Pray for Others

Help E to find her rings. Help ER’s tumor to shrink to nothing. Help the drs to help Mary. Help E&J’s plumbing to be fixed without expense or problems. Help me to find a way to resolve the loan to everyone’s benefit. Help NA to be healthy without any problems. Help JA to keep his job and to be a successful and valued employee– this is a desperate need. Help my son and his wife to have a happy, Christian life together and it to be a life walked in the Lord’s way. Please pray for Jonah, MJ, ES, DJ MN & DK to get well. Help AB, ER, JT, CJ &B to be healed of cancer. Help my husband’s back and head to stop hurting and him to help our son. Help our son’s back to heal, to make a success of his job, and have a happy marriage. Help him to have enough funds to pay all his bills– these are desperate, urgent needs. He is beginning to experience a call to church service – please pray he will find his way. Help my mother to enjoy every day and my mother in law to like her home. Help both our mothers to enjoy great health for many years to come. Help S,S, &L to be healed of ms and Sarah to be healed of lupus. Thank God for our blessings and you for your prayers. May the Lord hear everyone's needs today.

Dear God, first, thank you for the blessings you have showered me with on my job this week. Monday, I prayed in childlike prayer asking that, if it was Your will, I have more time for a project. A meeting was canceled so I could have more time. Thank you Lord. You doubled those blessings on Tuesday. Thank you Lord. I have been very stressed. Unable to sleep. Am now experiencing Acid Reflux. I close my eyes as I am typing this and ask You to please continue opening my heart so Your truth and plan can be revealed to me. You are in control. Not me. Not the people I am working with. One Day At A Time. For it is in Jesus' name that I am able to pray. Amen.

11/16 that nuthing bad happens at work today against me

Please pray if it is God,s will Mark -and I will reunite as a couple let him remember how much I love him and his children Thank-you

Please pray for the miracle of health for Katie as she battles disease. Please pray her antibodies and immunity system get stronger. Please pray her blood work is normal and healthy. Please pray that she gets a good report from the doctor when she goes today. Thank you for your prayers.


Sean needs new friends. Thank you.

All Evil be gone,no more Cancer, rude people,greed,rotten doctors(may Jesus change their hearts and minds to help us that are ill,and all the rotten people that do not care about us that are sick, For we are the Lords children that cry for help and pray for answers.I ask only for a prayer and just hope. May Jesus bless me,with a change in attitude, to be positive and help me get better so I may help others who will die from Evil.My eyes have been open to see all the greed ,lies, and hate for the old and the sick,This must stop.May the Lord bless me with Prayer and Jesus keep my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Look out Evil, The Lord and Prayer are coming, and all will lose that are Evil.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others that will help.May all problems and issues be solved , and the Lord stop all Evil..Faith Conquers and Prayer hammers it home.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord

I am looking for a job closer to where my husband and I will retire next year. I would like you to pray along with me to be guided as to where to apply. I am 58 years old and need a less stressful position as a nurse.
Thanks for the encouragment over the years.
Peggy -

Our family needs immediate and speedy help. I ask you to pray for all concerned and that we can bear the outcome.