Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Jake and for his true recovery. He is 20 years old today. He really needs a friend to connect with to help him grow and someone he can help as well. Thank you for the prayers.

I am ashamed to admit that I have an almost constant state of nervousness... For no reason! Please pray for a peace and calm contentedness for me. Thank you.

I pray God will answer my prayer and bring healing to my body and soul. Release my body from all this pain I'm experiencing, in my muscles and my mind. I will trust and believe in my father, in God, he is always with me. Release all my pain, physical, mental and emotional. Restore my mind and body, please, today I don't want to feel pain.

My family and I live in a failing school district. I am very worried about my sons' education. One son is extremely gifted, the other has a significant learning disability. Neither of my sons can succeed in our overcrowded public school. Previously, my MIL had helped us pay for private school, but she is unable to continue her help. We don't have the money to pay for private school ourselves and can't sell our house or go to a different district. There is a lottery for an outstanding charter school on April 20th. The odds are against us. There are hundreds of kids trying for a couple dozen openings. I am desperate! I work full time and can't homeschool my sons. Both would fail in our local school. I can see no path forward except to win the charter school lottery. Please pray that my sons beat the odds and win the lottery to attend the outstanding charter school near us. Also, please pray for the hundreds of families who are also in our shoes. I don't want our victory to come anyone else's loss but my family really needs this.

Dear lord I ask that you will help me to get toned and fit every day
Thank you

Please pray for my daughter, Connie for healing of a serious mental problem. Also prayers for her family, Chandra, Elijah, and Levi for strength, wisdom and knowledge for dealing with this problem. Also pray for great-grandson Myles who is being treated for Mono. Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf.

I ask if it is God's will the assessment I completed will allow me to be interviewed.

My mother is really sick and I'm really afraid for her. Please keep her in your prayers. I would be lost without her.

God please help me find the PRN job that is right for me soon Please Lord, I am low on money. In Jesus name. Amen.

Please pray for me that I read and retain what is needed for my certification exam tomorrow. Please pray that I will pass the test tomorrow. Please pray for me now and tomorrow. My test is 10am to 1pm Pacific time.