Pray for Others

Prayers for a friend to relieve their pain and heal quickly.

My buddy Matt and his beautiful bride Marissa are getting married today; May they enjoy a blessed and wonderful life together and be an inspiration and blessing others.

Please pray for Lauren and Petra to be saved and for me to see at least one of them again soon.

i tend to get depressed over family matters

That they will come to know the Lord's truth. Lower the veil from their eyes and that God will grant them repentance. Soften their hearts and that and that they will want to know more about the Lord and turn away from the world desires and towards Gods desires. Amen

Miracle prayers for Dustin. To take the once in a life time opportunities God has provided him with. To embrace the awesomeness of life and live the dream. To take the chance while he has it and not live in regret. i believe his blessings are coming and God will give him strength and see him through this. amen

Dear Lord give me continued strength and guidance as I wait upon the restoration of my relationship with Dianne. You are giving me more signs and provided brief contact of general conversation with her that we have not spoken in a long time. Please keep doing your work within me and the work you are doing within her and through your glory may we have the relationship with each other as you have already laid out for us. Praise you for what you have done and what you are doing and for things yet to come. I become more amazed in your glory and power through things you show me and our time during prayer. I pray that her heart continues to allow you in and softens toward me. In Jesus Name I Pray! AMEN

Please pray for my husband, he is in the hospita. They don't seem to know what the problem is, pray for the doctors to be able to help him. I pray in the of Jesus Christ.

My husband is an alcoholic and addicted to drugs, it is hard to deal with knowing our bill money is going to his addictions.. then I get depressed

Please pray for Chris, he was diagnosed with cancer