Pray for Others

My son has cancer and treatment weaken his heart please pray that his heart gets better so he can take chemo again to get rid of the cancer and cure him His name is Leroy - lives in - Calif Thank you so much He's only 53 and hope he can continue his life

Yes. I feel like I am broken in a million pieces. I have always believed and been grateful to God but 5 years ago the day before Thanksgiving my son died. He was born on Christmas 1987, very ill and handicapped. I adopted him shortly after and he was my world for almost 18 years. Shortly after I nursed both of my parents while on hospice...they are gone too. My life was spent as a caregiver and now I am 60 and in shakey health. it is so hard to go forwward. Please, pray for me in the name of the Holy Son of the Most High, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Mary

Please pray that my house will not be foreclose on me. I find strenght in Jesus

I don't mean to seem crude or otherwise, but God says to pray for all things. My marriage has suffered somewhat in the sex department. 23 years. -- Thanks.

Please pray that I hear from my ex before Tuesday. Please pray that nothing has caused him to not want to be friends anymore.

pray tha me and ann have our relationship restored today

That Johnny has a favorable outcome in his treatment for leukemia and a strong recovery from his open heart surgery.

Praying for Safety for children that have parent(s) that are intoxicated while driving with them. And Pray for the spouse's that are dealing with their denial of the spouse that is drinking. Personally I have such a family member with two nephews that I pray for their safety, and boldness for my brother to confront his wife that is clearly covering her hurt & hang-ups with alcohol. I further pray for wisdom when I visit for Thanksgiving that if God uses me that will have the boldness to speak in behaf of at least my newphews.
Thank you for joning in in prayer.
My brothers family is Victor, Eileen, Alex (7) & Lucas (1). And I'm Jeff a greatful beleiver in Jesus Christ and a.. well partner here at Sound of Life.
May you each that pray for me & my family - receive also the blessings and answered to prayers for your life. God Bless, Jeffrey! :)


UPDATED PRAYER REQUEST!Broken & Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..Nov..Christmas 2011,2012..? Please pray with us daily for recovery! Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Daily Hardships(Financial,Health & Other Hardships)& Sorrows...Pass Prayer Request on:Churches,Parishes,Abbeys,Houses of Prayer,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chat Rooms,Older Saints & Others? Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post with the help of your daily prayers and God's Mercy! Thank you for your patience! Bill & Carol. usa
My needs are simply this, when I go forth and Preach the Gospel, I will receive what I have asked. Grant that I have every area of my life met and my family's lives met and Praise God and Save our Souls! That I give all I wish, and all WE wish, and others this holiday season. I forgive you and lift it up in The Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord! God IS Able!! "14 You are my friends if you do what I command you.” John 15:14