Pray for Others

Hello I am.requesting prayer for job. I love my job but i am.working 2 hours away from.home. i have 3 to work closer to home. Also issues. The childcare provider is.not trying to work with me knowing i have to leave by a .ensure i arrive to work on time. I have been arriving late and i have a new supervisor me a hard time. This situation is not good. I need a new job and/or my.children. please pray that it works to quit working so.i wont have this pressure. Thank you all for your prayers. I really hope this situation works out for

Please for my daughter friend Liz. She lost her daughter a month and a half ago. She is having a hard time dealing with this. My daughter wishes she had the words to make her feel better but she feels she is of no help. Would u please pray that she some how can deal with this she left a 4 year old daughter. It is very hard for her some days. Would u please pray for my daughter to some how help her too. I just wish u would for everybody going thru hardship right now in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much

Dear Lord, I'm grateful for everything I have, but it would be a little brighter with a job in my life. To my employment Angels please look out for me.

For Brenda's speedy recovery & working through her grief/loss-- due to months of her hospitalization for multiple health issues and then, the death of her spouse in the midst of this.

For Gary to come home from prison in June. God Bless

I am having lower back pain for two weeks due to arthritis in lower spine. Pray for relief

God I know You have huge plans for my life. I'm expecting a flood of blessings, favor, and miracles today and everyday! God please let today be the day that my prayers are answered. I open my life to Your endless abundance. My life is in Your hands and I open my life to Your unlimited possibilities. God I pray for a home of my own on the eastside of Milwaukee. I pray for a job in M- that brings joy and purpose to my life. I pray for financial security, independence, comfort, and stability. Thank You God! Amen!

Please pray fervently that our dear cat a Snowy gets good normal bloodwork results at her appt this Sat and that we have assurance that she is in good health and nothing is wrong with her!

Please pray for me and my family: salvation (physical and spiritual healing) of my parents and siblings, Godly lifetime partner for me and my 2 sisters, wisdom and guidance, safety and protection, opportunities to share my advocacy: natural healing. Thank you for your prayers! God bless!

Please Lord Jesus Help My Situations. Let Their Be No Problems. Speak Peace To These Things Jesus. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.