Pray for Others

I pray for God's help taking care of my aging mom, planning a great wedding, scheduling all the trips successfully without problems or spending too much money, helping my son get through school and life, and my personal prayers.

I'm repeating this prayer and have faith that this will be answered. I need God's healing touch because I'm taking care of a lot of people in my family who have different needs. I'm specifically asking to heal fully in all my muscles, joints, kidneys, liver, digestive system, circulatory system, ankles, and any other part of my body that needs healing. I also need to safely lose a lot of extra pounds, so I also ask for this, to exercise without pain, and be helped to follow whatever diet fulfills God's Plan for me.

Lord, these prayers could be designed especially for my son who has disability type designs if only he knew how to go about marketing them. Please help him with this. Bless this day Lord and all my family and I do with it. Amen

I hold up my special needs son to receive Divine Guidance and Help with getting on track again, and being willing and able to study and work on what is needed - today finish all the J work, career planning questions, and scholarship tasks. Also help with Christian friendships, accommodations, scholarships, housing, pets, and research. Thank You, Lord.

Please Lord Jesus Help Me With A Situation I Am In. Speak Peace To This Situation Jesus. Let Their Be No Problems. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

I ask the Lord for special guidance in planning Steven's next school years so they meet Steven's career and financial goals, are a good fit for his disabilities, and follow God's Plans for him. May God's Will be done!

My mother has been fighting off nausea and dizziness quite a bit lately. She'll fight it off and feel a little better for a day or two and then it comes back. She can't seem to fully shake it. She's feeling worse again today and she looks so pale and has a fever. Please keep her in your prayers for a full healing. She is precious and I hate to see her in such misery.

Please pray that God will send me two young people that i can handle to foster. I have been waiting a long time. Please also pray that I am patient in my waiting and that I can be a blessing to others.

God so many in deep need, please also pray for mike & heart /john l his heart also/john m/julisia cancer/92 yr old mother strength health stability physical & mental/ sister blessings /david - blessings salvation/transition at work for new procedures to be easy & profitable/travel mercys for cindy-/blessings in every need posted both spoken & unspoken , gene to not need dialysis/Rachel not to abort/ healing of my back, that God will hear & grant answers in this hour in Jesus Holy name amen

I tried online dating and I was scammed by FOUR different women of over $57,000. I know that God and Jesus have forgievn my stupidity but I have NOT forgiven myself. mike +++