Pray for Others

Thank you in advance for your prayers! I need prayer for employment for myself and for my husbands Dennis's business, that he would get more clients.

1)Pray that the Gospel will be spread and for many to be saved.Pray for Christians persecuted for their faith
all over the world.
2)Pray for miraculous intervention of His Spirit.Pray that God will cover and protect those being held at the hands of evil.
3)Pray for a spiritual awakening in the Western world and that Christians will not shrink back in fear and be numbed by media desensitization but make a difference in this world......for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)

I will spend tomorrow(Monday) with my husband. He is at the
Veterans Home with Dementia.
Please pray for him so he will have a great day,and then pray for me.
I need protection and safety on the highway.
I am still healing from a horrifying accident that happened on my way to visit him, a few months ago. My bible was sitting on the passenger seat,
I read to my husband, and he loves the word of God.
Only the Lord could of saved my life. Truly a miracle to start off the
THANK YOU so much for your prayers

I would like to request prayer for my son Doug who is an alcoholic and is having health problems. God Bless You for praying for us

Please pray my husband gets convicted and repents and really changes his ways.
He is an alchoholic, living with his girlfriend and refusing to get a job. His 6 children and I are very hurt by his actions. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY for him his name is Jeff F.

i had a relationship with my granddaughter she is 15 months love her so much her mothet left dont get to see her much its been heartbreaking for me pray that i will get to spend time with her

need prayer for my grandchild who is going through a case of bulling, need prayer for the lord;S PROTECTION AND GUILDANCE, FOR THE LORD TO FIGHT MY CHIL"S BATTLES FOR HER, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN AND AMEN! THANK YOU!

Please , I need your prayers for my mother, her name is Elvia, she's having a recurrent case of shingles, she was prescribed some medicine and this medicine is causing her to have an unstoppable diarrhea , please pray for her to heal from this disease .
Thanks for your prayers

Please pray for Bruce, who has firbromyalgia pain. Your prayers have made it possible for him to come to a true understanding of healing. He wants to create a support team! He is becoming more aware of his behavior during his pain! Continue praying for him. It is working!

Please pray for my husband. He has severe issues with his ankle. He has to get back to work full time on the farm and is struggling. Please pray for his health and for him to make the right decisions with the farm.