Pray for Others

Please pray that I have a peaceful nights rest and that the anxiety be healed and that my mind and body be healed and that the doctor be guided to do the right thing

failing eyesight

Please pray for my dearest friend Lisa who has pancreatic cancer that has spread. Please ask the Lord for healing and comfort and peace. Please ask the Lord the be with her children and family. Thank you

Heavenly Father guide my heart and keep my eye on you... Help me to stand strong in your unwavering your name dear Jesus!

Heavenly Father Inpray for Dan and my marriage to be renewed with stronger faith and your will be done. I surrender my marriage to you. In your name dear Jesus. Amen

Please ask God to heal my back as soon as possible. It's been so frustrating struggling through each day. Thank you.

I would like to request prayer for our brother-in-law, Wayne -, he is having a CT scan tomorrow. When he went to the doctor for his physical for work they found a lump the size of a walnut & several other smaller ones in his throat. They said they will discuss the course of treatment with him next week at his doctor's appointment. He & his wife are very scared by all they were told. Please pray that these will benign lumps & he will be okay & that this will bring him closer to God.

Please prayer for me. I have anxiety, stress, and fear. It is bad and I need a lot of pray to help me stop these worries, etc

please pray for kayli to find a job and to get back in church and her and all her family to start doing GOD'S will for our lives with praise and thanksgiving and asking for Him to forgive us of our sins.thank you

Please pray for me as I'm very anxious and my depression is becoming worse.