Pray for Others

I am asking Abba to help me to be mindful to pray over everything that comes my way as concerning.
I did this as a young believer. I miss it now. It is especially challenging with chronic health challenges that exhaust & mess with my memory on a moment by moment basis. Also, tho it may sound small, I am asking Him to miraculously make a way for me to have the planters, soil, deer barrier, and some shading that I need. I am in deep poverty, stuck at home, and need to grow food & not constantly struggle with an un-shaded south wall & the heat keeping me up at night. Thank you

God of my father and mother, I'm not sure of my thought that's on my mind but I do need some clear understanding. How do I get this prayer across to You my God? I've been asking You for help in finances for so long God that I'm beginning to feel like You're not hearing me as if this isn't meant for me; but Lord how else am I suppose to get out of my debt as well as to do the business that I feel that You have showed me. Look down on me and answer me please!!! Also while I got Your attention give me Your Word in my heart to bring in the time to come. Thank You!!! In Jesus Name I pray!!!!

Dear Lord, Please help us resolve the issues with the mortgage companies so that we can sell our property. If this sale falls through we will lose everything, our property, our present apartment, and what little we have right now. Please Lord, help us make the mortgage companies understand there is a just a short time frame before all is lost. In Jesus Name I pray.

For a negative Colonocopy with no complications and healing of my Depression and Neurological problems

God may You give me the courage to stand up to all challenges nomatter what is going on in ,y life in Jesus' Name, Amen

Father in Heaven, Your Name be Honored, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done on Earth as in Heaven. Give us our daily Bread, Forgive us our debts as We forgive our debtors, Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil, for it's your Kingdom, Power and Glory, in Jesus Name.

We ask for prayers to lift up and heal Cindy-who is after 2 surgeries in ICU due to a flesh eating bacteria which has required removal of 2 areas under arm and back. Cindy is a Christian kind woman loving wife and mother of 2 young children and she is fighting for her life in Georgia. This started with a simple scratch. We believe in Gods Love and and Answer to prayers when we are joined together in unison asking for healing and recovery. Please pray for circulation to flow thru Cindy's body to her feet and hands in Jesus Name. God is good and hears our prayers. We pray and lift Cindy up to our Lord to heal her and keep her safe and allow recovery so she can heal and return home to her young children and loving husband. Thank you Jesus our Lord And Savior. We Pray and claim your healing for Cindy in Jesus Name ..Amen. Thank you all for praying with us for Cindy - in G. Lord send the Angels of Healing to her bedside and touch her body to allow circulation to flow in Jesus Name. We Pray Amen.

Hi, I need prayer that my daughter Lila 22 yr.s and her boyfriend Erick 21 yr.s old will be saved thru Lord Christ with their whole heart and their whole lifeand to learn to find something good to do with enjoy time and not drinking and partying to do something God would approve of. Praise God and Thank u 4 your prayers.

Pray for Pete that God will open doors where He wants him and his family to go to do the Lord's work & ministry.

Give me the courage to accept God's challenge the next time I feel him leading me.