Pray for Others

Dear Lord, I ask for Your guidance. Give me the power of Your grace so that I may hear Your divine instructions. Remove any barriers that keep me from drawing near to You. Open my heart and clear my vision so that I may follow Your path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thank You Lord Jesus for complete healings of everyone! For healing progress, everyone's in all areas each needs! for my healed R arm/foot, toes, shaking gone, for healed R upper rear 2 teeth, nmw, FOR COMPLETE SUPPORT FROM MGR/OWNER FOR CAREGIVING AS!! NEEDED, SO I CAN SUCCESSFULLY DO TREATMENT HERE, for solution CSH concern, that my body makes friends with new home's bed, floor, toilet,, so body & surfaces interact w/ friendly flexibility, resiliency. easy bounceback fm stress, for easy days, ENUF SLEEEEEP C M, for SAFETY SAFETY in GODs LOVE, bowel bladder functions strong continent, blood vessels all cells fluids tissues are Tough resilient circulation-healed flexible in strength & alignment stable where needed, for perfect massage & healing practitioners! The $$$ lasting (all med'l approved) Mike's income protected. Bless Mike's novel completion! Thank You God for Your Great Love & Healing for everyone!

My husband and I are trying for a child for 9 months without results. Please pray he blesses us with a child soon.

My husband and me have helped our daughter with her financial mess she was in and got her in fairly good shape now we need help with our money problems which is not possible because we can't help ourselves, need God's help. I pray everyday, but nothing yet. Please pray for us. Thanks

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for R side back &neck alignment holding, for SLEEEEEP for C & M tonight, C HEALED R ARM (L arm) R FOOT, toes area, C & M Moist comfortable healthy tissues, FREE OF EXCESS MUCOUS IN THROAT EARS SINUSES (ears hear well!) only-healthy-organisms in body, esp stomach, Perfect PH Balance, Tissues Moist, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS FEET ARMS esp R arm/foot & HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies,& emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP UPPER RIGHT REAR TWO, energy stamina strength endurance, God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing! TY God for Your Love! We Love You!

Brain tumor surrounding optic nerves,God's healing eyesight & shrink the tumor. Ask for me to do God's will.

Father, wrap your power around me and protect from my fears. Fill my heart with peace and cover me with your favor. I am afraid.

Please pray for God to enable me to complete the critical paper work needed to improve my financial situation. It is very, very important to me! Thank you all and God bless you as well. I ask in Jesus' name. mom

Please pray for my friend's son Alan that he can find employment and lose weght.

Please pray for Alan to accept Christ today and ask God to heal his body, mind, and spirit. Thank you and God bless you all. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom