Pray for Others

Me(Priyanka) and my boyfriend Akhil have been in a relationship for two years. Our parents however do not agree completely to our relation due to caste and job issues. But we love each other a lot and know that we want to be together forever. God has always helped us whenever we were down and discouraged. These last days of 2011 are crucial for us. Please pray for our relationship to actualize and may our parents agree for our marriage. Please pray to God to show us the way and work his magic once again for us, like he has been doing. With GOD, everything is possible.

My son will be moving to Boston to start a new job after working a previous job of 12 hour days, with very little time off to even see the family. Please pray that God will be with him in this new position and sell his home back in Syracuse so that his wife and 2 children under 3 can join him. Thank you. God is so good.

Please pray that John overcomes his addictions and Mike can passes his classes.

Please pray for me that my health
would be restored and I am able
to return to work and that I am
able to know the will of God for my
life Thank you.

Lord I pray that now that I am back at home with my kids that I will find peace, and that love will fill and nourish this home, and that a financial blessing will come into play,so that I can do for them the basics to a happy comfortable home,this is not a pray or wish to be rich,but just a desire to be comfortable and satified for once in our lives,Amen

Please pray for my daughter and her husband to have children. She has been married 14 years and they can't have children. She desperately wants children. She holds all the babies in the church. She has been prophesied over that she will have twins. She wants twins, but a child is the main thing. She has dedicated her life to God. Please pray for her and her husband to conceive. Thank you. Her name is Christy

Foar Em and Alyssa to get pregnant and have a baby

I want to thank you all for your prayers and to thank God also for his many gifts. I ask and pray that God will continue to broaden my National Platform allowing me to empower women and the men who love them. I ask God to make National Platform unlimted in Godly measurements. Families and relationships need me. Thank you so much. Mjo

Praying for a breakthrough in the ares of my finances, my job search and my housing needs.Amen

for Deb , Robert, David, and Russell, and we can be healed of cancer, and our relative Nick, who was severely injured in an automobile acciDent.....may he recover and be well again....thanks so much