me. Thank you!

we have our home for sale and are waiting for the appraisal. We must have 132,000. value for our home in order to sell. Please pray for the Lords blessing and favor! Praise the Lord for all that he has done and will do in our lives! Amen and Amen!

My wife, Laurie, has a hard time sleeping well and is morbidly obese. She has tried many things and nothing seems to work. I am afraid her life may not be good if a change does not happen. She is a God fearing woman and loves to help others. I pray your prayers and mine will be heard and I am thanking God and giving Him the praise even now for victory. Amen.
A long time reader of your great devotional booklet.

Julie H. just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer metastasis to liver, Carin S. lungcancer with metastasis to brain. Both are longtime friends of mine, Please pray for a miracle and that they become believers.
Thank you,
Gertrud -

I am a Christian and I love the Lord. I am also newly single. My marriage was not well from the start. I have been reunited with the love of my life after almost 30 years. And, do I Love him! He says he loves me with no doubt. But he doesn't want to get married. He says I have to accept him as he is, whenever he can make time for me, or I will loose him. I want him as a lasting companion, husband and friend and more than a casual relationship.I am praying that God will change his heart and his way of thinking. He was saved when we were together before, but unfortunately he is not living it now. I do believe God had a hand in this, but I don't understand how God could have brought us back together just to have me loose him again.
Thanks for your Prayers.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray over my family and me (Clark), guidance to stay on the right path, protection from the evil and snares, and bless us indeed! Please Lord Bless my family and I and give us a miracle

Please pray for the salvation of each unsaved member of our family and specifically for teh marriage relationships and addictions to be healed. Also pray for the heavenly protection of my family members house and possessions. Please also pray for me to have a forgiving spirit so I can release all the negative bonding I have with people that I think have wronged me. Thanks.

Hi, i'm cynthia -. I have been out of work since Feb.2010 but yet I am blessed. I pray that I learn from this experience & fall back on God's grace & that He will continue toprovide for our family. Lord, I give you my life. Please guide me. Also, I pray my house will not foreclose. I pray it will be bought by a lovingfamily(fast)....Bless whoever is reading this. May your live & heart be filled with love & peace. Thank you.

Please pray that I will follow the path that will in the end bring the greatest glory to God.