Pray for Others

please pray with me that i have gods strength, courage, wisdom and knowledge that I need to get through this emotionally trying time. I am heartbroken and scared.

Please pray for my son, Marine Captain Shane - He left last week for a seven month deployment in Afghanistan.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Please pray for me to finish my school or to go back home to my country.I don't have enough money to continue my school.Please pray for me to have peace in my mind and to accept God's will.
Thank you.

Please pray for my sister-inlaw chris she is not saved and has just had some terrible news. Quite some time ago she went to her local gp to ask about a spot on her leg, he said no problem. he was wrong she has just had surgery to cut it out and had her lympnodes taken from majority of her body. Surgeon also took one from her groin which turned out to have malonoma. Christ has to face another lot of surgery nxt wk to remove all her lympnobes from her groin then onto chemotheraphy. Understandly she is frightened but trying to keep it together. Please pray for healing for doctors to hands to be guided by Jesus and salvation. bless you guys. This is the second time i have come to you with life&death prayer request.

Thank you to all who pray for us. Please pray my current internship will turn into a permanent, fulfilling career for me. Thanks and Happy Thanksgivng!~ Debbie

please pray for all who mourn.please pray for Maria and BRian to have good communication and joy in raising their children. please pray for Carol and Julie to have good communication. please pray for Julie and Roy to have good communication and joy in raising their children.please pray for carol to have strength to do her job and do well in her classes. please pray for carol be able to gain understanding of her path in life.

I am a high school senior and the decision of where to go to college will soon be upon me. My boyfriend discuss college frequently and it always ends in a bickering match. I want to go to college with him but I have my heart set on a school that he never considered. Before we started dating we both considered U- and that's where he wants us to go but I felt a connection with U. I need guidance and clarity during this time in my life. I do not want to make the wrong decision.

My father is unwell, please kindly pray for God's mercy, healing and protection for him and that it is nothing serious.

Im praying for my son to have a bright future and for our family to be united with love and have a common goal that god be the center of our ralationship .

Thank you so much for the prayers that were prayed for my granddaughter, God does hear our prayers and answer them in His time, she has accepted God into her life and has made the step into a new and better life with Him. Continue to prayer for her and my whole family, as the devil never stops throwing temptation at us.