Pray for Others

I found out a few wks ago that I have Degeneration and Stenosis at C5-7 which is causing me severe pain and unable to take a deep breath.Wating on a apt. for Surgeon but this will be Back surgery #5 an I had neck Surgery Aug. will be 2 yrs ago. My reg. Surgeon retired in Dec. and he would pray with me before surgery. I am scared to death because of being a "new pt and wih my previous surgeries". I know we serve an AWESOME GOD and I would appreciate your prayers . Also my husband Doug is a Diabetic and having "Sugar Spikes" and his feet are startingto give him a lot of problems. We will be married 10 yrs in Aug. (2nd and best for both of us)and there is so many things we want to enjoy in this beautiful world OUR GOD has given us. I am scared for him and me !!! I hurt everyday and I do not want to stay on pain meds again (went to rehab because of pain meds)and I don`t want to be that person again. Please pray for me and my husband .Thank you.... MAY GOD BLESS !

Father stimulate Michelle's creativity and help her find a job that suits her skills and furthers her career path. thank you for sharing Your wisdom with her. in Jesus' name, Amen

Please pray for my son n his family. His wife has been accusing him of being infidelity. He did not do anything. He love his wife and kids. She put him out of the house. He is very worried and he loved 5 kids.she evrn went and told his employer that he is mrssing up during working htrs when they all know that he was present at wowork.they been married for 18 yrs. Pleade pray. Thanks.

I have become a full time caregiver for my 90 year old mother who has dementia and I am feeling very hopeless in my situation. I am losing touch with the outside world. My mom seems to be getting worse and is so unhappy being out of her own home. Even though we are together all the time, I am very lonely. Thank you so much for your prayers.

I would like prayers for my mother, Pat, who is suffering from dementia and is very anxious. I pray for peace for her. Thank you.

We are buying a house and asking God to guide us through the process. I would like to feel His Hand is guiding us. Also, healing from injury in my left leg and safety as we move in May. Thank you!

Justin went to church yesterday by himself...he posted that statement on his facebook page and the mother of his baby blasted him....she is hateful and mean and i know we are suppose to love others as Christ loves us. Jessica and her family are catholic and she went to catholic school....she is using the baby as a tool to hurt him and to break him...please pray for justin to lean on the Lord and to find Christian friends and to surrender his life totally to the Lord and I pray for Jessica and Justin to put the needs of their baby first and for jessica to stop hating justin...Isaiah 53:5 Psalm 91 Jer. 29:11

Dear God, Be patient with me, I.ll
come around 2 having the patience that You want me to have...someday.
Just love
us as You do and be with us . That.s all . You know that it means
everything to us. Thank You. Amen.

Please can you pray for me that I will find a job very soon. I have social anxiety disorder and problems interacting with people but I'm desperate to work and get back on my feet after suffering an emotional breakdown . I've been looking for a job for over 2 years and had a few interviews but no job. I'm becoming more and more frustrated and depressed about the whole situation and struggling financially as I live alone and don't have enough money for bills and food. Sometimes I feel like giving up as it feels like I need a miracle, but I know that God answers prayers so please can you pray that I'll find a permanent job soon. Thank you.

Ty for prayers that stress anxiety fear be lifted off now, that calm, centered, strong experience resume, to more fully feel Your Guiding Loving Presence Lord. To know from this place exactly what is needed, which treatment, which actions for life. Blessings for Dr. Mark D, affordable fees, perfect willingness for work together. For LTNBO be answered as so it is, NOW. For all people tools resources practitioners (for everyone) here now that SAFELY PROTECTED GUIDED help move me through this, including all that's needed at Foster Care, stresses/workload handleable, safety issues lowered. For loving practitioner who creates SAFETY, yet has ability needed to heal/end this!! SBIIPIYNLJC AMEN