Pray for Others

The past 2 1/2 yrs has been very stressful for my family, then 4 mos ago my Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer and under went chemo and radiation, just recently he had surgery to remove the mass and part of his esophagus. My 12 yr old has started to have panic attacks and we can't seem to get them totally under control. Please pray that God would be with him and give him peace comfort and a quiteness in his soul.

I suffer panic attacks with agoraphobia. I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon for another health issue. Please pray that somehow I can remain calm and not trigger the dizziness that goes with the panic attacks.

Please pray for daughter-in-law who is having a lot of medical problems and is going to have implant birth control removed Monday and later have a tubal. Pray this brings help for hormonal issues she is experiencing and other health issues improve and her emotional health improves. Thank you.

Please keep in prayer my sister Maria as she begins chemotherapy treatment on Friday. My God bless and strengthen her through this trial. Please also hold in prayer her husband David, my dad and all of our family.

Please pray for my husband as he continues his search for employment. May God bless him with guidance and patience.

Bless me financially this month my Lord , make untold miraculous financial breakthrough this month , in Jesus name , i believe from the depth of my heart that you want to make financial miracle with me Lord , i believe that your heart want to cherish me and enjoying me in all aspects and specially financially , do it this month please , praise you God i the mighty name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ . Amennnnnnnn and Amennnnnnn

I've sent several prayer requests through, but notice that they have not been made public. Please pray for me, I could use prayer warriors for the Lord knows what is in my hear, what is troubling me, and burden's my soul; I ask for this to be lifted and to feel like myself again, to not worry about my son and whether or not he is safe, to bless my business to the point where I am comfortable enough that I can give back and help others. I know with him all things are possible and I leave this all in His hands.

Please prayer for my family will grow closer to God and then one another. Pray for me find opportunites for employment. Also prayer for Pastor his leadership and our church family.

Please pray for miraculous financial breakthrough for my family...for a steady income to come in

Please pray that my granddaughter Haley will get through the situation that she will be facing today and that God will protect her and bring her home safely.