Pray for Others

Pray the power of blessing over all involved in a coworker who is being railroaded by false accusations from two other troublesome coworkers who did the same to me two months ago, but I was cleared. I pray that my coworker and good friend be cleared and restored whole. God knows all. Thank you.

shalom in the name of yeshua hamasiach pray that my business partner paying me the money that can i liove and that we can contineu together working in harmony. i break somethings but iam assured for this the assurance paying. his name is paul -
my name klaas jacob -. pray for a miricle . shalom klaas jacob -

Holly 'FATHER',
Help me to see the light in the confusion of my relationship with a man that I know does not have any kind of compassion, for any one other than his self. Give me the strength that is need to make a final decision that will be healthy for all and that will let him see the light and ask for forgiveness. "Thank You FATHER AMEN."

Help me keep my focus on Jesus.

For an intimate knowledge of God love

please pray that God gives me a marriage partner this year

Please pray for better health and peace in my family. My wife needs salvation and I need help with my health.

I had just put a new a/c unit in one of my imvestment property the unit i put in before this was stolen. My fund is very limited to finish the home I am trying get renter for and I dont know where else I can get fund if this one get stolen. Please help me pray that God will continue to watch over all the investment I am working on for my children and my retirement age. God has blessed me a little fund to multiply for our future. Thank you
Gina S

Most Beloved Lord Jesus Thank You for Your guidance, deep protection for my son & I, help me not to push the river Lord and allow the f & m solution to evolve. Thank You Lord for our deep healing work together, healed bones of body, muscles, circulation, tissues, feet, knees, head & neck, teeth & jaw pain-free (R side of head). Thank You for strong positive attitude, my attention on the exciting healing process, that we rest & sleep well, free of undesired thoughts emotions energies. Thank You Lord for blessing all healings. Amen.

Thank You Lord Jesus for our wonderful friend Genelle and her prayer support to us, for my Mom's healing and me. Thank You for Genelle's great courage & sense of humor, she's resting & sleeping well, that she stay healthy with all her conditions, ribs healed, heart strong, defibulator working well, body clear of all but healthy organisms. Thank You she is blessed with well-paying work that she can do easily, especially physically! This we pray for all who need. Amen