Pray for Others

Please pray about my 19 year old son
College aged- second year About to begin. Still have not seen grades from first year ... Has attitude
Father is police officer
Attitude is shared and they both try to railroad me into their ideas of controversial subjects such as gun ownership and rights. I do not like the tone being set in my household by these insecure power seeking men
God help me to take good care of myself and put my foot down when necessary. This is a spiritual battle
God is only pleased when right and truth prevail. His will be done

Pray that God helps me to deal with my anger and that my wife's heart is healed. Pray that we can continue to fight for peace and that we give full control to God. I really love her. We've only been married 1yr 6 mo. I love her and am so sad that I get angry because I know it affects her. Please God.

Pls pray for the healing of Isabelita- and Marilou -. Thank you so much and God bless you for all that you do.

Please pray for my niece Tasha having open heart surgery tomorrow. Pray our Lord be with the surgeons and have a successful outcome and bless our family.

Please pray that my husband, Chris, accepts Christ. Specifically, please join me in asking God to speak to him as clearly as He spoke to Saul on the road to Damascus.

Please pray that Andrew would return to the Lord with all of his heart, and that he will accept the opportunity that he is being given to live with some solid Christians. Thank you for praying!

Please, pray for Robert- from America, for his game, for his store, for his business to be successful . Also pray for Robert's son ken and for his health, for his well-being. Thank you.
Please, pray for Helen - from Ukraine, for the Holy Spirit to be with her and her 3 kids. Thanks. Please, pray for Helen's opportunity to be hired again to her job. Thank you.
Please, pray for Helen's daughter Carina who is in M. now. Please, pray for Carina's opportunity to find a job. Thanks you.

Thank you all for the prayers re my stress tests and ultrasound and carotid test for my heart and arteries and blood pressure today! I received great reports on all, thanks be to God!! Thank you so much for your prayers...for the first time in a long time, I feel really hopeful about my health issues. Thank you Jesus! Bless you all!!

Please pray for me .I need God's guidance in prayer.

Got 5_Day Notice to vacate on Friday the 5th this morning. Still have no funds, no truck, no driver, no new place to go in Ca yet. In just cold shock, can't drink water, can't eat, just dizzy. Where is my Lord? I don't want to be on the dirty, cold dangerous streets here in H. with my two beautiful dogs..