Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter, Vanessa, who was hit by a car on 1-5-11. She was in a coma for about 40 days. Before her accident, she was rebuilding a relationship with me that was destroyed by divorce, and her dad and step-mother. She visited me the day before her accident, and we made plans for the up-coming weekend. I was only allowed to visit her in the hospital when she was in a coma, once she woke up, her stepmother would not allow me there. I pray our relationship will be renewed through prayer, and the glory of God. I pray for her all day, everyday. I pray she will contact me again, so we can have a loving Mother-Daughter relationship once again, as we had before this tragic accident. She has some brain injuries, but is doing ok. I appreciate your help and prayers. Thank-you.

Honest and deep abiding love for the man that i so deeply love in God's name and grace!

Please pray for me. I have had trouble all my lfe with depression, worry and fear. I just recently started a job that is going to have major personnel changes taking place. My boss would like for me to take on a position that I truly do not want. Please pray that God can heal me and work a miracle in my life. Thanks!

Good Night my friends, please continue your prayers so that my loving God changes hector heart. That he turns our marriage around if it is his will so that Hector can come back to God. So that our marriage can be devil proof. so that my marriage and any marriage can always be blessed and not harmed by any demons that want to destroy them.
That Nayeli leaves. Amen

Help me have faith that my apt. home's rent will always be met by my precious heavenly Father God and that God's angels will always protect me and my home from any bad harm be it an intruder or that nothing is stolen. So far God is trully at work in my life and husband's life for we are retired and enjoying being senior citizens.I praise Him and thank God for my many blessings. Pray that the Angels on Earth magazine will always be succesful and keep on being published forever. This is Mrs. Sally -. Thankyou for praying for us all.

Dear Lord, I am praying for my daughter Leilani & her boyfriend Dave. Bless them both and keep them safe and out of harms way. Bless their relationship their love and devotion for & to one another. They love each other so much Lord, show them both the way, and open their hearts to one another so that they can show and tell one another how much they love and care for one another now & forever. I pray Lord that Leilani & Dave will be together now & forever as a couple, friends, lovers and confidents with and for one another. I pray that both Leilani & Dave will come to my Uncle & Aunts home for our Thanksgiving/family reunion tomorrow Saturday, November 20, 2011. I pray that they will both come to my parents home for Thanksgiving Day. Amen & Amen

Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit,
Thanks for my toe..plse help with my
front tooth and bite...assure me that
your with me on's been
awful..restore previous or better these
have been my prayers for several years..
god bles...

I pray that my chest biopsys are negative for cancer and if it is sarcodosis it will be the one that disappeaer after awhile. That Workmens compo will reopen my case now that my shoulder MRI is positive for a rotator cuff tear. Also that my husband;s prostate biopsys are also negative. I also ask for prays that I will give it over to God and I don't let my negative thoughts get in the way. In Jesus Name Amen. Rose

I am waiting to hear on a new job that would help my husband and I to be able to retire someday and also get me out of a miserable place of employment. Please pray for the outcome best for my family and the ability for me to handle the disappointment if it doesn't go my way. Thank you so much.

please pray for my best friend. she has cysts on her ovaries and if they burst or she stretches the wrong way, she's in trouble. her ribs have problems, lungs, heart, liver, bladder and kidneys, hemorrhaging, flu, can't walk very well, breathe or even eat. she has no choice but to undergo surgery with inexperienced doctors who could make the situation a lot worse, and she gets satanic attacks a lot and it could happen during surgery. she just wants to go out and do things in life and health is really bothering her. she's too young for this. thanks for praying and thank Jesus ahead of time!