Pray for Others

for benign prostate biopsy results

Hold us up Lord! Uplift everyone please! Carry those who need! Draw us toward You & Your Love Love Love no matter what! Thank You for Your Love Love Love Peace Healing Calm (relieving all of anxious fears & freed from negative energies & emotions, with perfect forgiving empowered solutions) for everyone no matter what! May the residents be peaceful calm quiet healing, & may the aides & others have doable workloads, a functional work environment, a happy shift, Praise God!!!

please pray for Danny...he was sober for 30 days...his birthday was last friday and he relapsed...his roommate has been beating him up for 25 years...knocked his teeth out and gave him a black eye...please pray for God to put this terrible person in jail and to rescue danny and protect him from evil and to remove the scales from danny's eyes in Jesus Holy Precious Name, Amen

I just took my fire fighting exam i just pray to God that i pass and make thought the course

My daughter is stressed out because the cat she rescued from a highway a couple of years ago pees on things and they can't find a solution. She is afraid her husband will insist on getting rid of him. Please pray that they will find a way to help her cat.

Extended family "grandson" suffering intractable pain. Needs help and money for help. Love him dearly 20 yrs old

Please pray for Raj to find God's guidance in his life, to choose the path of love.

Please pray for Bob.

Lord , I pray that I make it through this week doing what Your will is for me. Guide me Lord. Light the path You want me on. Light it brightly, so that I will do what is righteous in Your name. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY THEE GOD. AMEN.

Please pray for my friends Tyra and Travan who are engaged to be married. Please pray for blessings over their relationship with God, and each other.