Pray for Others

my brother had liver transplant on dec 13 last year he now needs a small operation to enlarge one of the tubes that drains the enzymes and is waiting for call please pray for him Robin - and his wife Caroline they have had a rough 3 years they both know and trust our Lord Thank you

We would greatly appreciate prayer for our son as he takes the 4-hour ASTB-E (Aviation Selection Test Battery) Military Pilot Exam on Friday. He has dreamed of being an aviator his entire life and has been offered this rare opportunity to compete as an incoming freshman for a guaranteed pilot slot in the Marines upon graduation from college. Please pray that God help him to be very well-rested when he wakes up in the morning and that He would give him His peace and clarity of mind as he works through the answers to each question. Please pray that God would recall to his memory everything that he has studied recently and over the years, so he would be able to answer each question correctly and accurately, and that he would do such a remarkable job on this test that he would not only pass the test, but pass as one of the highest scorers securing a pilot slot upon graduation. Please also pray that God would continue to guide every step that our son takes throughout his life as he strives to honor God in service to God and to others. Thank you for your prayers!

I am asking God to bless with a job at the VA .I have applied for several posting but have been reference for a CNA posting.The problem is the hours and my health.Im praying for morning hours and for my health to get better.Im also praying I get this home and land for my daughter and I,in the location that I look for and for my truck to hold together.Im also asking god to bless me with mu husband and my daughters and i relationship to get better.Lord help me get my focus on my future and help me thru my painful times.I also just found out that larry wyatt intended to hurt me on purpose and that he never cared it was just a game to us me. I ask God to help me with my enemies and for me to overcome this pain,and bitterness and most important to not allow that man back in my life as he has wasted 10 years of it.Asking to be whole.In Jesus name protect me in the blood..Amen

that my daughter (Jennifer) and i will develope a happy, healthy relationship. that we put Christ 1st in our lives. heal our brokenness. rebuke Satan and honor Jesus Christ as our redeemer.

Please pray for my husband David and our marriage. He is so stressed because he lost his job. Yet I see how dishonest he is in lots of things and wonder if this is the reason he cannot get a job. Is God holding back from giving him a job. David is horribly disrespectful to me. Does not want to discipline his boys in any way. When the 10yr old lies or hides bad grade school papers, my husband has made a way each and everytime to blame me for it and does so in front of boys. I have taken care of his boys for 5 yrs because their mother gave them away. He says I do nothing for them and doesnt appreciate anything I do. He thinks its ok for him to yell, disrespect me in front of his boys. Thinks its ok for them to know all our problems and even will try to sabotage my relationship with his boys. Thank you for praying. God bless you..

I would request to pray for my family healing,health,finances,peace and pray on strong faith so we can continue serving our King with a cleansed and healing heart and Spiritually faith. Also feeling and allowing the Holy Spirit moving through us and those we touch and huh. Thank you Lord n Savior we love you and want to stay connected to you God Bless Our Family and Families.

Pray my body is restored to its normal state

hi im bernadeth, i am inspired reading the daily devotional sent by guidepost. i believe that God answers prayers and i want to request for your prayer. I will be taking my board exams this May, this would be my third try, thinking of it makes me nervous already. i am afraid to fail again because my family is expecting. I am also having hard time managing my time between my work my review and my family. Please pray for me that i may overcome all those fears and that may the Lord give me the knowledge and wisdom during the MAY 2015 CPA Exam. Thank You so much.

Please pray for Brittany, she is in ICU with pneumonia in both lungs, and septic. Thank you for your prayers and loving kindness.

Pray with me for my wife to open up, we have not been commmunicating properly for the last one month, i have had some time for praying and every time i want us to talk she prepares for a fight. PRAY that we will talk properly today, and pray that she will resume going to church this year. Pray that we will be in harmony with our children as we move to a new house next week, and that God will provide us with a car that we very much need, a Honda model odyssys ;.