Pray for Others

Please pray for my marriage.

Please Lord Jesus I Have Some Issues I Am Facing And I Need Your Help With. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for my husband and me.

Please pray for Brian

Thank You Lord Jesus for complete healings of everyone! For my healing progress, for everyone's in all areas each needs! for my healed R arm/foot, shaking gone, for healed R upper rear 2 teeth, hanging in nmw, For needed care easily with caregivers, for my body making friends with new home's bed, floor, toilet, too, that body & surfaces interact with friendly flexibility & resiliency. For easy bounceback fm any stress, for SAFETY SAFETY in GODs LOVE, for my bowel bladder functions strong continent, blood vessels all cells fluids tissues are Tough resilient circulation-healed flexible in strength & alignment stable where needed. These healings esp in R arm/foot, head-neck-sides of L esp, & all spine, legs, all areas congruent, cohesive, holding together, healing nmw. For perfect massage & healing practitioners who can work here. For the $$$ lasting (all med'l approved) for C & M. Bless Mike's novel completion! Thank You God for Your Great Love & Healing for everyone!

Please pray for Janey whose recent numbers were high and doctors are trying to figure out where the cancer is in her body. Please pray that they can figure it out soon and find the best treatment to help her fight this disease. She has had colon cancer before.

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for SLÈEEEEEP for C & M tonight, For C HEALED R ARM FOOT, C & M moist comfortable healthy tissues, free of Excess Mucous, CLEARED EARS SINUSES (ears hear well!) only-healthy-organisms in body, especially stomach, for Perfect PH Balance & Tissues Hydrated, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE AREA HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed CIRCULATION in TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS FEET ARMS esp R arm/foot & HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, & from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies, emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP UPPER RIGHT REAR TWO, energy stamina strength endurance, God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing!

Please pray for my aunt and her family. Recently her son lost his vision because of methanol poisoning. They all-plus her husband-are having hard time with hardly any hope. They all are not young, and none of them is working. Please pray God gives them hope and a way out. Thank you.

Please pray for Barbara's father, Jimmy who is in the hospital with seizures. Doctors are trying to figure out what is causing them. Pray that he can leave the hospital soon.