Pray for Others

Please pray that my nephew will maintain his sanity, He is very depressed that he has not had a job in three years. He is a college graduate and he is willing to work at almost anything.

That by the grace of God does not lose the job.
Greeting, my friend!
After long period of looking for job. I am accepted for the place of job.
I am working third month there. This is position of book-keeper. I work in this profession five years before. Even I studied accounting all this period in the college for B.A. - I did forget many practical details about this profession. I am slow and have not enough practical knowledge that to accomplish it by best way. I understood that made advertisement in magazine for my position. They had already six interviews for position of book-keeping in this company.
I did not work for long period and financially I really need this job. I am alone. I have no relative. I am renting apartment also. I am looking for small apartment now. That to present myself to new landlord - I need to be a person, who has a job.
I ask the prayer-support. That God grant me favor in the eyes of my bossies: Ezer ,
Josef , Orly and from my colleagues. That God will give me wisdom for communication with my employers and clients.
That by grace of Jesus I can have wisdom, good memory, understanding and to be fast. That by the grace of God I can have this job in the position of book-keeper, which I so need now. And even will be accepted for internship in Accounting in this place. This is the profession, which I studied in the college.
Thank you, my spiritual family for your support. This is mean a lot for me.
Zinaida from Israel

I just need to thanks God for my good health and my family as well, all the bless I been always
Amy , from Az.

Dear Lord,Bless my Gerry and fill him with love for You first me second.I pray he loves,wants,misses,me.Lord hear my prayer,in Your faithfullness listen to my plea,and in Your rightousness answer it.Psalm143:1.Thank You for making me a creative,confident woman,one he will love and want forever.Thank You for putting this wonderful,beautiful,sweet,man in my life,I love him very much,and he loves me.I love You first my Lord.In the most wonderful name Jesus.Amen

Pray that the Holy spirit touches the officials and they send the copy of the order asking my neighbour Munniraj to demolish what he has illegally constructed against my house thereby causing heavy leakage and danger of the building from falling. I pray this in Jesus Mighty and powerful name. Amen

Please pray for 39 yrs. old autistic, non-verbal son, Dale . He suffers with seizures, depression, and sinus and allergy problems.

Please continue to pray for Herbert. Is attorney is working on his appeal - please pray that he will be granted a new trial and that this time justice will be done. Please pray that despite the outcome the faith of Herb and I will not falter that we will continue to trust in the Lord.
Thank you

Dear Lord,please bless Sher,her job,her apt,her life.Please send her a wonderful christian husband to love and care for her forever.Please draw Sher and Chris to You,John6:44,and save them.Bless Bob and heal him of his stress and his dry eyes.Please save Bon,Brad,Mike,Matt,Kath,Gregg,Steve,Heather,Margie,Jim,Eunice,Russ,Dennis.Please send Tanya,KB,Yolanda,Bob,Amelia.woderful christian partners to love them forever.In the most wonderful Name Jesus.Amen.

Please contion to pray for Louis,in jail hepitta C and mental issues.Kevin drug addiction.Karen bad head ackes and kidney stones.For the Yates to have love,peace.Joy in our home.

Hello, my brother told my family today that he doesn't have any reason to believe that God exists and considers himself an agnostic. His name is Griffin. I would appreciate if you would pray for him and that God will speak to him. I need him to have faith and don't know any other way other than asking people to pray. Thank you and God bless you.