Pray for Others

1. Prayers for my daughter Karen with type 1 diabetes. She wants to have another baby. Please pray for her health.
2. Please pray for my daughter Allison's emotional/mental health issues with depression/ADHD. Please pray for Allison to find her niche in life, to find a full-time job, to find a nice young man to spend her life with.

Pray for my friend, Sylvia. She is 80 years old and has been in great health. However, last week she hurt herself while weeding the garden and is great pain. She is going back to the doctor today.

Cheri, from Indiana, is wife & mother of 4... is in ICU. Pray for wisdom for her doctors & nurses, comfort for her family, and her swift recovery.

1, Prayers for our neighbor Tom who has a brain mass, AVM. Please pray for successful treatment.
2. Please pray for Katrina, a mother with 4 children under the age of 10 who recently had surgery for pancreatic cancer.
3. Please pray for my cousin Joey's Aunt Jo as she recently had a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer.

I need prayer to help me with forgiveness and resentment. Thank you, angry carol

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

Prayers for my niece Elizabeth, that she find peace from many personal problems/depression/suicide attempt. Please pray that she meets a wonderful man to marry and has a family. More than anything she wants to be married and have a child. Please pray for a husband and child for Elizabeth.

please pray for charles and patrick my 2 sons..let god show them his love..pray they come home to us real soon..thank u

Prayers for my sister Eileen & her husband Eugene, for their emotional/mental health, with many personal problems going on/depression. Please pray for peace in the conflict that has come between us. Please pray for peace in Eileen's relationships with family members.

Please pray for Cameron today as he travels. Pray for Tim, Sherry and Matthew and our extended family members. Pray for my Aunt in Florida and for my wife and I as we prepare to go to Florida to take care of her. Thank you and God Bless.