Pray for Others

Please pray for an unspoken request. Thank you and may God bless you.

Please pray for Danny, a sweet 6 year old boy who is
battling cancer. He is having difficulties walking and
communicating. Please pray for complete healing for
Danny, as well as hope, strength, peace and comfort
for him and his family. May they enjoy and cherish
every moment together!! Thank you! God Bless You!!

Pray healing for Heidi fever sore throat running nose coughing sneezing stuffy not well can't miss work if I throw you well get sent home

Please pray for me to complete my education with a good work ethic and academic integrity. God has blessed me with a large capacity for knowledge and lately I haven't been using it well, lying and cheating. I know the material, I am just being selfish and lazy. Please help me get back on track.

pls pray for God to provide me w/ a truly godly mate. I'm 60yrs old and never married. Pls pray that GOD will bring a faith filled man of God. Pls pray that God will truly help me to declutter and get rid of papers etc. asap. No one can visit me bc i have too much junk. I also need my teeth fixed asap. Many thanks. Also pls pray for my nephew Kenny to be convicted to walk in righteousness as he and his gf decided to get an abortion. pls pray for Kenny to choose holiness. Also pls pray for my sister Annette to truly know what it means to walk w/ God as well as my brother Sheldon.

Several weeks I asked for prayer for my daughter Jenny (52) who lost her job December 1st. Would you please pray for again.
Thank you.

stephen-drug addiction, bi-polar disorder
l. family-comfort over death of loved one
don-kidney failure

janet-chronic pain, upcoming back surgery

I am requesting prayer for my nephew, Scott, who has just lost his job. I pray that he can find a job quickly. I also ask that his mother doesn't give up on him, as she is threatening to do.

I need to hear God's voice in what he wants me to do please