Pray for Others

My name is Kim -. I have many needs, but one of the most important regards my miiitary disability. It is almost finished and we are praying for a good outcome. My health and finances are in pretty difficult condition, so this would be a great help to my husband and I at this timeo f life. I also need prayer about the direction of my life. I have been a published writer and want to write again.I just submitted an article to Guideposts and I am praying that it is worthy to be published.
I submitted it under the name Kim -
Thank you for your prayers
God bless,

Hi my sisters and brothers,
My request is My daughter Carolyn and wife and myself are getting back to JESUS and we found a great church and great congregation but we need prayer that we can understand when God speaks to us we know what he is telling us. And we want a real close walk with him. Really as close as possible. And more finances of this day. We go to church when they have service.
Thanks for this service and May God bless all in evolved.

Please remember our sister in Christ Helen - in Ukraine this week please as she teaches her eldest son Val a 12 year old how to study and do well in school and how to speak English too. and for her oldest daughter Carina as she is studying in High School there and the baby 2 and half year old Vitalic, a big bright boy getting bigger daily.

Please pray that my son and daughter in law will be cleared of any wrong doing for their business operation. They declared this business for you father and I know you will watch over them and take care of whatever needs to be done for them. Thank you for you watchfullness over my family. Chris

Please pray for guidance and travel safety as my husband goes to a job interview right after Thanksgiving. Please pray that God opens this door, if this is where HE wants my husband to be, and if not, to FIRMLY close the door. We are desperately trying to regroup after a job loss this past February after 23 years of service to another company. He is currently employed, which we are extremely grateful, but the money is only a third of what he use to make and we need to help our families and prepare for our own retirement in the very near future. God is Good and we feel blessed beyond words, we just don't want to do anything against Him. So if this job is where my hubby is suppose to be, please let it be made clear. Bless you all for your faithfulness in praying for others!
God Bless,

Please pray for the healing of my eyesight (maculoar degeneration) my husband, Earl, Susie, Honey Rose, April, Jewel, Pocahontas, Princess, Anna, Tex, Pat, Jim, Ed, Don, Thom & Kelly.
Thank you, Betty-

Please pray for my teeth to be healed!
Thank You!

Pl. pray that my son will find a suitable job (better paid than the where he is now) and where he can feel appreciated and supported financially!

Hello, my name is Stephen. I am a born again Christian. Would you be so kind to pray for me for the following items? 1). The company I work for is being merged and will cease to exist at the end of this year. I am uncertain about my future. Would you please pray that the Lord will give me great faith and peace in Him, so I can sense His guidance and direction clearly, and won't walk outside of His will? 2). I have been married for a long time but my wife and I are unable to have children for certain reasons. I really desire to have children. Would you please pray for God's mercy and intervention, so we can have children? Thank you very much for your love and prayer. :)

Please pray for my wife of 30 years. She recently lost her mother which seems to be the snapping point to severe depression,even though they were not extremely close.She decided to go on an anti-depressant which almost seems to have made her worse. She is alienating me and doesn't verbalize any issues to anyone.