Pray for Others

Please pray for The mother Risa and Victor to get quardianship of her disabled child on November 29, 2011 in a very long court battle. For Megan's attorney to see that this child really belongs with the mother who has taken care of her all of her life untill due to lifelong care had to put her child in residential care, but moved five miles from the school leaving familty and friends behind. Please pray for a miracle in the courtroom for this family and for the bullying and threats to stop from the father and his wife who did anything decietful to get what they wanted. Also for a job for the mother she can handle after looking for a very long time. And for the reminder of this court battle to end with good results so that life can go on peacefully and a wash on the 50,000 the judge slapped on the mother for losing her modified home while atking care of her child send home from school. And for a miracle transformation of our lives, its is so long overdue, in Jesus name. For niece Jillian and for renued life and financed after teh devestation of divorce and for justice to prevail. We need someone to come forward to help us. dahjter was born with multiple birth anomilies and she needs to be able to come home with her mother and Victor when we want to bring her home to visit. Megan needs love not just an institution trying to run peoples lives and a former spouse bent on destruction. In Jesus name a Christmas miracle.

That my daughter and her husband make the right decision regarding the purchase of a house and the selling of their older home.

please pray for my family and and our salvation and our finances, i need you Jesus. in sweet Jesus name i pray Amen!

Eighteen year old Tracey is in urgent need of prayers for healing. She was in a horrendous auto accident last week and along with brain damage and the possible loss of the sight in one eye and multiple other injuries is in ICU with the beginning stage of pneumonia. She is 4 months pregnant with a baby girl who is fighting for her life too. Please pray for her recovery.

My prayer request is that I can be a faithful servant to Jesus. To hear His Voice and do His will. For the last three years and a half, I've been expecting the miracle of the restoration of my marriage and my family, but I now understand that God has a purpose with my life, out of all the pain and chaos of divorce I know that He has something wonderful. My request is that please pray that I can serve my purpose here on earth before He calls me home. Thank you,

Please pray for me about an ungodly lawsuit that has been brought against me. It concerns money and property left to me in an inheritance. The enemy has been fighting me for 2 1/2 years. Please pray that I will be released immediately. I need money to be released so that I may pay bills that are far behind. Pray also for my daughter to get a good job. Thank you for the prayer of agreement. God bless.

Please pray with me and for me. My husband Ricky has lost his way. He is negative and mocks God. He wants a divorce so he can figure things out as he says. This is not right and only God can change things. I love him and want our future to be together. I'm scared and I am trying to pray without ceasing. I want Ricky's heart to be right but he will have to be brought to his knees and cry out to God for things to change. This is my desire.

I pray constantly to serve the Lord but I never feel right I feel as though I'm always letting him down. I need prayer also to help me with this terrible back pain and leg pain that sometimes I just want to sit and cry it hurts so bad. I know miracles don't happen over night that's why I'm asking the Lord to Please help me with the pain and to help me so much spiritualy. God Bless

I pray that God continues to bless me and my family, my home and finances and the family and friends of my dear friend who has past in this past week my he keep help my city as it is so much crime going on protect and bless us

Please please take away the extreme anxieties from my daughter Rachel!!! Help her boyfriend get a new job that is in God's will.