Pray for Others

pray for God to provide me urgent financial blessing to solve urgent needs.
also,anyone who will see my face or name,will render me likeness,kindness and favour.
am in need of personal accomodation and i want God divine intervention.
finally,i want God peace,protection and favour,Amen

Please pray for me to be more frugal in my future spending and to use the wisdom from God in all my financial affairs and life decisions. Thank you.

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray for organization so I am able to have most everything moved before next Monday when Jon comes for his belongings. Amen

I need an answer from GOD.Im in daycare and ive been praying for kids,I have had 2 calls but want me to start at 6am when i start now at 7:30.I get up and treasure my quiet time should i change hours or keep the same

Please pray for our grandson and his Mom. Help her find a way to help him control him impulses and to listen and keep him from danger. He has no fear and just will not listen but at times is such a sweet loving child. Help us help him.
Thanks you

Please pray may son(Danny) and my daughter (Tracy) may restore their relationship, they need to be there for each other. Also I ask prayer for my health just found I have a heart condition. Thank you, Carol

Please pray for Laura and Gilbert and family. Especially today Ryan's birthday. Lord please protect this family. Help Gilbert get the attention he needs for his depression. Lord give me the right words and tone to use to comfort Laura and give her guidance. Please protect the kids and Laura from any harm. Please pray for Gilbert in job and overall health. Lord wrap your hands around all of them, ease the tension In Jesus's name I pray.

please continue to pray that the lord will bless my two sons and to give this wisdom and guidance in this world, please pray that my family learn to have a realtionship with Jesus and let them realize that this is what is important to reach, please continue to pray that I will be releaved from taking sterods for asthma and copd I want to be healed of these diseases that i have and to live a healthy and prosperous life in Jesus's name I right now that I am being healed, The prayer of a righteous availeth. Thank you for your prayers, Darlene W-

please pray for my friend lupe, he has recently undergone heart surgery and has been doing well. Last night he was admitted to the hospital with fluid around his heart. Please pray that the Lord heal him and keep him here to further His work on earth. Pray the Lord gives him strength to overcome this challenge and that he would be better able to serve Him through faith and grace. Amen

Dear GOD in heaven please hear my prayer,please continue to help me with Lisa,I love her so much,and Father please help me find a job,in your name I pray,AMEN