Pray for Others

I am only asking for few prayers to be answered,sure hope they come true,for hardly any other come true. first that prices of homes rise so we can sell and make profit in spring,second hubby get transfer and promotion,buy spring,and third my son soon comes to his sences an dget rid of this terrible women he is living with,not allowing him to bother with us,for she has no respect for her elders,my birthday was depressing enough,but no call or card from my only son whom was very close to me,and his Dad had eye surgery yesterday also,and for my health to get much better. thank you God our father in heaven, Amen

Please pray for my daughter who has had a misscarriage and is very depressed. Pray for my grandson who may have a hole in his heart and oldest daughter who is sick. Please pray for good health to them all and for god to bless each one. I am so worried my chest hurts all the time. Please Please pray for all of us. We are really going through hard times with health, money, and relationships. GOD BLESS R.S.

My long term disability and insurance was cancelled because they decided I could return to work, even though the doctors say I can't. I had to hire an attorney and in the mean time underwent more surgery. I really need my benefits reinstated so as not to be a burden to others. Thank you.

please pray for Shelby - -. She has thoughts of taking her life and she is 15, fellow students tell her on facebook she should kill herself. her mom has had bleeding of the brain after surgery and her dad is being deployed on Nov. 27.

Continue to pray that God will open a door of employment, don't want to lose my apartment and need to have work done on car. Thanking in advance for your prayers and Have a Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

please pray for me. My husband and I would just love to have a baby

dear father I pray for forgiveness in anything I have done wrong I pray that you will help rid me of all my bills headaches and worries that i will no longer have to worry anymore and that you will send a prayer to a good friend Ive lost long ago I pray that he will forgive me and reyurn to be my firend again we all make mistakes and father I met a man the other day his name is Carlos he says he isn't married if its your will please let there be a chance for us because I have no one but you your son jesus christ and my family and one day I want to be happily married maybe to him if its your will please father let it be then because I like him alot when I see him I light up but please father please father God let me get all my bills paid please and see my fiend one more time pray for the world and let me be able to pay the helping hand for the garbage bags and pay off my car and house off these prayers I pray in your son Jesus name amen

I have been out of work for 3 years due to burnout and depression. My adult son, who lives with me, has lost his part time job. Financially and emotionally, we need suitable employment to sustain ourselves and also to contribute to society.
Please pray for us. Thank you. Hazel

Foot healing. Our finances to improve. Please direct both my husband and I to be better at tending our money.
Blessings to all!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
After a strained two months and numerous arguments, Marcus and I have this week our worst fight. He and I both think we're done. But he does not know that I still love him and want to make up. I only ask one thing from you- please pray for reconciliation for us to put aside our differences, forgive each other, and continue loving each other which is the most important. I am at a loss for words at present because of this pain and hurt. Please pray for us to our good Lord Jesus Christ. Many thanks and God bless.